M‑ACE Vehicle – C‑UAS Solution

One of today’s emerg­ing threats on the bat­tle­field is small inex­pen­sive and can be eas­i­ly pur­chased on the inter­net we’re talk­ing about unmanned aer­i­al and ground sys­tems com­mon­ly known as drones to counter this threat we’ve devel­oped a full kill chain counter uas solu­tion by com­bin­ing three of our advanced

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Ukrainian Designer Mikhail Dronov Showed a New Modified Drone With a Flight Range of Up to 300 Km

Design­er Mikhail Dronov showed a new mod­i­fied drone air­craft type, which is launched by hand: uni­ver­sal, quick-assem­bly, easy to oper­ate. The main pur­pose is a bomber, trans­port air­craft, kamikaze, spot­ter, recon­nais­sance air­craft, decoy, train­ing for mobile air defense groups, train­ing for pilots. The drone can drop var­i­ous types of ammu­ni­tion,

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Foldable Drone That Is Launched by Shooting From a Cannon

There is grow­ing inter­est in devel­op­ing bal­lis­ti­cal­ly launched drones for both emer­gency response and mil­i­tary appli­ca­tions. But oper­at­ing a mul­ti­copter in con­fined spaces requires a reli­able take­off method. A team of researchers from Cal­tech and NASA’s Jet Propul­sion Lab­o­ra­to­ry have unveiled a pro­to­type of a ball-shaped fold­able quad­copter that is

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The Ukrainian Skynetua Drone Has Been Successfully Tested and Turned Out to Be Invulnerable to Electronic Warfare Systems

The Skyne­t­ua unmanned attack drone has under­gone suc­cess­ful test­ing, demon­strat­ing its invul­ner­a­bil­i­ty to anti-drone guns and sta­tion­ary elec­tron­ic war­fare sys­tems that tried to shoot it down. The tests were car­ried out in Kharkov by Ukrain­ian engi­neer Mikhail Dronov and his team, which is devel­op­ing Skyne­t­ua. The devel­op­er used var­i­ous elec­tron­ic

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DIY drone: Lesson 8. Aircraft.

DIY Drone: Lesson 8. Aircraft.

Con­tent Intro­duc­tion The use of small drones for FPV and autonomous map­ping is becom­ing more and more pop­u­lar, espe­cial­ly as the pop­u­lar­i­ty of FPV drones and the avail­abil­i­ty of parts increase. This arti­cle dis­cuss­es sev­er­al con­sid­er­a­tions regard­ing whether an air­craft is suit­able for use as a drone and, if so,

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Cheerson CX-60: air dominator

Cheerson CX-60: Air Dominator

Despite the fact that the mod­el was released in 2017, the Air Dom­i­na­tor received full con­sumer recog­ni­tion only a year lat­er. Using the CX-60 as an exam­ple, Cheer­son­Hob­by devel­op­ers were the first to offer a novice user a sim­ple unmanned solu­tion that allows learn­ing the basics of UAV pilot­ing in

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Wingsland S6: offline selfie spy

Wingsland S6: Offline Selfie Spy

About com­pa­ny Wings­land was found­ed in Shen­zhen City, Guang­dong Province, Chi­na. The com­pa­ny’s goal is to change the world through new tech­nolo­gies imple­ment­ed in its own prod­ucts. We have accu­mu­lat­ed vast expe­ri­ence in the field of unmanned aer­i­al vehi­cles for the mil­i­tary and con­sumer mar­kets. In the list of top

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