FPV drone: where to start for a beginner?

FPV Drone: Where to Start for a Beginner?

An advanced user drone park usu­al­ly includes sev­er­al drones, which in turn are divid­ed into GPS and FPV drones. GPS hob­by drones are often used to imple­ment sta­bi­lized aer­i­al pho­tog­ra­phy. Such mod­els reach the con­sumer in a com­plete, ready-to-fly pack­age (Drone + Remote Con­trol + Bat­tery + Charg­er), for which

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What is Tiny Whoop?

What Is Tiny Whoop?

Intro­duc­tion Tiny Whoop is a micro quad­copter (65mm frame) with a tiny cam­era attached in a hand­i­craft way. Cam­era — FPV kit has a built-in video trans­mit­ter and anten­na, such a mod­ule oper­ates at a fre­quen­cy of 5.8GHz. To date, ready-made assem­blies that do not require sol­der­ing skills have appeared

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