DJI Flight Hub – a New Control Service

DJI Flight Hub – a new control service

Comprehensive software to track your quads.

On November 7, 2017, DJI announced a comprehensive software suite designed to help corporate users manage and track their drones. DJI Flight Hub allows you to get flight statistics, track the location of the aircraft and perform real-time monitoring, as well as manage flight tasks.

Drone camera recordings and all telemetry will be stored on a secure Amazon server located in the United States.

The Flight Hub system will be available on a subscription basis – 3 options for organizations of various sizes – Basic – from $99/month (999/year), Advanced – $299/month (2999/year) and Enterprise – for large organizations.

DJI invites users to test Flight Hub from November 14 to December 14, 2017. During the Beta testing period, an account will be provided free of charge.

DJI Datalink 3 – New Universal Control System

DJI Datalink 3 - New Universal Control System

DJI Datalink 3 – New Universal Control System

New control system with integrated data modem

DJI has released a new control system – DJI Datalink 3 remote and air station. The system can be used with both DJI flight controllers and third-party controllers that support SBUS.

The DataLink 3 communication system is optimized by adding a data modem to the ground control unit. The DataLink 3 remote control is a versatile device for controlling drones via the DJI GS Pro and DJI MG apps. DataLink 3 supports multiple interfaces and modes of operation and can be customized for use in a variety of applications.

With the compact and robust DataLink 3 control panel, you no longer have to use numerous wires to connect modules. It has a control radius of 3 km, shows flight data on the screen and works for 15 hours. It can also be configured for use in a variety of applications, from agriculture to drone racing.

DataLink 3 supports a range of accessories. Optional GPS module allows you to use the moving home point function (Dynamic Home Point) [3] , which provides up-to-date information about the user’s location. This feature is useful if you are driving a car or sailing on a boat.

To improve positioning accuracy, you can install the D-RTK Air System air module on the aircraft

Introducing DJI Mavic Pro Alpine White

Introducing DJI Mavic Pro Alpine White

Introducing DJI Mavic Pro Alpine White

New white color scheme for popular Mavic foldable quadcopter

In anticipation winter, DJI is releasing a new version of the popular DJI Mavic Pro foldable quadcopter – pure white – Alpine white. The “winter color” model completely repeats the previous version, with the exception of the outer hull trim and snow-white propellers. In addition to the copter, the control panel is also painted.

Introducing the DJI Goggles Racing Edition!

Introducing the DJI Goggles Racing Edition!

Introducing the DJI Goggles Racing Edition!

The updated DJI Goggles Racing Edition goggles are now compatible not only with Mavic, but also support racing quads.

A sudden update from DJI to Black Friday is the black version of the DJI Goggles Racing Edition goggles.

But, not only the new glasses differ in color. The attentive eye will notice a new antenna connector that has appeared on the top of the glasses. The glasses are still compatible with the DJI Mavic Pro, but now owners of other quadcopters, including homemade/racing quadcopters, can get excellent video quality (up to 1280*960/50) in digital quality with a transmission range of up to 7km (depending on the region). ).

DJI has created a whole system that includes everything you need to fly (in the DJI Goggles Racing Combo version) – goggles, antennas, a camera capable of transmitting and recording, and a digital transmitter.

New DJI Osmo Mobile 2 and Ronin-S Stabilizers

New DJI Osmo Mobile 2 and Ronin-S stabilizers

New DJI Osmo Mobile 2 and Ronin-S stabilizers

January 7, 2018 – DJI, the world leader in creative camera technology, unveiled two new handheld camera stabilizers at CES 2018 – Osmo Mobile 2 and Ronin-S.

January 7, 2018 – DJI, the world leader in creative camera technology, unveiled two new handheld camera stabilizers at CES 2018 – Osmo Mobile 2 and Ronin-S.

Designed for smartphones, DSLRs and mirrorless camera systems, they provide consumers, professional videographers and photographers with new tools for capturing quality, stable movies and capturing stunning photos.

  • DJI Osmo Mobile 2: The redesigned handheld camera stabilizer for smartphones features a lightweight, portrait-ready design with easier controls and cinematic zoom, longer battery life for more shooting, and smart features.
  • DJI Ronin-S: DJI’s first gimbal for DSLRs and mirrorless cameras. Designed for efficient set-up and ease of use, with its compact form and dedicated buttons for controlling camera settings and precise positioning, as well as smart features for advanced shooting modes, it is designed to deliver consistent quality in all conditions.

Detailed review in our blog on Geektimes.

Tello’s New Smart Drone Toy

Tello New Smart Drone Toy

Tello New Smart Drone Toy

Ryze Tech is a startup that developed the first smart drone toy called “Tello”, officially released at CES 2018 in Las Vegas

Ryze Tech is a startup that developed the first smart drone toy called “Tello”, officially released at CES 2018 in Las Vegas

Tello is a toy quadcopter that combines fun, form and function with the ability to provide an incredible experience and entertainment for kids of all ages. The weight of the copter is only 85g with the size of a watch. It can be activated by throwing and land on the hand.

Tello has an HD camera with “EZ Shot” function, which allows you to shoot video, fly in a circle, or command the copter to perform a smooth departure/arrival. Now you can devote more time to posing in front of the camera. Whether you’re flipping, tossing it in the air, or racing it through obstacles, Tello’s controls are simple thanks to computer vision and an internal stabilization system.

Security and stability thanks to the best technology

Tello was designed not only for fun, but also with ease and safety in mind. It comes with flexible propellers, propeller guards and anti-collision system. And even when you do not control the flight with your hands – Tello hangs in place without movement. These features plus auto take off, auto landing, battery drain protection will allow your kids to use it with ease and comfort. It’s all made possible by a high-performance Intel® VPU and DJI’s best-in-class stabilization technologies.

Miniature intelligence for maximum fun and enjoyment

Tello is equipped with an Intel® Movidius™ Myriad™ 2 processor that receives real-time data from up to 5 sensors so it can “see” the world around it. Thanks to a special “vision” system, Tello can hover with amazing accuracy and land on an outstretched arm. With the technology inside, users will be able to enjoy the action while Tello does the rest.

Sit in the pilot’s seat to see everything from the first person

For those who love speed and adrenaline, the installed HD camera allows you to feel in the pilot’s seat and see everything in real time. Transferring HD video to your smartphone or tablet will give you a new experience. The system is compatible with popular VR goggles for immersive drone racing.

Play is an important part of learning

The ability to program is an important part of modern literacy. It allows children to learn to solve problems creatively, and to communicate to solve problems. Ryze engineers made Tello programmable using the Scratch programming language (, which allows kids and teens to learn the basics of programming. Kids can program Tello to start a series of flips with a single command, or create their own flight paths using MIT Media Lab’s easy-to-use block interface called Scratch.


Accessorize your Tello

Complete your drone with lots of fun Tello accessories. The Tello top cover is removable so you can change the color at any time. You can also install your smartphone into VR goggles and have more fun while immersing yourself in an exciting flight. Tello will also be compatible with third-party controllers, so you can control it like you’re playing a video game.

Get the most out of your Tello

With intuitive controls and up to 13 minutes of flight time, you can quickly move between obstacles, perform stunts, explore your surroundings and return home safely without worrying about the battery. Download the Tello app from the App Store or Google Play and start flying with your Tello

New Quadcopter Presented to the Public – DJI Mavic Air

New quadcopter presented to the public - DJI Mavic Air

New quadcopter presented to the public – DJI Mavic Air

New DJI quadcopter – Mavic Air shown at a presentation in New York

DJI’s new Mavic Air quadcopter was unveiled today at a presentation in New York. The novelty has occupied a price niche between DJI Mavic Pro and Spark.

Despite its compact size – almost half the size of the Mavic Pro and 2 times smaller – the quadcopter has very interesting characteristics. For the first time, a quadcopter of this size is equipped with 7 anti-collision cameras, a sensor redundancy system.

In some respects, the novelty has surpassed the “big brother” – now the camera allows you to shoot video at 120fps in 1080p resolution, as well as 2.7K/60p and 4K/30p (3840 × 2160).

Photographing is possible both in JPEG and RAW (DNG) formats. Single battery kits + accessories are available, as well as combo kits with additional batteries and a bag.

New quadcopter presented to the public - DJI Mavic Air

New DJI Zenmuse XT2 Thermal Imager

New DJI Zenmuse XT2 thermal imager

New DJI Zenmuse XT2 thermal imager

March 28, 2018 – DJI introduced the new DJI Zenmuse XT2 thermal camera.

Today, March 28, 2018, DJI introduced the new DJI Zenmuse XT2 thermal camera.

The new DJI Zenmuse XT2 thermal imager, developed in collaboration with FLIR Systems, is an important tool for capturing the thermal signature invisible to the naked eye. The thermal camera, which works in conjunction with the standard camera, provides an unsurpassed level of shooting and control.

Zenmuse XT2 is compatible with DJI Matrice 200 and Matrice 600 Pro series industrial drones. The camera will be compatible with the DJI Pilot app for Android mobile devices, and later with DJI XT Pro for iOS systems. Rugged construction and IP44 environmental rating allows the device to be used in the most adverse conditions, including rain, snow, smoke and fog. The model is equipped with a 12-megapixel video camera and is available in two thermal sensor resolutions: 640 x 512 and 336 x 256, with 9mm, 13mm, 19mm and 25mm lenses.

For more information about the Zenmuse XT2, see the DJI Zenmuse-xt2 product sheet.

DJI Unveils New Ronin-S Accessories

DJI Unveils New Ronin-S Accessories

New Ways to Capture Smooth Videos with DJI’s First One-Handed Gimbal

November 21, 2018 – DJI, the world’s leading camera manufacturer, has unveiled nine accessories for the Ronin-S, a one-handed stabilizer for mirrorless camera systems.

Now Ronin-S users can capture their creative ideas in a whole new way, with an external focus motor to manually control lens focus, and a remote control for quick access to settings.

The DJI Ronin-S focus motor allows manual control of lenses that do not have this feature. Operators can place the focus motor on the stick, zoom, or focus ring to quickly change the value of the settings as needed. An error of only 0.02 degrees allows you to achieve perfectly precise camera control. The two main elements of a focus motor are a rod mount that mounts on the motor and a toothed ring belt used for lenses. The Ronin-S focus motor gives professional photographers even more creative freedom, allowing them to use a wide range of lenses.

A compact, bright screen located on the side of the remote control provides quick access to the Ronin-S, useful for operators planning to shoot fast-moving subjects.
With the help of the remote control, you can adjust important settings such as remote control, operating modes, etc. without using a mobile device.

The Ronin-S BG37 handle was designed specifically for professional cameramen who work with the camera for a long time. It powers the Ronin-S with a built-in 2400mAh battery for up to 12 hours of shooting.

The hot shoe mount allows you to securely mount the camera on the Ronin-S when shooting from a vehicle while racing or shooting fast moving subjects. The cold shoe mount allows you to mount external accessories while you work, as well as an additional mount for the Ronin-S Focus Rod mount.

The Ronin-S Lens Stand is designed for use with standard and large size cameras. It securely mounts the camera on the Ronin-S and provides better shooting conditions when it is necessary to position the camera closer to the subject.

The Ronin-S universal mount allows you to mount the gimbal on a car, crane, gimbal camera or other objects. The Ronin-S can be connected to the TB50 Dual Battery Mount via two DC-IN ports. High efficiency battery system sold separately or any 12-17V power supply.

The external GPS module makes the camera even more stable during acceleration and deceleration when shooting Ronin-S, allowing you to get smoother videos and keep the horizon line level. The GPS signal provides a higher sensitivity of the stabilizer and improves its response to sudden movements.

Introducing the DJI Osmo Pocket

Introducing the DJI Osmo Pocket

Introducing the DJI Osmo Pocket

November 28, 2018 – DJI, the world leader in creative imaging technology, has unveiled the Osmo Pocket, a compact 3-axis stabilizer camera. Osmo Pocket’s smart features make it easy to capture interesting videos and photos.

“Innovation is at the heart of the devices we create. Osmo Pocket will change the way people take photos and videos, not only for professionals, but also for parents, couples, adventurers and travelers,” said DJI President Roger Luo. – Osmo Pocket is your personal film crew. We look forward to the stories you will tell with Osmo Pocket.”

Osmo Pocket is only 12 cm long. It is DJI’s smallest 3-axis gimbal camera and revolutionizes the concept of handheld gimbals by offering professional shooting features in a compact device for the first time. The 1/2.3-inch sensor is capable of recording high-quality 4K videos at 60 fps and 100 Mbps. The image resolution is 12 megapixels. Osmo Pocket is equipped with two built-in microphones and a state-of-the-art noise reduction system, which allows you to record audio in high quality.

Introducing the DJI Osmo Pocket

DJI Osmo Pocket Review