Zerotech DOBBY Selfie Drone Review

Zerotech DOBBY selfie drone review
Zerotech DOBBY selfie drone review

Zerotech DOBBY is the first drone to be com­mer­cial­ly avail­able. Self­ie quad­copter is a new type of drone that is com­pact and has a good cam­era. They are not equipped with a remote con­trol, a smart­phone is enough instead.

Zerotech DOBBY selfie drone review


  • Fold­able design
  • Com­pact dimen­sions
  • Light­weight only 199 grams (with bat­tery)
  • Elec­tron­ic Image Sta­bi­liza­tion (EIS) at 1080p
  • Voice con­trol
  • Out­door posi­tion­ing GPS + GLONASS
  • Posi­tion­ing in the room with ultra­son­ic and opti­cal sen­sors
  • Cam­era 4k
  • Chang­ing ver­ti­cal cam­era angle
  • brush­less motors
  • Alti­tude Hold
  • Tracks the move­ments of select­ed peo­ple and objects
  • Scans and rec­og­nizes faces to track tar­gets


The drone is packed in a small box, which rais­es sus­pi­cion that every­thing was put there. The design and qual­i­ty in the style of Apple imme­di­ate­ly rush­es.

Zerotech DOBBY selfie drone review

The Zerotech DOBBY case is made of mat­te, high qual­i­ty plas­tic. In trans­port con­di­tion, the drone is very com­pact, the size of a mod­ern smart­phone. In flight con­di­tion, the frame size is 155 mil­lime­ters.

The arms of the motors are made of thick plas­tic, and are able to with­stand heavy crash­es.

Zerotech DOBBY selfie drone review

At the bot­tom is a microUSB con­nec­tor for down­load­ing videos and pho­tos from the built-in mem­o­ry of the drone. The total amount of built-in mem­o­ry is 16GB, of which only 9GB is allo­cat­ed for pho­to and video mate­r­i­al. Posi­tion­ing sen­sors are also locat­ed below — ultra­son­ic and opti­cal. They are used for indoor alti­tude hold and land­ing, as well as when there is no GPS / GLONASS sig­nal.

Zerotech DOBBY selfie drone review

The weight of Zerotech DOBBY with bat­tery is only 199 grams, with­out 150 grams. This is good, the drone does not need to be reg­is­tered.


Zerotech DOBBY selfie drone review

The 13MP cam­era shoots video in two modes 4K/1080p at 30fps. In 4K shoot­ing mode, elec­tron­ic image sta­bi­liza­tion does not work, this should be tak­en into account. Pho­to res­o­lu­tion — 4208 × 3120 pix­els.

Even with sta­bi­liza­tion on the video, jel­ly is notice­able. Prob­a­bly because of the fold­ing beams, plus the light weight of the drone affects. The cam­er­a’s field of view (FOV) is nar­row in our opin­ion, only 75°.

The cam­era tilt angle is changed man­u­al­ly, along the ver­ti­cal axis. The cam­era can be low­ered up to 90 degrees down, or raised 22 degrees up, rel­a­tive to the hori­zon.


At the time of writ­ing the review, the ver­sion of the appli­ca­tion is 1.1.1. After the last update, sta­bi­liza­tion has improved notice­ably and the Orbit func­tion has become active.

Zerotech DOBBY selfie drone review

First start

  • The first time you turn it on, you need to update the firmware of the drone and the flight con­troller. The update inter­face is clear and con­ve­nient, should not raise ques­tions.
  • The first thing to do after the update is to enable or dis­able elec­tron­ic sta­bi­liza­tion.
  • With auto­mat­ic take­off and land­ing, you need to choose from where the drone will take off and where to land, on the palm of your hand or on the ground.
  • To fly on Zerotech DOBBY street, you need to catch at least 8 satel­lites.
  • After tak­ing off, you will notice that the drone is very noisy for its size. You can’t spy on it.
  • If you have done the cal­i­bra­tion cor­rect­ly, the GPS hov­er will be clear.
  • Broad­cast video on a smart­phone of good qual­i­ty. The trans­mis­sion qual­i­ty is selec­table via the appli­ca­tion (720p/VGA/320 × 240). The delay is pro­por­tion­al to the dis­tance to the drone. The low­er the res­o­lu­tion you set in the appli­ca­tion, the low­er the pic­ture delay will be.
  • Tar­get track­ing does not work per­fect­ly, the drone may lose the tar­get if the object being tracked has lit­tle con­trast against the gen­er­al back­ground.

Zerotech DOBBY selfie drone review

Flight modes

  1. smart video

    - mode for tak­ing short video self­ies (10c/30c/60c) with one touch. In this mode, as long as you hold your fin­ger on the “Video Record­ing” icon, the drone will auto­mat­i­cal­ly start mov­ing away from you at the pre­vi­ous­ly select­ed angle (0°/22.5°/45°/67.5°/90°), as soon as you remove your fin­ger from the icon, record­ing will stop and the air­craft will return to its orig­i­nal take-off loca­tion.

  2. pano video

    — panora­ma video shoot­ing mode, in this case the drone slow­ly rotates around its axis.

  3. Orbit

    - clas­sic offline shoot­ing mode. Allows you to focus the atten­tion of the drone on any object and fly around it in a cir­cle in accor­dance with the pre­vi­ous­ly set set­tings.

  4. Target tracking

    - aka Fol­low me mode. Allows you to imple­ment the drone fol­low­ing any object select­ed for shoot­ing.

  5. face track

    - unlike the pre­vi­ous mode, the pilot focus­es the atten­tion of the drone exclu­sive­ly on the face of the object select­ed for shoot­ing, shoot­ing it in close-up and fol­low­ing it.

  6. Return to home

    - returns the drone to the take-off place with one touch.

  7. Somersault

    — this mode acti­vates drone flips in the air (flips).


Zerotech DOBBY selfie drone review

Motors at Zerotech DOBBY brush­less 1104, with fold­ing rotors.


Zerotech DOBBY selfie drone review

2‑cell LiPo bat­tery with a capac­i­ty of 970 mAh, with a built-in charge indi­ca­tor light. Charg­ing takes about 40 min­utes. It has a unique con­nec­tion and shape, so you only have to buy the orig­i­nal. The orig­i­nal bat­tery is expen­sive — $ 40. The flight time accord­ing to the man­u­fac­tur­er’s spec­i­fi­ca­tion is 9 min­utes, in prac­tice no more than 6 min­utes.


Zerotech DOBBY selfie drone review

  • Drone Zerotech DOBBY
  • Bat­tery 970mAh
  • Charg­ing mod­ule
  • Pow­er Sup­ply
  • Cable USB Type‑C
  • microUSB adapter
  • Chi­nese instruc­tion

There is no remote con­trol includ­ed as it is a self­ie drone. For con­trol in semi-auto­mat­ic modes, a smart­phone is enough, plus, it is eas­i­er to car­ry one gad­get with you.

With cable USB Type‑C inter­faces the pow­er sup­ply and the charg­ing mod­ule in which the bat­tery is installed. Con­nec­tion to a PC/Laptop is via a sep­a­rate MicroUSB port locat­ed on the drone itself using the same USB Type‑C cable, but using a MicroUSB adapter.

Zerotech DOBBY selfie drone reviewZerotech DOBBY selfie drone review


Zerotech DOBBY $230

Zerotech DOBBY selfie drone review



Flight time


flight qual­i­ties









  • Com­pact and light­weight
  • Qual­i­ty build
  • Video 1080p 30fps with sta­bi­liza­tion
  • Pow­er­ful Snap­drag­on Proces­sor
  • Track­ing modes
  • Indoor Alti­tude Hold with Cam­era and Sono­ra
  • Firmware is con­stant­ly updat­ed
  • Does not require reg­is­tra­tion


  • Price
  • Small jel­ly on video despite dig­i­tal sta­bi­liza­tion
  • No spare screws and pro­tec­tion for them
  • Expen­sive bat­ter­ies
  • The app requires a mod­ern smart­phone
  • In fact, the inter­nal mem­o­ry is not 16GB, but only 9GB

Com­pact and sta­ble drone designed for shoot­ing in self­ie for­mat. Thanks to the pro­grammed func­tions and modes, it absolute­ly does not require pilot­ing skills. The video qual­i­ty is sur­pris­ing­ly good, but when shoot­ing in sta­bi­lized 1080p mode. The pho­to mode is even bet­ter, com­pa­ra­ble to an expen­sive mobile phone.

The flight time is actu­al­ly only 6 min­utes, why the man­u­fac­tur­er did not equip with an addi­tion­al bat­tery, as oth­er brands did, is not entire­ly clear. You will have to buy it for 40 dol­lars. You will also have to buy spare rotors and pro­tec­tion for them. If DOBBY will be used by a girl, then she should be care­ful when per­form­ing a drone take­off from the palm of her hand. Since pow­er­ful brush­less motors can dam­age fin­gers with screws. Many girls com­plain about it!


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