Video From the Drone for the Week 07.12.–13.12.2020

Video from the drone for the week 07.12.-13.12.2020


Once upon a time, only the giants of the mass media and the film indus­try could afford the imple­men­ta­tion of such shots. Today, mod­ern tech­nolo­gies allow every­one to imple­ment them and it does not mat­ter at all that you have nev­er done this. We bring to your atten­tion a selec­tion of ama­teur pho­tos and video footage obtained by users using a drone over the past week. Under each image and video, you will find the author’s name of the pho­to and the mod­el of the drone with which it was tak­en. Hap­py view­ing!

Dol­phins of the Indi­an Riv­er Lagoon. DJI Mav­ic Mini.

Fly­ing in Alas­ka. DJI Mini 2.


The Beau­ty of Koso­vo. DJI Mav­ic Air 2.

30 Min­utes of Cin­e­mat­ic Off Road Adven­tures In Beau­ti­ful British Colum­bia. DJI Mav­ic 2 Pro.

The Most Beau­ti­ful Drone Footage from the Great Divide Moun­tain Bike Route-Mon­tana/Wyoming/­Col­orado. DJI Mav­ic Mini.

Alt­nahinch Reser­voir, Glens of Antrim. DJI Mav­ic Air 2.

FPV FreeStyle. 드론 프리스타일 drone trick 드론 비행 기술 // Armat­tan Roost­er / T‑motor / kiss v2.

FPV FreeStyle. Sum­mer sen­ti­ment.

FPV FreeStyle. Bad Spot Needs Cre­ativ­i­ty.

Cin­e­mat­ic FPV FreeStyle. Col­orado.

Cin­e­mat­ic FPV FreeStyle. Devichi Kosy (Maid­en Braids) Water­fall Elbrus.

ALIEN EARTH. DJI Mav­ic 2 Pro.

Cin­e­mat­ic FPV FreeStyle. SPOTLESS MIND.

FPV FreeStyle. Do Peo­ple Still Watch Freestyle FPV? ????.

FPV FreeStyle. Luck­i­est Crash Recov­ery.

Cin­e­mat­ic FPV FreeStyle. MOUNTAIN MEDITATION — Smoke On The Hori­zon.

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