Ukrainian Engineers Have Created an Early Detection System for Enemy Drones With a Range of 15 Km

The Ukrain­ian com­pa­ny KVERTUS has devel­oped a unique sys­tem MS AZIMUTH — search for ene­my drones. This sys­tem allows you to detect ene­my unmanned vehi­cles and quick­ly destroy them. The devel­op­ment will help detect drones at a dis­tance of about 15 km.

The man­u­fac­tur­er notes that there are no ana­logues of this sys­tem in the coun­try. The prod­uct can also be inte­grat­ed into exist­ing detec­tion sys­tems if they are used in mil­i­tary posi­tions.

The oper­at­ing prin­ci­ple of the sys­tem is based on the detec­tion and direc­tion find­ing of unmanned vehi­cles using radi­a­tion sig­nals. The func­tion­al­i­ty of the sys­tem includes mon­i­tor­ing the radio fre­quen­cy spec­trum, mea­sur­ing para­me­ters of radio fre­quen­cy radi­a­tion, direc­tion find­ing and doc­u­ment­ing the results of work.

“It remains to cor­rect some aspects of the UI, improve the engi­neer­ing and some­what mod­ern­ize the fas­ten­ing and pro­tec­tion ele­ments, and soon the first pro­duc­tion sam­ples will be ready,” said Yaroslav Fil­imonov, CEO of KVERTUS.

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