The Universal Vertical Take-Off/landing Drone “Shmel-90” With a Take-Off Weight of 350 Kg Will Provide a Flight Duration of 2 Hours

A team of Ukrain­ian devel­op­ers has designed and is ready for pro­duc­tion of a new mod­i­fi­ca­tion of a uni­ver­sal drone “Shmel-90” with a take-off weight of 350 kg.

Ver­ti­cal take-off/­land­ing drone “Shmel-90” equipped with an inter­nal com­bus­tion engine with a pow­er of 120 hp, it is designed to work with A‑95 motor gaso­line. Fuel capac­i­ty up to 60 liters. With an engine con­sump­tion of 27 liters. fuel per hour, this vol­ume allows for a flight dura­tion of 2 hours.

When ful­ly charged, the pay­load will be about 100 kg. If the fuel sup­ply is reduced and the max­i­mum range is not required, the pay­load can be high­er. With a fuel sup­ply for 1 hour of flight, the pay­load will be up to 130 kg.

A uni­ver­sal drone in the Armed Forces of Ukraine “Shmel-90” can be used as a vehi­cle for deliv­er­ing ammu­ni­tion, food, and spare parts for equip­ment.

It can also be used as a weapon car­ri­er, when installing the appro­pri­ate weapons and con­trol mod­ule. A pay­load of 100–130 kg pro­vides great oppor­tu­ni­ties in choos­ing weapons.

Spec­i­fi­ca­tions “Shmel-90”:

Esti­mat­ed flight speed is 90–100 km/h.



  • along the body — 2200 mm.
  • for pro­peller guards – 4000 mm.


  • along the body — 2200 mm.
  • for pro­peller guards – 4000 mm.

Height – 1800 mm.

Dry weight – 190 kg.

Max­i­mum take-off weight – 350 kg.

The capac­i­ty of fuel tanks is 60 l.

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