The Pluto System Will Warn of Approaching Drones

I wish every­one good health. This is Ser­hii Flash on the phone, and today I will be test­ing a very inter­est­ing thing upfront. This is a UAV warn­ing and detec­tion com­plex from the com­pa­ny Info­pro­tec­tion, which is called Plu­to. This is a very new and very inter­est­ing solu­tion, and lit­er­al­ly, this is the first pro­to­type that I will tell you about today.

It is cre­at­ed for KSP head­quar­ters. It is more com­plex than, for exam­ple, a sug­ar cane, so its cost will be more expen­sive. I think the com­plex con­sists of an anten­na, an ampli­fi­er, a con­trol mod­ule, and a sig­nal pro­cess­ing unit. It will tell us 100% what is fly­ing, how, and how far from us.

The devel­op­er sim­pli­fied this con­trol ball very much so that any mil­i­tary man could deal with it very, very quick­ly. And this is only the first pro­to­type. I believe that the authors will add a dis­play with infor­ma­tion about the observed UAV mod­el, and it will prob­a­bly be very inter­est­ing and use­ful for our mil­i­tary. That is, this devel­op­ment is very new.

I want to say for the sec­ond time that this is lit­er­al­ly the first pro­to­type, so the author will work fur­ther to per­fect­ly improve this device, so to speak. Thank you, Klim. You see, this is how the anten­na of the Plu­to receiv­er looks like, which I installed on the posi­tions, that is, it does not need to be very high.

It works so well now. I zoom in a lit­tle to show you what it looks like. Now you see Plu­to cap­tures a UAV of the Orlan type at a dis­tance of 1.5 km. It was cap­tur­ing an impact drone lancet at a dis­tance of about 10 km. And now it has dis­ap­peared. Now we only see a PLA air­craft of the Orlan type at a dis­tance of up to 5 km.

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