NAVDEX 2023: ADSB, CMN Naval, Al Fattan, Al Seer Marine, UAE Navy

For­eign wel­come to the Unit­ed Arab Emi­rates in Abu Dhabi for navdex 2023 today we’re focus­ing on the UAE Navy pro­grams and local ship­build­ing indus­try.

We are now on the booth of adsb Abu Dhabi Shield build­ing a local ship­builder good morn­ing sir can you please intro­duce your­self of course I’m David Massey I’m the chief exec­u­tive of Abu Dhabi ship­build­ing wel­come to adsb all right David thanks for wel­com­ing us on your booth here at navdex 2023 uh what announce­ment did you make today.

Regard­ing the bil­lion­aire Mark II we are very pleased to be able to announce this morn­ing that adsb will be prime con­trac­tor for a sig­nif­i­cant con­tract to deliv­er three br-71 Mark II 71 meter Corvettes plus a num­ber of Patrol boats and ILS and Logis­tics sup­port to the angolan Navy and the the val­ue of that con­tract is approx­i­mate­ly 1 bil­lion.

Euros so as our audi­ence prob­a­bly knows the UAE Navy is an exist­ing cus­tomer of the benona so prob­a­bly the mark one they have six units in ser­vice is this uh design and evo­lu­tion or based on the the cur­rent design yes it is a it’s an evo­lu­tion of the design it’s very sim­i­lar the key dif­fer­ence uh well there.

Are some dif­fer­ences of course to the bridge sys­tems and the the radar sys­tems but the key dif­fer­ence is that the ves­sels are sup­plied to Ango­la will oper­ate uavs rather than a heli­copter and uh last but not least can you tell us a lit­tle bit about your Ship­yard or ship­build­ing facil­i­ty uh yes indeed adsb has a very large facil­i­ty in Mustafa uh.

In Abu Dhabi we have 330 000 square meters of facil­i­ty with a an 80 meter 2010 Syn­chro lift trav­el lift and the abil­i­ty to dry birth 10 large ves­sels at any one time Wet birth six and we have I believe the largest air-con­di­tioned com­pos­ite facil­i­ty in the region and when you need to expand your yard to accom­mo­date the new ship­build­ing pro­gram.

Yes adsp is going to be very busy over the next five years we will be ini­ti­at­ing a sig­nif­i­cant capex pro­gram in the course of this year we will prob­a­bly spend about 150 mil­lion Dirhams on expand­ing our facil­i­ties and the capac­i­ty of the yard will prob­a­bly increase by around 30 per­cent very well thank you very much thank you.

We are now on the booth of cmn Naval who is the design­er of the benona Mark II and as well as the Mark 1 already in ser­vice here in the coun­try good morn­ing sir can you please intro­duce your­self Akram Safa from cmn Naval from Busi­ness Devel­op­ment Good To Be With You Xavier and good to be with Naval news.

Like­wise thanks for wel­com­ing us from uh so can you please uh tell us about the the con­tract that’s just been announced this morn­ing at uh idex navdex 2023 this is a mile­stone con­tract for us as cm and Naval for our strate­gic Part­ners adsb an edge com­pa­ny but main­ly for the Unit­ed Arab Emi­rates and for the coun­try because it’s a con­tract which shows the.

Place of the UAE that has become a cement­ed hub for for the mil­i­tary indus­try and also today thanks to this con­tract for export for mil­i­tary export and through this Land­mark project and con­tract it will be the first Naval export from the UAE to anoth­er coun­try so we’re very very proud of it and we’re the design author­i­ty of the ves­sel which.

Is based as you know of the br71 denuna which we deliv­ered six with Abu Dhabi build­ing um this this design has been obvi­ous­ly opti­mized and mod­ern­ized and and we’re very very proud of this part­ner­ship can you just briefly tell us the main dif­fer­ences between Mark 1 Mark II I see it looks more stealthy it looks more.

Mod­ern stealth stealth design that CML runs through our veins and our DNA so def­i­nite­ly the ves­sel is more more stealthy in terms of pay­load you know Mark one was done over 10 years ago now so uh def­i­nite­ly we’ve opti­mized and and come a long way since then a crime anoth­er big mile­stone uh for cm and Neville hero dur­ing navdex is that today.

You’re launch­ing a new land­ing craft can you tell us more so as an inter­con­nect­ed Euro­pean group there’s always lots going on at our dif­fer­ent ship­yards so at inshabu at cmn today if I may show you we have a 70 meter LCT that we’re just putting in the water as we speak so the total pay­load is it’s 200 tons 200 gross tons and this is back at our.

Ship­yard at Shabu for the launch of the ves­sel so we’re con­nect­ed live now to cmn this is a land­ing Land­ing car­ri­er 70 meters in length we’re very proud of this deliv­ery as well so very large ship is it the largest to date it’s the largest land­ing craft that.

We’ve built and designed yes for sure we’re always inno­vat­ing and since we have our own in-house design team we have anoth­er mod­el based of the same LCT that we’re adapt­ing and we’re work­ing on and this mod­el actu­al­ly came to us because of direct demand so it’s based on our cus­tomers demand that we came up with this mod­el and I believe we have a.

3D print­ed ver­sion that we brought with us from Shabu just for you thank you very much for the exclu­siv­i­ty so here we have it the LCT 70 meters with a capac­i­ty of up to two heli­copters two Agus­ta West­lands in the back rail­road capa­bil­i­ty in the front and also through the rear through the AFT and um yeah this is a 3D print­er that we.

Use back at Shabu back at home so this is just one exam­ple of our lat­est inno­va­tion of 2023 already one of many all right Akram thank you very much for your time thank you for­eign yes it’s the first time actu­al­ly this is like a total­ly in-house design and devel­op­ment the plat­form is called the.

10 meter USV the main pur­pose of this plat­form is to do sur­veil­lance we have basic nav­i­ga­tion equip­ment like aradar and a cam­era sur­veil­lance cam­era and the boat should be doing all the sur­veil­lance work for Har­bor pro­tec­tion ille­gal fish­ery and all these types of sur­veil­lance appli­ca­tion so it can be used as amend.

So some­one can go on a nor­mal Petrol in the boat or it can be used from a ground sta­tion last but not least uh can you tell us a lit­tle bit about the automa­tion uh the soft­ware you use and yes okay for the soft­ware we are devel­op­ing an in-house soft­ware so we are using our own soft­ware and the hard­ware to to con­trol.

That uh that USV uh the idea of the the whole project came that a lot of plat­forms are are being made for the USV to orga­nize the mis­sions or to to its designed specif­i­cal­ly for this oper­a­tion but it was the first time that we think that we need to make a soft­ware that will have an option to be even an Ara­bic lan­guage so the the end user will not.

Need to trans­late or any­thing so we will have of course the Eng­lish ver­sion but we’ll have both the Ara­bic and the Eng­lish ver­sion at the same time the com­po­nents of all the RF the the boards that we use is actu­al­ly being done also in-house in have you start­ed the sea tri­als the test and so on we made one.

Uh 1C tri­al and to check the range and check the the func­tion­al­i­ty of the radar and the the cam­eras and it was actu­al­ly uh bet­ter than what we expect­ed but still we are uh we are announc­ing it that it’s still in the phase of a pro­to­type thank you very much very much.

For­eign is show­cas­ing this is for the first time a 3D print­ed Ant-Man sur­face vehi­cle they say took them five days to achieve this end result the USB is a 350 kilos it has a full elec­tric pop­u­la­tion sys­tem and they will print they will print the Mast as well lat­er on they did all this in their facil­i­ty they are look­ing at.

Using 3D print­ing to speed up the pro­duc­tion of ves­sel includ­ing unmanned ves­sels like this one for­eign the UAE Navy Booth is show­cas­ing scale mod­els of some of its in-ser­vice ships such as the falash 2 or the benuna but also future ves­sels such as the scale mod­el of the go in cur­rent­ly being.

Built in France actu­al­ly they are at out­fit­ting stage uh so to go in Corvette by Naval group this one comes in a pret­ty diff quite dif­fer­ent con­fig­u­ra­tion com­pared to the ves­sels in ser­vice with the Egypt­ian Navy uh the 76 mil­lime­ter main gun is in the stra­tus con­fig­u­ra­tions so that means it.

Can Inter­cept in com­ing uh onto ship mis­siles uh the ver­ti­cal launch sys­tems ini­tial­ly they were sup­posed to deploy essm by Raytheon but actu­al­ly this has been changed to VR Mika NG by mbda there are four uh two by four so eight in total exhaust­ed onto ship mis­siles a ram launch­er on top of the heli­copter.

Hang­er by Raytheon as well as two clos­ing weapon sys­tems by Aus­tralian com­pa­ny EOS those are 40 mil­lime­ter gun sys­tems last but not least that’s quite unique there will be two uh guid­ed rock­et launch­ers fit­ted towards the bow so for­ward and also sys­tems are by a South Kore­an com­pa­ny Lig next one.

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