M‑ACE Vehicle – C‑UAS Solution

One of today’s emerg­ing threats on the bat­tle­field is small inex­pen­sive and can be eas­i­ly pur­chased on the inter­net we’re talk­ing about unmanned aer­i­al and ground sys­tems com­mon­ly known as drones to counter this threat we’ve devel­oped a full kill chain counter uas solu­tion by com­bin­ing three of our advanced tech­nolo­gies the mace sys­tem.

Bush­mas­ter chain guns and our advanced ammu­ni­tion the mace vehi­cle is an on the move com­mand and con­trol sys­tem with an open net­worked archi­tec­ture to detect track iden­ti­fy and defeat tar­gets mace empow­ers a sin­gle oper­a­tor to man­age com­plex engage­ments through the full kill chain by com­press­ing the.

Deci­sion cycle to iden­ti­fy hos­tile tar­gets once a threat is iden­ti­fied a sig­nal goes to a near­by bush­mas­ter chain gun so the effec­tors have the exact loca­tion and track­ing data for a pre­cise defeat and when armed with our advanced ammu­ni­tion bush­mas­ter chain guns pro­vide an unmatched lev­el of lethal­i­ty.

Rounds like the mark 310 pro­gram­ma­ble air burst­ing muni­tion det­o­nates at opti­mal burst points while the high explo­sive prox­im­i­ty sens­ing muni­tion can sense ground and air tar­gets com­bin­ing these advanced muni­tions with mace and bush­mas­ter chain guns results.

In the most reli­able accu­rate and eco­nom­i­cal kinet­ic defense solu­tion avail­able our counter uas solu­tion reli­ably address­es every aspect of the kill chain to effec­tive­ly defeat ground-based drones air base drones and swarm­ing tar­gets.

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