Lockheed Martin Mini-Missile Takes Flight: Miniature Hit-to-Kill (MHTK) Interceptor

This is our con­trol test flight for a new air­frame for the MHTK vehi­cle, and this had our new and improved elec­tron­ics inside. Where­as the PAC‑3 mis­siles, kind of our big broth­er, take out the big­ger mis­siles that are com­ing in, this mis­sile is sup­posed to take out rock­et artillery, mor­tars, and UAVs. So it’s a small­er scale, lit­tle broth­er of PAC‑3. It’s very fast, very small, only about a lit­tle less than three feet long, and about 1.25 inch­es in diam­e­ter, so it’s real­ly tiny and it gets up and moves real quick. (Count­down) Mis­sile away!

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