Kawasaki's Bex goat robot for hauling and rough terrain unveiled

Kawasaki’s Bex Goat Robot for Hauling and Rough Terrain Unveiled

It seems that the Boston Dynam­ics robot has a more func­tion­al com­peti­tor, and if the Amer­i­can com­pa­ny has the Spot robot dog, then Kawasa­ki has the Bex robot goat. The robot is offi­cial­ly pre­sent­ed at the RoboDEX 2022 Inter­na­tion­al Exhi­bi­tion in Japan.

When cre­at­ing a robot, man­u­fac­tur­ers were inspired by the alpine ibex Capra ibex, which is able to move over rough and moun­tain­ous ter­rain with steep slopes. There­fore, the robot has a pro­gram, and the design itself implies over­com­ing rough ter­rain. But when the Bex robot hits a plain with a smooth road, it trans­forms and moves on wheels mount­ed in its knees.

Kawasaki's Bex goat robot for hauling and rough terrain unveiled

Despite the uncer­tain gait, the Bex goat robot is able to car­ry any load up to 100 kg, and it can even be a per­son. At the same time, the robot can be con­trolled by the per­son him­self or in auto­mat­ic mode accord­ing to the pro­grammed pro­gram. Dur­ing the trans­porta­tion of a per­son, a small sad­dle and levers are pro­vid­ed that act as reins.

The main pur­pose of the robot from Kawasa­ki is move­ment in indus­tri­al areas and over rough ter­rain. The BEX robot can seri­ous­ly com­pete with the Spot robops, as it has a greater car­ry­ing capac­i­ty and range.

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