Eagle attacked and stole DJI MAVIC drone

Eagle Attacked and Stole DJI MAVIC Drone

Today, one of the own­ers of the DJI MAVIC drone post­ed a video show­ing how an eagle attacked the air­craft and took it away in an unknown direc­tion. The case, of course, is curi­ous, but the per­son was left with­out a drone, and most like­ly with­out the pos­si­bil­i­ty of recov­er­ing its cost under war­ran­ty.

Eagle attacked and stole DJI MAVIC drone

The video itself can be viewed here:

The video shows the drone fly­ing over the moun­tains. Tak­ing a panora­ma. At one point, a blow occurs, the drone first dan­gles and flick­ers, and then you can see how an eagle’s wing appears in the cor­ner of the frame, which takes the drone in an unknown direc­tion. As a result, the con­nec­tion with the drone was inter­rupt­ed, and giv­en the ter­rain. Find­ing it is not pos­si­ble. All that remains with the author is a par­tial video record­ing stored in the phone’s mem­o­ry, and con­trol equip­ment.

Here’s what the cre­ator of the video says:

Hi peo­ple. Fly­ing qui­et­ly in the Nor­we­gian moun­tains over the week­end, an eagle wrest­ed my drone from me. Not just attacked, but dragged away to no one knows where. It’s good that at least some of the entries in the phone’s cache have been pre­served.

As the say­ing goes, “if you lose a drone, then like this !!”

Eagle attacked and stole DJI MAVIC drone

It remains to wish the author good luck, and hope that his drone war­ran­ty cov­ers theft by rap­tors.

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