Drones, Smartphones and AI Optimize 5G Network Performance

5G is quick­ly gath­er­ing momen­tum across the globe, with 75 oper­a­tors hav­ing announced the com­mer­cial launch of the 5G net­work. More than ever, 5G is chang­ing the way we inter­act with tech­nol­o­gy as well as peo­ple. In order to pro­vide users with sta­ble con­nec­tions and sup­port new and excit­ing ser­vices, it is impor­tant to expand 5G cov­er­age.

Deploy­ing new base sta­tions effec­tive­ly. How­ev­er, it is equal­ly cru­cial to per­form main­te­nance checks for base sta­tions that are already in deploy­ment, as to guar­an­tee their opti­mal per­for­mance of all the anten­nas and deploy­ment. Approx­i­mate­ly 10 to 15 per­cent are out of posi­tion by as much as 10 degrees from their intend­ed con­fig­u­ra­tions and.

This is caused by rely­ing on the naked eye to mea­sure angles dur­ing instal­la­tion or by exter­nal fac­tors such as nat­ur­al dis­as­ters. To resolve such issues, Sam­sung has devel­oped a solu­tion that mea­sures anten­na instal­la­tion angles through the use of a smart­phone and a drone. An engi­neer on the ground can uti­lize a smart­phone to remote­ly fly.

A cam­era-equipped drone that cap­tures pho­tos of the anten­nas installed on a build­ing’s rooftop. The visu­al data can be seen through the smart­phone and then be trans­mit­ted to a cloud serv­er with­in sec­onds. The deep learn­ing AI solu­tion instant­ly ver­i­fies the azimuth and tilt of the anten­nas for engi­neers to deter­mine.

Whether the anten­nas are installed cor­rect­ly at pre­de­fined opti­mal angles. Sam­sung will offer oper­a­tors a sim­pli­fied way to more effi­cient­ly man­age cell sites, improve employ­ee safe­ty, and ulti­mate­ly opti­mize net­work per­for­mance.

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