DJI Unveils New Ronin‑S Accessories

DJI Unveils New Ronin‑S Acces­sories

New Ways to Cap­ture Smooth Videos with DJI’s First One-Hand­ed Gim­bal

Novem­ber 21, 2018 — DJI, the world’s lead­ing cam­era man­u­fac­tur­er, has unveiled nine acces­sories for the Ronin‑S, a one-hand­ed sta­bi­liz­er for mir­ror­less cam­era sys­tems.

Now Ronin‑S users can cap­ture their cre­ative ideas in a whole new way, with an exter­nal focus motor to man­u­al­ly con­trol lens focus, and a remote con­trol for quick access to set­tings.

The DJI Ronin‑S focus motor allows man­u­al con­trol of lens­es that do not have this fea­ture. Oper­a­tors can place the focus motor on the stick, zoom, or focus ring to quick­ly change the val­ue of the set­tings as need­ed. An error of only 0.02 degrees allows you to achieve per­fect­ly pre­cise cam­era con­trol. The two main ele­ments of a focus motor are a rod mount that mounts on the motor and a toothed ring belt used for lens­es. The Ronin‑S focus motor gives pro­fes­sion­al pho­tog­ra­phers even more cre­ative free­dom, allow­ing them to use a wide range of lens­es.

A com­pact, bright screen locat­ed on the side of the remote con­trol pro­vides quick access to the Ronin‑S, use­ful for oper­a­tors plan­ning to shoot fast-mov­ing sub­jects.
With the help of the remote con­trol, you can adjust impor­tant set­tings such as remote con­trol, oper­at­ing modes, etc. with­out using a mobile device.

The Ronin‑S BG37 han­dle was designed specif­i­cal­ly for pro­fes­sion­al cam­era­men who work with the cam­era for a long time. It pow­ers the Ronin‑S with a built-in 2400mAh bat­tery for up to 12 hours of shoot­ing.

The hot shoe mount allows you to secure­ly mount the cam­era on the Ronin‑S when shoot­ing from a vehi­cle while rac­ing or shoot­ing fast mov­ing sub­jects. The cold shoe mount allows you to mount exter­nal acces­sories while you work, as well as an addi­tion­al mount for the Ronin‑S Focus Rod mount.

The Ronin‑S Lens Stand is designed for use with stan­dard and large size cam­eras. It secure­ly mounts the cam­era on the Ronin‑S and pro­vides bet­ter shoot­ing con­di­tions when it is nec­es­sary to posi­tion the cam­era clos­er to the sub­ject.

The Ronin‑S uni­ver­sal mount allows you to mount the gim­bal on a car, crane, gim­bal cam­era or oth­er objects. The Ronin‑S can be con­nect­ed to the TB50 Dual Bat­tery Mount via two DC-IN ports. High effi­cien­cy bat­tery sys­tem sold sep­a­rate­ly or any 12–17V pow­er sup­ply.

The exter­nal GPS mod­ule makes the cam­era even more sta­ble dur­ing accel­er­a­tion and decel­er­a­tion when shoot­ing Ronin‑S, allow­ing you to get smoother videos and keep the hori­zon line lev­el. The GPS sig­nal pro­vides a high­er sen­si­tiv­i­ty of the sta­bi­liz­er and improves its response to sud­den move­ments.

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