DJI Mavic 3 Fly More Combo: The Perfect Set of Accessories for the Popular Drone

One of the most pop­u­lar DJI Mav­ic 3 drones, which experts called the “Swiss knife” among drones, buy­ers can pur­chase one of three trim lev­els: basic, extend­ed Fly More Com­bo and pre­mi­um Cine Pre­mi­um Com­bo. Of the three options, the Fly More Com­bo set looks opti­mal for all users (not nec­es­sar­i­ly pro­fes­sion­als). Let’s explain in more detail why.

DJI Mavic 3 Fly More Combo: the perfect set of accessories for the popular drone
Dji Mav­ic Fly More Com­bo The Per­fect Set Of Acces­sories For The Pop­u­lar Drone

What’s in the Fly More Combo for Mavic 3

Of course, the Fly More Com­bo includes the full set of com­po­nents that are present in the basic pack­age. It:

  • drone DJI Mav­ic 3;
  • remote con­trol DJI RC-N1 (+ pair of spare joy­sticks);
  • three remote con­trol cables (USB‑C, Light­ning and Micro-USB);
  • bat­tery;
  • three pairs of pro­pellers;
  • 65W portable charg­er;
  • stor­age case;
  • USB‑C cable.

Addi­tion­al acces­sories that are only in Fly More Com­bo are:

  • bag-trans­former (can be worn on one shoul­der or as a back­pack);
  • bat­tery charg­ing hub (charges up to three bat­ter­ies);
  • two spare bat­ter­ies;
  • three spare pairs of pro­pellers;
  • set of opti­cal fil­ters (ND4/8/16/32).

As a result, this is not a short list of use­ful acces­sories that you don’t have to buy sep­a­rate­ly (wast­ing time look­ing for them and, of course, over­pay­ing), but you can imme­di­ate­ly get along with the drone.

DJI Mavic 3 Fly More Combo: the perfect set of accessories for the popular drone

Why Fly More Combo is better than the basic configuration

At first glance, it may seem that any addi­tions are some­thing super­flu­ous, some­thing “for spe­cial­ists”, and it is quite pos­si­ble to get by with the pur­chase of one drone. In fact, the man­u­fac­tur­er very well thought out the com­po­si­tion of the extend­ed con­fig­u­ra­tion, includ­ing only the nec­es­sary acces­sories:

  • Bag-transformer (DJI Convertible Carrying Bag).

    Although a stor­age case is includ­ed as stan­dard, it is of lit­tle use: it only pro­tects the gim­bals and accom­mo­dates addi­tion­al pro­pellers. The trans­form­ing bag, on the con­trary, was con­ceived by the man­u­fac­tur­er as an ide­al tool for trans­port­ing the Mav­ic 3. The drone, the remote con­trol, all acces­sories, and even per­son­al items are placed inside. You can car­ry the bag on one shoul­der or on two shoul­ders, like a reg­u­lar back­pack. At the same time, the design in gray and with an almost invis­i­ble logo looks quite styl­ish.

  • Hub for charging batteries (DJI Mavic 3 Battery Charging Hub).

    Extend­ed pack­age includes two addi­tion­al bat­ter­ies for Mav­ic 3 and a hub for charg­ing all three (main and addi­tion­al). Bat­ter­ies are charged one by one: first, the bat­tery with the largest amount of ener­gy is replen­ished, and last­ly, with the small­est one. The con­ve­nience in this case is obvi­ous.

  • Optical filter set (DJI Mavic 3 ND Filters Set).

    Opti­cal fil­ters for Mav­ic 3 are pro­duced not only by the man­u­fac­tur­er, but also by brands such as PolarPro or Pgytech. The advan­tage of gen­uine DJI fil­ters is obvi­ous: the man­u­fac­tur­er has designed the fil­ters in such a way that they fit per­fect­ly with its prod­uct (which can­not be said with cer­tain­ty about oth­er com­pa­nies). A set of four fil­ters (ND4/8/16/32) gives users ample con­trol over the amount of light enter­ing the lens.

  • Three spare pairs of propellers.

    Even the most care­ful pilot will always need a spare pro­peller, and with the ever-chang­ing per­for­mance of new drones and slow­er deliv­er­ies in the post-pan­dem­ic era, buy­ing spare parts in advance is a com­plete­ly ratio­nal deci­sion.

Who needs the Cine Premium Combo

The buy­er may have a ques­tion: if you already buy a set of acces­sories, then why not imme­di­ate­ly pre­mi­um Cine Pre­mi­um Com­bo? The sim­ple answer is don’t rush. The price of the Mav­ic 3 in the pre­mi­um pack­age is almost twice as high as the Fly More Com­bo. How­ev­er, the acces­sories them­selves are not twice as large.

The Mav­ic 3 Cine has a built-in 1TB SSD, sup­ports Apple ProRes 422 (HQ/LT) video record­ing, replaces the con­troller with a pro­fes­sion­al DJI RC Pro, and the Opti­cal Fil­ter Kit addi­tion­al­ly includes ND64/128/256/512 fil­ters. That’s all the dif­fer­ences.

Thus, Cine Pre­mi­um Com­bo has a very spe­cif­ic niche of con­sumers — pro­fes­sion­al oper­a­tors. For users who don’t live in Hol­ly­wood but want to get the most out of the DJI Mav­ic 3, the Fly More Com­bo is fine.

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