DJI has launched sales of refurbished equipment

DJI Has Launched Sales of Refurbished Equipment

DJI has opened sales of refur­bished equip­ment. For now, you can only buy
two pieces of equip­ment: a quad­copter and a cam­era.

DJI has launched sales of refurbished equipment

For now
At the moment, not every­one will be able to buy restored equip­ment, but only res­i­dents of Chi­na. There is
Whether the com­pa­ny plans to expand to oth­er regions is still unknown.

Now how
and above, only DJI Mini 3 Pro quad­copter and DJI cam­era are on sale
Pock­et 2. Refur­bished DJI Mini 3 Pro refur­bished $575 to $700. Price
depends on the set. This price is 100–120 dol­lars low­er than the cost
new such drone. And a refur­bished Pock­et 2 cam­era can be pur­chased from
$75 off.

DJI Com­pa­ny
not­ed that all devices were restored in sev­er­al stages, before
how to get back on the mar­ket. Both devices have been used before. Same
clar­i­fy that the appear­ance of the devices may not be ide­al (may
there are small scratch­es), but in tech­ni­cal terms — the devices are excel­lent
work. In addi­tion, after pur­chas­ing a refur­bished device on it, as well as
New, cov­ered by war­ran­ty.

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