Created a "conscious" robot.  He understands himself

Created a “Conscious” Robot. He Understands Himself

Sci­en­tists have cre­at­ed a unique robot that is able to under­stand itself. In oth­er words, the robot in the course of work uses a kine­mat­ic mod­el of itself, which allows it not only to mod­el, but also to plan its own move­ments. The robot can eas­i­ly achieve its goals and avoid var­i­ous obsta­cles. In addi­tion, he can rec­og­nize the turns of his own body. A unique robot can be com­pared to babies who are try­ing to study their body, as well as the objects around it, and try­ing to under­stand where it is.

Sci­en­tists have post­ed a video online, so every­one can see the new unique robot in action.

5 video cam­eras were placed around the robot. There­fore, the robot was able to observe itself and its move­ments, as a per­son is able to observe his body through a mir­ror. Dur­ing the obser­va­tion process, the robot tried to make the max­i­mum num­ber of move­ments in order to under­stand how its robot­ic body is able to move in response to its com­mands. It took the robot about three hours to study its own move­ments, after which it stopped.

This abil­i­ty is very impor­tant for a robot, because in the future each robot will be able to mon­i­tor its own wear and tear, and in the event of a break­down, not only detect dam­age, but also repair it on its own.

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