Cheap Eachine E520S foldable quadcopter review with 4K camera and GPS

Cheap Eachine E520S Foldable Quadcopter Review With 4K Camera and GPS

Hel­lo! Today I want to share my opin­ion about the new Eachine E520S quad­copter, which has GPS and a cam­era on board. The cam­era, accord­ing to the man­u­fac­tur­er, shoots in 4K and of course we will check it with you. Plus, we are promised a flight time of around 16 min­utes. This mod­el also has Fol­low me, Head­less and Fly around points of inter­est modes.

The quad­copter got to me bat­tered. Who is to blame for this: the post office or the sell­er? I am inclined to believe that the sell­er could pro­tect the par­cel with a lay­er of poly­eth­yl­ene with air and noth­ing would hap­pen to him. The box shows the quad­copter itself and small tech­ni­cal spec­i­fi­ca­tions. On one side, the res­o­lu­tion of the cam­era is 4K and the pres­ence of wi-fi 5.8GHz.

Inside the quadro­copter is in a small con­tain­er with a trans­par­ent lid.


  • con­trol equip­ment
  • instruc­tion
  • screw pro­tec­tion
  • screw­driv­er
  • micro usb charg­ing cable
  • 2 spare pro­pellers
  • quadro­copter

There in the instruc­tions for the quadro­copter, but if you have a flu­ent knowl­edge of Eng­lish, you can fig­ure it out with­out any prob­lems. There are col­or pic­tures in the instruc­tions.

As I not­ed above, this Aliex­press cam­era quad­copter comes with 2 bat­ter­ies. On the sell­er’s page, you can choose with one bat­tery. Before us is a two-cell bat­tery with a capac­i­ty of 1200 mAh and with a micro sub con­nec­tor for charg­ing. Very con­ve­nient for charg­ing in the field after flights. They promise a flight time of 16 min­utes on a sin­gle charge.

The quad­copter con­trol equip­ment has a retractable phone mount to see through its screen where the quad­copter is fly­ing, as well as to enable spe­cial flight modes and set­tings for alti­tude and flight radius. On top of the con­trol equip­ment there are two anten­nas, and at the end there are but­tons for turn­ing on video record­ing and pho­to, increas­ing flight speed and fly­ing in a cir­cle. Above the left stick is the com­pass cal­i­bra­tion but­ton, then comes the Return to Home, Head­less mode (con­trol of the quad­copter regard­less of where it is in front or back), the land­ing but­ton and next to take off, and above the right stick, stop the motors.

Anoth­er fea­ture of this Aliex­press quad­copter is the abil­i­ty to fold the arms, which saves space when trans­port­ing.

The quad­copter itself is black and the plas­tic sur­face is mat­te. On top is the pow­er but­ton, and clos­er to the tail there is an inscrip­tion GPS.

A cam­era is placed under the front of the quad­copter. There is no sta­bi­liza­tion here, just as there is no way to turn it around.

Above the cam­era are two white LEDs that are per­fect­ly vis­i­ble even in sun­ny weath­er.

The rear two motors have blue LED lights. The bot­tom of the case has ven­ti­la­tion holes for cool­ing the fill­ing, and clos­er to the head is a slot for a micro sd mem­o­ry card and anten­na.

For a smart­phone, there is an appli­ca­tion that is installed using a QR code from the instruc­tions. Only through the app can you acti­vate the Fol­low Me and Fly around POI modes. And there is also such a mode as Flight by points that you set on the map. The appli­ca­tion dis­plays the dis­tance and height, the num­ber of satel­lites, the bat­tery lev­el, you can take a pho­to or turn on video record­ing.

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The flight of the Eachine E520s quad­copter and footage from the cam­era can be viewed in the video at the begin­ning of the review. From myself, I note that the cam­era does not pro­duce the declared 4K. For flights, the pic­ture is enough to see the sit­u­a­tion in front of you. Frame drops start at 80–100 meters, but the max­i­mum dis­tance is about 200 meters. The flight time of the quadro­copter, depend­ing on the speed, is up to 16 min­utes. My quad­copter flew for 14–15 min­utes in the third fastest mode with­out record­ing a video of the flight, but I did not use pro­peller pro­tec­tion. The GPS sig­nal of the quad­copter keeps sta­ble and returns to a point in the air when you push it. When the bat­tery is low, the quad­copter takes off high and starts to move in the direc­tion of the ini­tial take­off, and then starts to slow­ly descend. The error between take­off and land­ing was about 1–1.5 meters.

As a result, I can say that you will not get an artis­tic video pic­ture from this quadro­copter, so feel free to take a kit from a 720p cam­era and more bat­ter­ies and cut through the air ahead.

A video review of the flight of the Eachine E520S quadro­copter and video from the cam­era can be viewed below

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