Autel Robotics Reminded Users How to Properly Operate the EVO II Battery

Autel Robotics reminded users how to properly operate the EVO II battery

Useful tips from Autel Robotics

Autel Robot­ics has released a video with help­ful tips on how to prop­er­ly use and main­tain the EVO II drone’s bat­ter­ies for opti­mal per­for­mance. You may already know about some of them, but we think a quick reminder will not be super­flu­ous for any­one. Also note that many of these tips can be applied not only to EVO II bat­ter­ies, but also to oth­er quad­copter bat­ter­ies, includ­ing DJI, Sky­dio, and Par­rot bat­ter­ies.

EVO II Battery Tips

  • Make sure the bat­tery is turned off before installing the bat­tery in the drone. Snap the bat­tery firm­ly into place.
  • Always ful­ly charge the bat­tery before fly­ing.
  • Full charge time is approx­i­mate­ly 90 min­utes.
  • Use only bat­ter­ies and charg­ers approved by Autel Robot­ics.
  • Do not use a dam­aged charg­er.
  • If the bat­tery is left at 8% charge for more than one day, the bat­tery will go into ultra-low pow­er mode, which will be indi­cat­ed by turn­ing off the bat­tery lev­el indi­ca­tion. To exit this mode, the bat­tery must be acti­vat­ed by charg­ing.
  • After the flight, do not rush to imme­di­ate­ly start charg­ing the bat­tery, wait until it cools down to room tem­per­a­ture. If the user ignores this rec­om­men­da­tion, then the over­heat­ing pro­tec­tion will work, which will not allow charg­ing the bat­tery imme­di­ate­ly after the flight.
  • Bat­tery over­heat­ing will be indi­cat­ed by a flash­ing sec­ond LED charge lev­el indi­ca­tor.
  • Charg­ing will start auto­mat­i­cal­ly as soon as the bat­tery tem­per­a­ture reach­es the opti­mum val­ues.
  • Do not ignore bat­tery error mes­sages while fly­ing.
  • If a low bat­tery warn­ing is dis­played, imme­di­ate­ly pro­ceed to return to the take-off site, this approach will ensure a safe return.

Autel Robotics reminded users how to properly operate the EVO II battery

EVO II Battery Maintenance Tips

  • Charge unused bat­ter­ies once a month.
  • If the bat­tery is stored for too long at a crit­i­cal­ly low charge lev­el, the bat­tery cells may be dam­aged.
  • When the Evo II bat­tery is not in use, it auto­mat­i­cal­ly dis­charges slow­ly over time.
  • The dis­charge time can be set in the Autel Explor­er app from 1 to 10 days.
  • Store bat­ter­ies in a dry, well-ven­ti­lat­ed place at room tem­per­a­ture.
  • The ide­al bat­tery stor­age tem­per­a­ture is between 22°C and 28°C.
  • Do not store bat­ter­ies in direct sun­light, near sharp objects, mois­ture or met­al.
  • When on an air­plane, do not allow the bat­tery to come into con­tact with mois­ture or heat.

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