A2Z RDSX Pelican Long-Range Delivery Drone

Here at A to Z, our devel­op­ment is not just about max­i­miz­ing per­for­mance; it’s about cre­at­ing usable tools. Tools that, by design, can get more work done. Intro­duc­ing the all-new rdsx Pel­i­can with a 40-kilo­me­ter range, 5‑kilo pay­load, and a max take­off weight of 55 pounds. It is the world’s first v‑tall with no con­trol sur­faces and no ser­vos to main­tain.

The rec­om­mend­ed time to over­haul is increased by 10x. Our rds2 deliv­ery winch sys­tem allows deliv­er­ies from alti­tude, keep­ing dan­ger­ous props far from peo­ple and prop­er­ty. We can pick up or deliv­er any box or bag up to five kilos, all while stay­ing well above trees and pow­er lines.

Dur­ing flight, the pay­load is pas­sive­ly secured to the drone and remains locked until we arrive at the des­ti­na­tion. With a cruise speed of 45 knots and the abil­i­ty to fly in lev­el 7 winds, the rdsx Pel­i­can can tra­verse fast land­scapes in lit­tle time. Its abil­i­ty to smooth­ly tran­si­tion to hov­er and pow­er redun­dan­cy from its coax­i­al OCTA con­fig­u­ra­tion makes it the most sta­ble and reli­able fixed-wing air­craft for winch deliv­ery. Deliv­er far­ther, more safe­ly, and more effi­cient­ly with the all-new rdsx Pel­i­can.

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