YI Erida: The First Foldable Tricopter

YI Erida: the first foldable tricopter

YI Erida: the first foldable tricopterYI Erida: the first foldable tricopter

YI Erida: the first foldable tricopterYI Erida: the first foldable tricopter


We are excited to introduce a new player in the consumer drone market. Atlas Dynamics, with the direct participation of Yi-technology, announced the start of pre-orders for the fastest domestic drone, the YI ERIDA tricopter. The project itself was started back in 2014, and only two years later the Atlas Dynamics and Yi-technology development team managed to finally prepare the product for mass production.

The Atlas Dynamics team is well-known in the world community in the field of aeromodelling, IT – analysis, design and development of corporate proposals, in the study of color image processing methods using FPGA technologies (as a hardware implementation of algorithms), Ruby on Rails (RoR) software, in the field of microprocessors and software development.

tricopter YI ERIDA side viewtricopter YI ERIDA side view

Yi Tech CEO Sean Da said: “As a result of the union of Atlas Dynamics and Yi-technology, three problems have been solved: design complexity, product availability for any consumer, and extremely short flight time. The Erida drone, like any of our other products, is high-tech, intuitive and cost-competitive. This is the embodiment of many years of painstaking work in the field of photo, video filming and aeronautics. We have taken into account all the shortcomings of products from well-known brands of UAVs, and thus realized a new standard in the unmanned industry.”

Yi-technology owns the well-known Xiaomi brand, which is famous for its action cameras, which are not inferior in quality to the well-known GoPro.

The YI ERIDA Sports Tricopter is a premium drone with an impressive maximum horizontal flight speed of 120km/h and an equally impressive flight duration. According to the developers, the maximum flight time of the tricopter is 40 minutes. And it’s all thanks to the 3-beam carbon construction. The drone began to weigh less, respectively, require less energy (compared to a quadcopter).


  • Tricopter
  • Durable and lightweight foldable carbon construction
  • Autonomous flight modes
  • Max. flight time 40 minutes
  • Max. horizontal flight speed 120km/h
  • Max. FPV flight range 5km
  • Positioning GPS/GLONASS
  • 12MP 4K camera in 3-axis mechanical gimbal
  • Control and management through the mobile application “ERIDA”
  • Ready to fly out of the box


tricopter YI ERIDA in traveling conditiontricopter YI ERIDA in traveling conditionYI Erida: the first foldable tricopterYI Erida: the first foldable tricopter

tricopter YI ERIDA with batterytricopter YI ERIDA with battery

YI ERIDA tricopter side view with cameraYI ERIDA tricopter side view with camera

tricopter YI ERIDA bottom viewtricopter YI ERIDA bottom view





Max Speed:

120 km/h

Maximum lifting speed:

36km/h (10m/s)

Maximum descent speed:

28.8km/h (8m/s)

Max lifting height:


Maximum flight range:


Maximum flight time:


Diagonal size:



B/C 900KV

Rotor diameter:

30.5cm (carbon)

Horizontal Hover Accuracy:

0.3m to 1.5m

Vertical Hover Accuracy:

0.1m to 0.5m

Working temperature:

-15°C to +40°C

Weight (with camera and battery):


Max. payload:


Xiaomi Yi 4k Action CameraXiaomi Yi 4k Action Camera



SONY IMX377, 1/2.3″, 12MP CMOS image Exmor R


7-mirror widescreen 155°

ISO range:

100 – 800

Video modes:

UHD: 3840×2160 (4K) at 25, 30 fps
2560×1920 (2.5K) at 25, 30 fps
FHD: 1920 × 1440 @ 25, 30, 50, 60 fps
1920 × 1080 at 25, 30, 50, 60, 100, 120 fps
HD: 1280 × 960 at 50, 60, 100, 120 fps
1280 × 720 @ 200, 240 fps
848 × 480 @ 200, 240 fps

Video format:

H.264 codec, .mp4

Photo mode:

12MP: 4000×3000
8MP: 3840×2160
7MP W: 3008×2256
7MP M: 1920×1080
5MP: 2560×1920

Shutter speed:

1/4096s to 30s

Suspension Controlled Range:

-90°C to +30°C



Compatible SD cards:

Micro SDHC, SDXC Card



4S 14.8V 6700mAh 99Wh HV LiPo

Charge voltage:


Rated power Z/U:


Max. charge power:


Battery weight:


Working temperature:

-15°C to 40°C

Charge time:

≈ 1.5h


YI Erida: the first foldable tricopterYI Erida: the first foldable tricopter

The YI ERIDA tricopter front arms are now foldable. The drone can easily fit into a small bag. This portability will be appreciated by travelers and outdoor enthusiasts. The manufacturer also took care of the portable case, it is quite roomy and has the dimensions of a medium-sized backpack and is also made of carbon fiber.

The YI ERIDA tricopter is mainly made of carbon fiber, one of the strongest and lightest materials.


The tricopter has a high-speed 4k camera with a 12MP IMX377 CMOS sensor from Sony, mounted in a 3-axis mechanical gimbal.

tricopter YI ERIDA cameratricopter YI ERIDA camera

The gimbal is adapted to pair with GoPro cameras.

The action camera was developed by Yi-technology specialists and is a top product, so there is no need to worry about the quality of the picture, as mentioned above. FPV flight is implemented via Wi-Fi, the first-person image will be displayed on a mobile device. The mobile application “ERIDA” is maximally adapted for the intuitive operation of the drone.


Management and control is carried out by means of a mobile device through the ERIDA application.

Range and flight modes

In addition to the impressive flight time, the YI ERIDA drone has several other top features. For example, the maximum flight range is 4 km. In addition to altitude hold, auto takeoff and landing, YI ERIDA has 6 autonomous flight modes:

  1. Follow – The drone follows an object at a user-specified height and distance.
  2. Mission – flight along a predetermined route.
  3. Random – the drone itself randomly selects the flight mode, and also performs a mode change during the flight.
  4. Orbit – the drone flies around the object at a height and distance specified by the user.
  5. Focus – allows you to focus the attention of the drone on any object at the request of the user.
  6. Beam – in this mode, the drone is controlled by the position of the mobile device in space due to the accelerometer and gyroscope built into the gadget.


Xiaomi.Express branded online store offers YI ERIDA tricopter at a price 1450$, though it is not available yet.


Atlas Dynamics offered its own view on unmanned devices and clearly showed that a drone does not need to have 4 rotors. And this, at a time when other leaders in the consumer UAV industry have focused exclusively on quadcopters. Due to the lack of competition, the YI ERIDA tricopter has every chance of gaining consumer recognition.

Continuation of the Atlas Dynamics theme: YI Erida and Atlas Pro drones – coming soon!


Video with YI ERIDA tricopter.

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