The new RealFlight X simulator changes everything!The new RealFlight X simulator changes everything!

About the simulator

As usu­al, at the end of the year, Knife Edge announces a new RealFlight X sim­u­la­tor. Noth­ing much has changed since the release of ver­sion 6, but only dif­fer­ent modes and loca­tions have been added. And the graph­ics and physics remained unchanged. But the new RealFlight X is dif­fer­ent. Applied a com­plete­ly dif­fer­ent 3D engine — UNIGINE. We do not yet know what hap­pened to the physics, but the graph­ics have become an order of mag­ni­tude bet­ter. All the lit­tle things are drawn, the trees now have dif­fer­ent col­ors and shapes, and the grass is detailed to each leaf.




In flight, real­is­tic fog and sun glare will now inter­fere, just like in a real flight. Real-life loca­tions have also been added. The con­troller in the RealFlight X sim­u­la­tor has also changed. The set will be sup­plied with 10-chan­nel InterLink‑X con­trol equip­ment.


The RealFlight X sim­u­la­tor is avail­able on the devel­op­er’s offi­cial resources start­ing at $99.9.


By Yara