Quadrocopter DJI Phantom 4 – a Drone With Feelings

Quadrocopter DJI Phantom 4 - a drone with feelings

DJI Phantom 4 Quadcopter ReviewDJI Phantom 4 Quadcopter Review
Quadrocopter DJI Phantom 4 - a drone with feelingsQuadrocopter DJI Phantom 4 - a drone with feelings

This model has been discontinued and is no longer in production!


A new look at what a modern drone should be presented by DJI Innovations. On March 1, 2016, the release of the new DJI Phantom 4 model took place. And many are already eager to find out what this quadrocopter, unique by modern standards, is capable of. And there really is something to brag about.

About the product

Now the Phantom 4 can see and feel, as the developers have equipped it with sensors that will protect the DJI Phantom 4 from collisions during operation. Previously, only the Matrice 100 professional drone could boast of such options in its arsenal, but now they have become available for lovers of new technologies in the new DJI Phantom 4.

DJI Phantom 4 sensorsDJI Phantom 4 sensors

A whole range of sensors is combined into one system called Guidance, which allows the quadcopter to easily avoid collision with any obstacles that may be encountered on its way, also thanks to this system, now the way home even if the signal with the drone is lost will be the safest because to all this arsenal he can use on his own and the pilot does not have to worry about whether he will return safe and sound.

The developers have significantly improved the visual positioning system and now the drone can see up to 15 meters in front of itself and up to 10 meters below it, without the support of GPS and GLONASS. The second important improvement is the duplication of the compass and IMU sensors. Now the orientation in space is extremely accurate, since the duplicating complex insures each other, which means that the error is completely excluded here.

DJI Phantom 4 positioning systemsDJI Phantom 4 positioning systems

The Phantom 4 camera has been completely redesigned, the gimbal has been seriously changed, it has become stronger. Its new lens consists of 8 individually stacked lenses to improve sharpness and reduce chromatic aberration. As a result, the quadcopter is now able to capture high-quality dynamic scenes even in low light conditions. Max. the quality of the video is as always on top – 4K at 30 fps, as well as 12-megapixel photos, the quality of which will surprise even the most serious critics. And to make the processing of such material simple, the Adobe DNG RAW format will come to the rescue.

DJI Phantom 4 cameraDJI Phantom 4 camera

The Phantom 4 motors have increased their power significantly. Now they are set in such a way that the rotors will not get into the frame even when the drone is flying at maximum speed. The developers left the speed controllers unchanged and they are still built into the motherboard. At the exit, the pilot will receive up to 28 minutes of flight at speeds up to 72 km/h. Note that the well-known Inspire 1 quadcopter had such dynamics, now these characteristics are also available for the fourth Phantom series.

Touch on the screen of your gadget the place where you want to send the drone, the quadrocopter will do the rest in program mode thanks to the TapFly function. To capture video of moving objects, the pilot only needs to activate the ActiveTrack system, which is enough to point to the intended object, after which the Phantom 4 will follow it and shoot breathtaking footage that will not leave any viewer indifferent.

DJI Phantom 4 featuresDJI Phantom 4 features


  • Follow me function
  • Obstacle avoidance in automatic mode
  • Setting points on the map for automatic flight
  • Maximum flight distance 5km
  • Max. flight time 28 minutes
  • Max. quadcopter speed 72 km/h
  • Stabilized video footage and clear photos with 3-axis mechanical gimbal
  • Return to takeoff point with obstruction avoidance
  • Height control visual positioning system up to 10 meters


DJI Phantom 4 equipmentDJI Phantom 4 equipment

  • Quadcopter DJI Phantom 4
  • Remote Control
  • 4 × spare rotors
  • Charger for quadcopter
  • Cable for connecting to the remote control charger
  • Adapter for connecting IOS devices
  • Adapter for connecting Android devices
  • DJI Phantom case (for storage of quadcopter and accessories)
  • Instruction




Max. flight time:

28 min



Max. climb rate:

6 m/s

Max. sink rate:

4 m/s

Max. flight speed:

20 m/s

Working temperature range:

from 0° to 40°С

Satellite positioning:


Max. ceiling above sea level


Max. flight altitude:


Vertical point hold error:

with Vision Positioning – 0.1m, without – 0.5m

Horizontal point hold error:

with Vision Positioning – 0.3m, without – 1.5m




Angle of view (FOV) – 94°, 35mm, f/2.8, focus –

Matrix resolution:

12M pixels

Matrix size:



video: 100 – 3200
a photo: 100 – 1600

Max. photo resolution:

4000×3000 pixels

Shutter speed:

8 – 1/8000 sec

A photo:



mp4, MOV (MPEG-4 AVC, H.264)

Max. video bitrate:


File systems:

FAT32, exFAT

SD card support:

MicroSD up to 64GB

Photo modes:

single frame
Frame series: 3, 5, 7 frames
AEB: 3.5 frames with 0.7 EV shift

Video modes:

UHD: 4096 × 2160 (4K) at 24/25fps
3840 × 2160 (4K) at 24/25/30 fps
2704 × 1520 (2.7K) at 24/25/30 fps
FHD: 1920×1080@24/25/30/48/50/60/120 fps
HD: 1280 × 720 @ 24/25/30/48/50/60 fps


phantom 4 transmitterphantom 4 transmitter

Phantom 4 remote controlPhantom 4 remote control

Phantom 4 transmitter detailsPhantom 4 transmitter details

Phantom 4 transmitter back sidePhantom 4 transmitter back side

Phantom 4 transmitter back side rightPhantom 4 transmitter back side right

Frequency range:

2.400GHz – 2.483GHz

Maximum signal transmission distance:

FCC: 5km
CE: 3.5km

Transmitter power:

FCC: 23 dBm
CE: 17 dBm


lithium-polymer, two-jar 6000mAh

Obstacle detection system


Detection range:

from 0.7 – 15 meters

Conditions for normal operation:

lighting above 15 lux, landscape with a clear structure

Visual positioning system


Max Speed:

10 m/s at 2m height

Max Height:


Operating range:



lighting more than 15 lux, with a clear structure



Operating range:

pitch: -90° to +30°




5350mAh LiPo



Qty. cans:




Maximum charge current:






Charge power:



At the moment, DJI Innovations products deservedly occupy the position of a leader in the field of UAVs and are constantly developing in this direction. The DJI Phantom 4 quadcopter will be an indispensable assistant in creating the most beautiful aerial shots. It can easily replace any gadgets that you have in your use. Thanks to its autonomous qualities, the Phantom 4 can be mastered by anyone without reference to ownership experience.

A photo

Photo of the DJI Phantom 4 quadcopter.

DJI Phantom 4 photoDJI Phantom 4 photo

DJI Phantom 4 photo angleDJI Phantom 4 photo angle

DJI Phantom 4 photo in flightDJI Phantom 4 photo in flight

DJI Phantom 4 photo photo canyonDJI Phantom 4 photo photo canyon

DJI Phantom 4 DifferencesDJI Phantom 4 Differences

DJI Phantom 4 photo advertisingDJI Phantom 4 photo advertising

DJI Phantom 4 remote photoDJI Phantom 4 remote photo


Video with DJI Phantom 4 quadcopter.

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