Overview of the Quadrocopter Syma X8G

Overview of the quadrocopter Syma X8G

Overview of the quadrocopter Syma X8G
Overview of the quadrocopter Syma X8G


The Syma X8G quadrocopter appeared on the shelves of online stores in 2015. In terms of quality and features, this is a complete copy of the X8W and X8C. In the list of differences of the presented model: the color “Silver”, collector G-motors, in this model they noticeably differ in traction and the 8MP GoPro camera that comes with the gimbal.


  • 6 axis gyroscope
  • 8MP HD camera
  • Control frequency 2.4GHz
  • Headless Mode
  • Flips 360º
  • LED backlight

Syma X8G photo

*Syma X8G quadcopter with stock GoPRO3 camera.


  • Quadcopter Syma X8G
  • Battery 2S 7.4V 2000mAh LiPo
  • Control equipment (power supply from 4 × 1.5V AA sold separately)
  • Drone battery charger (charges 2S batteries)
  • Power supply for charger
  • 8MP HD camera
  • MicroSD card 4GB
  • card reader
  • 4 × rotors
  • 4 × spare rotors
  • 4 × rotor protection
  • 4 × landing legs
  • Spare propeller fasteners
  • Landing leg fixing
  • Screwdriver
  • Instruction (in English)

Syma X8G kit









6 axis gyroscope

Radio frequency:


Number of channels:


Control equipment power supply:

4 × AA 1.5V (sold separately)



Photo Format:


Video Format:



microSD 4GB (included)


collector type

Battery capacity:

2S 7.4V 2000mAh LiPo



Poppy. flight time:

10 min

Max. range of flight:

≈ 200m

Flying environment:


Charging time:

200 min


ABS plastic



Age limit:



Syma X8G front view

Overview of the quadrocopter Syma X8G

Overview of the quadrocopter Syma X8G

Syma X8G side photo

Overview of the quadrocopter Syma X8G

Overview of the quadrocopter Syma X8G


The Syma X8G quadcopter is equipped with improved commutator motors that provide distinctive thrust compared to the motors of its predecessors in the 8 series.

Overview of the quadrocopter Syma X8G


This time, the developers equipped the Syma X8G with an 8MP GoPro camera. Can work in two video modes: 720p/1080p. The picture quality is average. All footage is stored on the included 4GB memory card. In general, a good option for a first experience. It is worth noting that the camera, together with the gimbal, fits the Syma X8W/X8C quadcopters without any problems, and GoPRO cameras and the like are easily installed in the gimbal, without any “collective farm”.

Overview of the quadrocopter Syma X8G


The quadcopter is equipped with a 2S 7.4V 2000mAh lithium polymer battery. In the test, it showed the maximum flight time with the camera turned off – 10 minutes, with the camera turned on – 8 minutes. Battery charging time – 3.5 hours.

Overview of the quadrocopter Syma X8G


The Syma X8G quadcopter is equipped with a classic 4-channel transmitter operating at a frequency of 2.4GHz. In an interference-free area, it provides confident control at a distance of up to 200 meters. Power is supplied by 4 × 1.5V “AA” batteries (purchased separately).

Overview of the quadrocopter Syma X8G

Button assignment

Overview of the quadrocopter Syma X8G

Test Drive

Quadcopter Syma X8G in the test showed excellent dynamics and controllability. Lifts GoPro format cameras with 2-axis mechanical gimbal without loss of flight qualities (lifts up to 250 grams, taking into account the correct calibration). Flips performs without failures, the return to the equipment function worked without comment. He does not like the wind, he shows all his flight potential only in complete calm.

Syma X8G in flight


  • To take advantage of the full potential of the device’s flight performance, it is important to calibrate the drone’s compass after each battery connection. This is due to the fact that Syma is equipped with the simplest electronics, which is not able to remember the pre-flight settings. When the power is turned off, all settings will be reset! It is necessary to carry out pre-flight calibration on an absolutely horizontal surface! (use the level in any of its performances)


  1. Turn on the quadcopter and place it on a horizontal surface
  2. Activate control equipment.
  3. Move both sticks to the lower right position and hold for 2-3 seconds, paying attention to the drone’s backlight, it will start flashing.
  4. Wait for the backlight to change from blinking to solid. Calibration completed.
  • If you notice that the quadcopter has stopped producing optimal thrust, and its activity has become noticeably sluggish (with a fully charged battery), then it is recommended to replace the motors with new ones and the quad will begin to realize its full flight potential again.
  • The main rotors on budget category quadcopters, as a rule, always require mandatory balancing in order to get rid of “jelly” and vibrations at the time of aerial photography.


The most frequently asked questions regarding the Syma X8G quadcopter and the 8-series in general.

*AT – question; Oh is the answer.

Q. Is there FPV on Syma X8G?

Oh no.

Q. Can Syma X8G be equipped with B/C motors?

A. It is possible, but it is not economically feasible, because the amount that will have to be spent on modernization will be enough for a quite good budget drone on BC motors.

Q. What is the payload capacity of the Syma X8G stock quadcopter?

A. Up to 200 grams without significant loss in handling. From 200 – 250 grams flies, but with a noticeable deterioration in the dynamics of the flight on the rise.

Q. Will Syma cameras fit? X8C/X8W/X8SC/X8SW/X8HW/X8HG to Syma X8G?

A. They will do.

Q. How to distinguish “G – motor” from “C – motor”?

A. Determined by the force of attraction of the magnets. G – the motors are attracted much stronger.

Q. How to enable “Headless” mode on Syma X8G?

A. Hold down the spending button until you hear a beep (left button on the front of the equipment).

Q. What is the difference between “Mode 1” and “Mode 2”?

A. Mode 1 – left stick “Gas”, right stick “Control”. Mode 2 – left stick “Control”, right stick “Gas”.

Q. How do I switch between “Mode 1” and “Mode 2”?

A. Hold the trimmer under the right stick in the right position and at the same time turn on the power of the remote control. The remote control will beep and the display will show “Mode 2”. In the same order to change to “Mode 1”.

Q. Does the battery indicator displayed on the remote control indicate the battery capacity of the quadcopter?

Oh no. Since the equipment works in one-way mode with the drone, therefore, it does not receive any incoming signals.

Q. Can Syma X8G 2 or 3-axis gimbal be retrofitted?

A. You can, 2-axis. A 3-axis gimbal with a quad camera does not pull. The two-axis suspension “Walkera G-2D” received special recognition from amateurs.

Q. How to transfer the equipment to the “long-range mode” of operation?

A. In stock, the equipment is usually set to “home mode” (flashing antenna reception symbol on the display of the equipment). In this mode, the removal distance is short. To switch to “Long-Range Mode” you need to:

  1. With the equipment turned off, raise and hold the trimmer (to the left of the right stick), at the same time turn the power button of the equipment to the “On” position.
  2. Then move the left stick up and down at the same time. The antenna reception indicator on the equipment display will change from flashing to permanently lit.


On various Internet trading platforms, the Syma X8G quadrocopter is sold at prices ranging from $119-159.

Syma X8G box


Syma X8G from $119

Syma X8G



Flight time


Flight qualities








Price quality



  • Plastic quality
  • to endure
  • Camera (suitable with gimbal for X8W/X8C)
  • Improved Motors/Flight Performance
  • The gimbal is friendly with GoPro cameras
  • Headless Mode
  • 6 axis gyroscope
  • LED lights
  • Price


  • Doesn’t like windy weather
  • Rotor balancing required
  • Small resource of collector motors

This time, the developers pleased the consumer and equipped the quad with improved motors, a GoPro format camera that is normal for a budget quad, which is doubly pleasing, since the pilot now has the opportunity to install the camera more seriously and without collective farm modifications. Otherwise, the drone is no different from previous models of the 8 series, it still does not kill and flies perfectly. Suitable as the first quadcopter with an emphasis on aerial photography. Age limit 14+.

A photo

Photo with Syma X8G quadcopter.

Overview of the quadrocopter Syma X8G

Overview of the quadrocopter Syma X8G

Syma X8G photo in flight

Syma X8G photo quad

Syma X8G with 2-axis gimbal


Video with quadrocopter Syma X8G.

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