New Competitor for Mavic Pro Platinum

new competitor for Mavic Pro Platinum

GDU O2 Plus: A New Competitor for Mavic Pro Platinum

new competitor for Mavic Pro Platinum

About company

GDU is a well-known company for the production of civilian UAVs. They were the first in the world to offer the consumer a foldable drone, which was subsequently immediately nominated for the CES Innovation Award 2016. The manufacturer received consumer recognition thanks to its drones from the BYRD series: Standard, Advanced, Premium 1.0 and Premium 2.0.

GDU honorary awards

  1. 2016 CES Asia Best Drone Award (Nominated)
  2. Most Potential Drone Company in China (TOP5)
  3. Winner photo contesta “sohu Drone» (Sponsor)
  4. 2016 CES Innovation Award (Nominated)
  5. AOPA member China
  6. Credit rating among AAA companies

About the new product

new competitor for Mavic Pro Platinum

GDU Technology presented its new drone at the Interdrone 2017 international drone conference held in Las Vegas. Earlier, we already told you that the developer is preparing a promising competitor. The GDU O2 is a completely different 4K quadcopter that can be folded in a new way for transportation into a compact size and has features that have not previously been seen on consumer UAVs. The drone has one of the smallest 3-axis camera gimbals in its arsenal. GDU Technology positions its product as the only serious competitor for the updated Mavic Pro Platinum.

new competitor for Mavic Pro Platinum

Features GDU O2 (Plus)

The GDU O2 (Plus) is the first drone capable of shooting in Time lapse and Slow motion without additional editing. It is also the first drone, the rays of which, when folded, are hidden in the base of the body. The arms themselves are stronger and lighter than ever, based on aircraft-grade aluminum alloy. For greater portability, the remote control can be mounted under the drone. In such a compilation, both devices merge into one and are easily transported without any cases.

new competitor for Mavic Pro Platinum

The GDU O2 (Plus), like the Mavic, is able to recognize and fly around obstacles and has received similar safety features. Adapted to all known social networks for quick and easy sharing of video and photo content. The user in one tap can create 10 second videos in three offline modes: Droni/Circle/Rocket. GDU 02 (Plus) can recognize gestures and track objects.



Snapdragon Qualcomm 801


GPS/GLONASS (up to 20 satellites) + optical and ultrasonic sensors

Obstacle detection and flight system:

Yes (similar to Mavic)

Gesture recognition:


Object tracking:



Brushless type 1806/2200KV

Max. horizontal speed flight:

54 km/h

Max. takeoff speed:

18 km/h

Flight time:

20 minutes


1/3″ 13MP 4K F/2.2 CMOS sensor


3-axis BC



Video resolution:

4K: 3840×2160 at 25/30fps
1080P: 1920×1080 at 60/30fps
720P: 1280×720 at 60/30fps

FPV flight range with equipment (simple version / Plus version):


FPV flight range with mobile device:


Wind resistance:

up to 5 m/s

Drone weight with battery:



new competitor for Mavic Pro Platinum

Drone control can be carried out classically by equipment paired with a mobile device, or separately by one mobile device. The control equipment itself has a sliding folding principle, which generally makes it portable.


new competitor for Mavic Pro Platinum

The manufacturer offers two versions of the drone at once:

  1. GDU O2 – with equipment operating at a frequency of 5.8 GHz and a distance of up to 0.965606 km. Built-in RAM 16GB.
  2. GDU O2 Plus – with equipment operating at a frequency of 2.4 GHz and a distance of up to 6.43738 km. Built-in RAM 32GB.

There was information that there will be another version of the drone – GDU O₂ X, capable of flying at a distance of up to 10 km.

new competitor for Mavic Pro Platinum


new competitor for Mavic Pro Platinum

GDU O2 is already available for purchase on the Banggood and Aliexpress marketplaces at a price of $800-1000. GDU O2 Plus will be available at a later date. You can leave your Email on the official website and you will be notified of its availability.


new competitor for Mavic Pro Platinum

The GDU O2 Plus is definitely a new drone in every aspect, with new features not previously found on consumer UAVs. Should it be compared with the updated Mavic Pro Platinum, rather no than yes. But we can say for sure that a new product has appeared in the range of compact and high-tech household UAVs, which undoubtedly deserves our attention. If in reality the GDU O2 Plus turns out to be as good as in the specs and on the video, then it will immediately take its place in the list of the best drones.


GDU O2 presentation at Interdrone 2017

Drone developer:

Other premium products of the manufacturer:

GDU BYRD Standard

GDU BYRD Advanced

GDU BYRD Premium 1.0

GDU BYRD Premium 2.0

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