GoPro Karma foldable quadcopterGoPro Karma foldable quadcopter
GoPro Karma foldable quadcopterGoPro Karma foldable quadcopter


A well-known man­u­fac­tur­er of the best action cam­eras has intro­duced its brand new prod­uct — the Kar­ma drone. Accord­ing to the cre­ators of the drone, the main task was to imple­ment a UAV that dif­fers from oth­ers in its com­pact­ness, ease of use and, of course, high-qual­i­ty pho­to and video mate­r­i­al at the out­put.


Unlike most of the released prod­ucts of the most famous brands, the GoPro drone has a com­pact size, fold­ing arms and a non-stan­dard cam­era posi­tion. In the quad, it is locat­ed not under it, but in front, thus the pres­ence of the drone rotors in the frame in any flight modes was exclud­ed.

For the rest, the quad was endowed with the stan­dard fea­tures of top drones with the let­ter Smart: auto take­off, auto land­ing, alti­tude hold, return home, etc. Every­thing here is done in such a way that absolute­ly any­one who does not have expe­ri­ence in own­ing a UAV can ful­ly use all the func­tions of the drone and enjoy this process.

GoPro Karma foldable quadcopterGoPro Karma foldable quadcopter

Shooting modes

The Kar­ma drone received six pre­set shoot­ing modes with which the pilot can real­ize any cre­ative idea:

  1. Fol­low — allows the drone to auto­mat­i­cal­ly fol­low the user by keep­ing it in the cen­ter of the frame through­out the flight. The mode is real­ized by means of GPS.
  2. watch — the drone does not fly any­where, it freezes, but the cam­era active­ly mon­i­tors the move­ment of the user with the equip­ment. The mode is real­ized by means of GPS.
  3. Dronie — This mode is suit­able for cap­tur­ing beau­ti­ful self­ies, cre­at­ing a wide per­spec­tive. After acti­vat­ing the mode, the drone will rapid­ly move away from the pilot in an upward direc­tion (∠45°), there­by reveal­ing the entire atmos­phere around you.
  4. Cable Cam - set the flight points (up to 10 points) between which you want the drone to move, then the pilot’s atten­tion is focused only on shoot­ing, choos­ing his best angle over and over again.
  5. Orbit - by acti­vat­ing this mode, the drone will fly around the object for shoot­ing in a cir­cle, keep­ing it in the cen­ter of the frame.
  6. Reveal - This is the best mode to start shoot­ing. The drone moves in a straight line, while the cam­era slow­ly changes its angle: first look­ing down, and then smooth­ly ris­es and opens a view of the hori­zon, just like in Hol­ly­wood films.

To get a new per­spec­tive on shoot­ing, the drone cam­era can now take a ver­ti­cal posi­tion with the lens up, with­out cap­tur­ing the drone’s main rotors in the frame.

Accord­ing to the devel­op­ers them­selves, the own­er of the drone should not think about whether to take the drone with him or not, the drone will always be there wait­ing for new shots. The quad is equipped with the most nec­es­sary equip­ment for high-qual­i­ty shoot­ing, both in the air and on the ground.


KARMA equipmentKARMA equipment

  • Drone Kar­ma
  • Con­trol equip­ment
  • 3‑axis gyro-sta­bi­lized gim­bal
  • Bat­tery
  • Charg­er
  • 6 × rotors
  • Kar­ma Grip (for shoot­ing on the ground)
  • mount­ing ring
  • Kar­ma case (for trans­port­ing the drone and acces­sories)


KARMA front viewKARMA front view

GoPro Karma front viewGoPro Karma front view

Karma GoPro drone top viewKarma GoPro drone top view

GoPro Karma back viewGoPro Karma back view

KARMA suspensionKARMA suspension

KARMA stateKARMA state

*cam­era not includ­ed.

Karma controller

The remote con­trol has opti­mal dimen­sions with a min­i­mum set of con­trol but­tons. There is noth­ing super­flu­ous, every­thing is intu­itive and log­i­cal, it does not require soft­ware pre­sets. The remote con­trol is equipped with a high-res­o­lu­tion (720p) mul­ti-func­tion­al touch screen. In appear­ance, the con­trol equip­ment is sim­i­lar to a mini Lap­Top. The con­sole has a sim­u­la­tor for pre-flight train­ing, begin­ners will appre­ci­ate it.

KARMA transmitterKARMA transmitter

GoPro Karma transmitterGoPro Karma transmitter

Karma Grip

When com­bin­ing a GoPro cam­era with this acces­so­ry, the own­er will always be able to shoot high-qual­i­ty pho­to and video mate­r­i­al from the ground.

Karma Grip main viewKarma Grip main view

Karma Grip on a stickKarma Grip on a stick

Karma Grip uprightKarma Grip upright

Karma Grip caseKarma Grip case






Flight time:

up to 20 min (in prac­tice 17 min)

Drone weight:


Drone bat­tery:

4S 14.8V 5100mAh 75.4Wh LiPo

Drone bat­tery weight:

545 gr

Oper­at­ing fre­quen­cy con­trol:

2.4 GHz.

Flight modes:

Follow/Watch/Dronie/Cable Cam/Reveal/Orbit

Max­i­mum ceil­ing above sea lev­el:

4500 m

Max wind resis­tance:

10 m/s

Max­i­mum flight speed:

57 km/h

Max dis­tance:

3 km

Drone bat­tery charg­ing time:

1 hour

Trans­mit­ter screen size:

12.7 cm

Trans­mit­ter screen res­o­lu­tion:


Trans­mit­ter bat­tery life:

4 h

Trans­mit­ter weight:

625 gr

Trans­mit­ter Screen Bright­ness:

900 nits

Trans­mit­ter bat­tery charg­ing time:

2.5 h

Rat­ed charge volt­age:

16.8V 5A

Kar­ma Grip Charg­ing Time:

2 h

Kar­ma Grip Weight:

244.6 gr

Sus­pen­sion weight:

230 gr

Gim­bal move­ment range:

-90° to 0° (down/up)

Cam­era Com­pat­i­bil­i­ty:

HERO6 Black, HERO5 Black, HERO5 Ses­sion, HERO4

Drone light­ing:


Fly­ing envi­ron­ment:


Device Com­pat­i­bil­i­ty:

iOS 9 and ear­li­er Android 5.0 and ear­li­er

Karma drone photoKarma drone photo


The GoPro drone has offi­cial­ly been dis­con­tin­ued, but it con­tin­ues to be sold by online retail­ers at the fol­low­ing prices:

  1. Drone Kar­ma (with­out cam­era) — 400$
  2. Kar­ma + HERO6 Black Cam­era - 600$


GoPro Kar­ma from $400

GoPro KarmaGoPro Karma



Flight time


flight qual­i­ties








Price qual­i­ty



  • Design
  • Qual­i­ty
  • Pro­grammed Modes
  • Cam­era posi­tion option
  • 3‑axis gim­bal oper­a­tion
  • Kar­ma Grip (Includ­ed)
  • Con­trol equip­ment (does not require the use of mobile devices)
  • Drone trans­port case


  • No cam­era includ­ed (total price)
  • No obsta­cle detec­tion sen­sors
  • Flight time
  • Flight range (in prac­tice in the city about 700 meters)

Accord­ing to new trends, a mod­ern drone should not only fly well, shoot well and have autonomous qual­i­ties, but now, with all this, it must be com­pact. GoPro pre­sent­ed its first drone in accor­dance with the require­ments and it should be not­ed that the “first pan­cake” came out very even noth­ing. Kar­ma is suit­able for any pilot with­out ref­er­ence to the expe­ri­ence of own­ing a UAV for high-qual­i­ty pho­to / video shoot­ing any­where and at any time.

A photo

Pho­to with Kar­ma drone.

Karma in flightKarma in flight

Karma photoKarma photo

Karma in shipping conditionKarma in shipping condition

Karma deviceKarma device

Carma Led backlightCarma Led backlight

Carma in flightCarma in flight

Karma caseKarma case

Karma Grip photoKarma Grip photo

Karma Grip photo to jobKarma Grip photo to job

Karma droneKarma drone

Karma Grip in actionKarma Grip in action


Video with Kar­ma drone.


By Yara