Frequently Asked Questions About DJI Mavic Pro

Frequently Asked Questions about DJI Mavic Pro

Frequently Asked Questions about DJI Mavic ProFrequently Asked Questions about DJI Mavic Pro
Frequently asked questions about the DJI Mavic Pro will be collected here. A detailed review of the DJI Mavic Pro can be found here. If you don’t find your question, leave it in the comments. If it is interesting, we will add it to this list.

How much does the Mavic Pro cost?

The Mavic Pro is currently priced at $999. There’s also a $1,299 Combo Kit that includes two extra batteries, a carrying bag, a car cigarette lighter charger, and extra screws. Another option is to buy the Mavic Pro without a remote control for $750 and control it with your smartphone. If you’re going to use the Mavic Pro for more than just selfies and panoramas, we recommend getting the remote kit.

Is the Phantom 4 better than the Mavic Pro?

Our opinion is no. The Mavic Pro has all the features and functionality of the Phantom that the Phantom 4 does not have. There are many videos on the Internet where these two drones are compared. And in most cases, they forget to touch the smartphone screen to focus. Images from the Mavic Pro are blurrier than those from the Phantom 4. In fact, the Mavic Pro’s picture is sharp, although there is some blur at over 50 meters.

Is the Mavic Pro suitable for a beginner?

Yes. Mavic Pro is a smart quadcopter. Of all the drones from the Hubsan to the Inspire 1, the Mavic Pro is the easiest to use and incredibly stable. The sticks on the remote are not too sensitive to sudden movements. If you feel like you’re flying into an obstacle and don’t have time to dodge, just take your fingers off the joysticks and the drone will immediately stop. Mavic Pro has many features. Such as GPS and visual positioning sensors allow the drone to hover almost dead in one spot even in windy conditions. You don’t have to worry about all these features, Mavic Pro knows when and how to use its sensors and cameras.

The first thing to remember is compass calibration before every flight. This easy manipulation of the drone requires no more than 20 seconds. Just do whatever the app on your smartphone asks you to do.

The second thing to remember is that the Mavic only has sensors on the front. Therefore, obstacle avoidance works exclusively in front of the drone. Mavic does not see obstacles from behind or from the side.

Does the protective cap for the camera affect the quality of the picture?

Yes. When wearing a cap, the picture quality is noticeably worse. So in order to get professional shots, it must be filmed. Removal and installation is carried out in seconds. But if you feel that there will be obstacles in the way of the drone, it is better not to remove the cap. Also, do not remove the cap in difficult weather conditions, wind or light precipitation. (we recommend not flying in such conditions).

What is the flight time of the Mavic Pro?

The manufacturer claims a flight time of 27 minutes (without wind, at a speed of 25 km/h). In practice, depending on the style of control, the average flight time is from 19 to 25 minutes.

What mobile devices is the Mavic Pro compatible with?

With almost any gadget on iOS or Android. Compatible with the most popular smartphone models. Details here.

What ND filters are suitable for the Mavic Pro and will they work?

Any ND filters will do to reduce the amount of incident light on the matrix. In the daytime, they will make the movement on the video smoother. They can also reduce the effect of vibration (jelly). ND filters are already available at DJI stores, as well as third-party stores.

Can the Mavic Pro fly in strong winds?

Yes. The Mavic Pro flies just as well in strong winds as the DJI Phantom 4, but the manufacturer does not recommend flying the drone in wind speeds over 10 m/s.

Will the Mavic Pro arms hold up just as well after repeated folding and unfolding?

Yes. The Mavic Pro beams are well fixed after repeated manipulations, just like the first time. According to DJI, the mechanism should withstand up to 5000 folding and unfolding. It seems that the battery will need to be replaced sooner, but no, the Mavic Pro battery is also rated for hundreds of charge cycles.

What to do with the remote control when the drone is following you?

The easiest thing to do is not to use the remote in follow mode. Use your smartphone connected to the drone via Wi-Fi to control. Then you can put it in your pocket. Another option is to connect your smartphone to the remote via a long USB cable, then fold the remote and put it in your bag. You can also remove the joysticks from the console to avoid accidental movements.

How does Wi-Fi mode work?

Use the Mavic Pro Remote if you want to unleash the full potential of your drone. But if your smartphone is enough for you to control, you can connect it to the drone via a Wi-Fi hotspot. Wi-Fi control range is 75 meters (Wi-Fi power is limited by law).

Can Mavic Pro be used with iPad or other tablets?

Yes, you can, but if it is an iPad Mini or a tablet with similar dimensions, since this is the maximum size of the device that can be installed into the drone equipment without any problems. In general, you can use any tablet with a remote control, but it will not be possible to attach it to it. DJI – when designing the Mavic, they relied on compactness, so the remote control is not suitable for devices whose length exceeds 160mm. If you decide to use a larger tablet anyway, you can connect it via a long USB cable and set it up on a stand-alone tripod or table. Or you can control the drone without a remote control, using a smartphone (tablet) connected via Wi-Fi.

Is it possible to control the smoothness of the gimbal?

Yes. The Mavic Pro has a gimbal that works just like the Phantom 4’s gimbal. There are several options to fine-tune it to your liking. You can set the rotation speed of the gimbal from the remote control or go to advanced settings.

Can the Mavic Pro be used as a handheld gimbal camera?

Yes, the most convenient way is through the Katana accessory.

Can I control the camera with a second remote control?

Can. Details here.

Can I update software on Mavic Pro?

Yes. Even lighter than the Phantom 4. Simply turn on your Mavic and remote, connect your smartphone, and go to the main page of the DJI Go app. If an update is needed, a warning will appear at the top of the screen. After clicking install and update, the latest firmware will be installed on all components: camera, brains, motor controllers and power control unit. Mavic Pro can be easily upgraded, all you need is Wi-Fi internet.


DJI Mavic Pro (Platinum) from $999

Frequently Asked Questions about DJI Mavic ProFrequently Asked Questions about DJI Mavic Pro



Flight time


Flight qualities








Price quality



  • Compact when folded
  • Portable control panel
  • OcuSync
  • Range of flight
  • Camera/Gimbal (image quality)
  • Autonomous qualities
  • Gesture control
  • Object following mode
  • Compatible with DJI Goggles
  • Ready to fly out of the box


  • When flying with a protective cap, glare appears on the recorded video / photo
  • Narrow camera angle
  • No mechanism or system warning when the gimbal lock is not removed
  • The obstacle detection system is not perfect. Caution is required when piloting.

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