ViFly ShortSaver. Electronic Short Circuit Protection

ViFly ShortSaver. Electronic short circuit protection
ViFly ShortSaver: electronic short circuit protectionViFly ShortSaver: electronic short circuit protection

About the product

It is known that the most stressful and exciting moment after assembling a drone is the first power supply, since you cannot be completely sure that all electronic components are connected correctly. In order not to think about short circuit, simple and affordable devices like this one appeared in the hobby, but this model is special and more than ever deserves your attention.

ViFly ShortSaver. Electronic short circuit protectionViFly ShortSaver. Electronic short circuit protection

ViFly ShortSaver is the so-called “smoke stopper”, a portable short circuit prevention tool that should be in the arsenal of anyone who likes to build UAVs from scratch. The ShortSaver is equipped with an electronic fuse that cuts the power completely in the event of an electrical problem. chains. According to ViFly developers, other “smoke stoppers” on the market can be activated in 1/2 second, which can be fatal for some components, while ShortSaver reacts in a record 3 milliseconds.

Can be set to 1A or 2A current threshold. Compatible with XT60 and XT30 format connectors and supports voltage from 7 to 25V (2S to 6S). ShortSaver dimensions: 4.2 × 3 × 1 cm.


Implemented by the developer for $12 directly on the ViFly website (excluding shipping and taxes).

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