The Use of Drones in Advertising

The use of drones in advertising
Dronvertizing (Dronevertising)Dronvertizing (Dronevertising)

The use of drones in advertising

Dronevertizing is one of the ways to distribute advertising through drones (UAVs). Advertising campaigns, display of banners, luminous displays in the air during public events, etc.

Drones can be used to display and distribute advertising messages. Large advertising banners at a height of up to 300 m are easy to read at a distance of 4 km. Often, UAVs are used to scatter flyers or souvenirs over crowded squares, beaches, stadiums. Usually, about a quarter of the advertising information distributed in this way reaches the addressees.

Drones in the advertising businessDrones in the advertising business

The advantages of using quadrocopters for such purposes are significant. Firstly, this is an innovation, unusual advertising media are actively involved in advertising or information campaigns. Secondly, it emphasizes the style and progressiveness of the advertiser or information service. Combining the swiftness and activity of a modern person with the idea of ​​a free, romantic and beautiful flight, forms the appropriate associations with the advertised trade or information brand; promotion of the new and stylish, as the embodiment of reality, and not just a fabulous flight under the clouds. Thirdly, a favorable attitude towards the environment. Drones do not pollute the atmosphere and represent the height and purity of the concept itself.

Drones in advertisingCurrently, large companies prefer to use UAVs to inform the population or distribute leaflets, thereby confirming their prestigious status. For most companies, this method is an integral part of the image. If weather conditions are conducive to launching drones, then they can be used from morning to evening in the area where you need to advertise your products or inform the public about any event.

Such territories include a park of urban significance, large areas in front of sports complexes or shopping centers during promotions and various public events. In such places, the information provided by unmanned robots will undoubtedly cover the maximum number of people who need it. In a similar way, it is possible to inform, for example, vacationers near polluted reservoirs, warning them that it is forbidden to swim in the reservoir or drink water from it.

Unmanned robots are becoming more and more popular carriers of information or advertising. Thanks to them, people can learn about the danger that may threaten their life or health, and take care of themselves or their loved ones in advance, or learn about ongoing promotions and attract potential buyers. An advertising quadcopter creates a more pleasant attitude towards the advertised trade brand in a person, based on emotional perception, and also helps to increase sales.

Advertising or information received from a drone evokes extremely positive emotions in a person and is very easily understood by any audience. Advertising and information quadcopter allows you to expand the range of actions. Your information will be placed in the right place and at the right time.

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