Drones for Monitoring the Progress of Construction Projects

Drones for monitoring the progress of construction projects

Drones for monitoring the progress of construction projects

Construction with drones

UAVs are currently very convenient for photographing the progress of the construction of various objects from the air. They are widely used when conducting volumetric surveys of construction sites or cottages, with adjacent land plots, to study the territory or the construction process of an object.

Such work is conveniently performed using radio-controlled special models. Panoramic drone shots provide more detailed information than shots taken from the ground. With such a survey, not only the layout of construction sites is visible, but also the surrounding territories and roads.

On the basis of modern technical developments, today it is possible to carry out not only monitoring, but also control over the construction of various facilities based on unmanned survey materials, and create high-quality photo plans.

Drones in the construction of buildings and structures

Monitoring the progress of the construction of objects by means of drones (regular hovering at the specified GPS coordinates and a given height is possible)

Aerial photography, carried out from a quadrocopter, allows you to track the stages of building construction, laying the necessary communications and landscaping the surrounding area. The resulting photographs can be used to monitor and control the progress of the construction of facilities. In this regard, such a drone function as hovering at previously set GPS coordinates and the desired height will be very useful.

Drones and construction

Drones and software

It is also worth highlighting shooting for manufacturing and industrial companies. From a height, you can assess the object as a whole, informatively show all workshops and warehouses, auto interchanges, which provide convenient access for vehicles, with one photograph. Then the pictures taken by the drone can be processed using special computer graphics programs and get magnificent panoramas. Thus, to achieve not only the efficiency and information content that photography carries, but most importantly, to show the object from a very favorable side.

Construction simulation drones

The advantages of monitoring technology based on unmanned imagery are as follows:

  • Global coverage of the surveyed area (site of the object)
  • Continuous high detail images of objects using drone photography
  • Obtaining images of surveyed objects, providing their mapping on a scale of 1:2000
  • Independence of work from the state of cloudiness
  • Lower cost of drones compared to manned aircraft
  • Greater information content and reliability of decryption results.

tethered drone

*Tethered drone – Z18 UF by Drone Volt (24 hours in the air).

Monitoring of production work at construction and reconstruction facilities based on unmanned survey materials is carried out by periodic planned and perspective survey of objects using quadrocopters and comparison of multi-temporal images. When using stereoscopic survey materials, it is possible to metrically assess the volume of work performed (depth of trenches, volume of displaced soil, volume of bulk materials delivered, etc.).

Drones construction

Thus, the creation and practical application of technical technologies and novelties of unmanned monitoring of objects and territories contributes to the exchange of experience between manufacturing companies, as well as the discussion of further development prospects and needs in the field of use and improvement of unmanned robots. The created technologies and the experience of using drones to solve the practical problems of objects and surrounding areas have already shown that the future of construction monitoring remains with unmanned aerial vehicles.

You can view the catalog of professional UAVs here.

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