DJI Phantom 3 quadcopter reviewDJI Phantom 3 quadcopter review
DJI Phantom 3 logoDJI Phantom 3 logo


DJI Inno­va­tions offers three ver­sions of the Phan­tom 3:

  1. stan­dard
  2. Advanced (out of pro­duc­tion)
  3. Pro­fes­sion­al (dis­con­tin­ued)

DJI Phantom 3 quadcopter reviewDJI Phantom 3 quadcopter review

Out­ward­ly, they dif­fer only in stick­ers, or rather in the col­or of the stick­ers. Stan­dard received red stick­ers, Advanced sil­ver, Pro­fes­sion­al gold.


The devel­op­er includ­ed in the pack­age P3S:

  • Quad­copter DJI Phan­tom 3 Stan­dard
  • Bat­tery 15.2V 4S 4480mAh LiPo 68Wh
  • 3‑axis gyro-sta­bi­lized gim­bal with cam­era
  • Con­trol equip­ment (smart­phone not includ­ed)
  • 4 × rotors
  • 4 × spare rotors
  • Charg­er (charges remote and quad at the same time)
  • USB cable (for iOS 8.0 and above/Android 4.1.2 and above devices)
  • Motor hold­er for pro­peller removal
  • Flash dri­ve MicroSD Lexar 633x 16 GB
  • Instruc­tion


Phantom 3 Advanced Bundle

DJI Phantom 3 quadcopter reviewDJI Phantom 3 quadcopter review

Phantom 3 Professional Bundle

DJI Phantom 3 quadcopter reviewDJI Phantom 3 quadcopter review

Version Differences


  • It dif­fers from its broth­ers in that data exchange — “remote — smart­phone” and “remote — quadro­copter” is car­ried out via “wi-fi”, since this mod­el does not have a dig­i­tal video link “Light­Bridge”, as a result of which the range of trans­mit­ted sig­nals is notice­ably reduced (500 — 1000 m) and the qual­i­ty of the video stream dete­ri­o­rates.
  • There is no GLONASS sup­port. Because of this, the posi­tion­ing of the quadro­copter and the accu­ra­cy of move­ment over long dis­tances (up to 5 km) for the World are dete­ri­o­rat­ing.
  • There is no Vision posi­tion­ing sys­tem, which sig­nif­i­cant­ly helps in pilot­ing.
  • The cam­era is also dif­fer­ent, on “Stan­dard” and “Advanced” it shoots in 2.7K res­o­lu­tion at 30 fps. There are no but­tons for pho­to and video shoot­ing, Play­back but­tons, as well as but­tons for chang­ing the expo­sure and cam­era angle on the remote con­trol.


  • The exact oppo­site of the “Stan­dard” ver­sion. Advanced man­u­fac­tur­ers have equipped with advanced dig­i­tal video link tech­nol­o­gy “Light­Bridge”.
  • Added gglob­al nav­i­ga­tion satel­lite sys­tem GLONASS (at least 36 satel­lites simul­ta­ne­ous­ly)
  • The drone received the Vision posi­tion­ing sys­tem.
  • The devel­op­ers left the cam­era unchanged.
  • On the remote con­trol added pho­to / video but­tons, Play­back, as well as a scroll to change the expo­sure and a scroll to con­trol the angles of the cam­era. In addi­tion, the man­u­fac­tur­er has added two more but­tons that you can bind accord­ing to your per­son­al pref­er­ence.


  • Top option. The only dif­fer­ence from the “Advanced” ver­sion is the cam­era, which is capa­ble of record­ing video in 4K qual­i­ty at 30 fps.

DJI Phantom 3 quadcopter reviewDJI Phantom 3 quadcopter review

Cam­era qual­i­ty of the Phan­tom 3 Pro drone.

Flight and shooting modes

one. fol­low me – after acti­vat­ing this func­tion, the copter will obe­di­ent­ly fol­low the object for shoot­ing and record every­thing on video, and the object only needs to choose a route, the copter will do the rest.

2. Way­point Nav­i­ga­tion (way­point nav­i­ga­tion) – with this func­tion, the user can plan the flight route in advance. It is con­ve­nient because it allows you to dis­tract from the con­trol of the copter and focus only on shoot­ing. The copter itself will fol­low the pre­vi­ous­ly select­ed way­points.

3. Point of Inter­ests (point of inter­est) — with this func­tion, the user focus­es the atten­tion of the copter on some par­tic­u­lar object, after which the Phan­tom itself will car­ry out dizzy­ing flights over it, record a video.

DJI Phantom 3 quadcopter reviewDJI Phantom 3 quadcopter review

  • Max. flight time 25 min­utes.
  • Abil­i­ty to fly indoors.
  • In online mode, you can write videos and broad­cast on “YouTube”
  • The “Back to Base” fea­ture will keep the Phan­tom 3 safe and return it to its launch loca­tion.



Max. flight time

25 min­utes


1280 grams

Max. climb rate:


Max. sink rate:


Max. flight speed:


Work­ing tem­per­a­ture range:

from 0° to 40°

Satel­lite posi­tion­ing:


Max. ceil­ing above sea lev­el


Max­i­mum flight alti­tude:




Field of view (FOV) — 94°, 20mm, f/2.8, focus — ∞

Matrix res­o­lu­tion:


Matrix size:

1/2.3″ Sony EXMOR


Video: 100 — 3200
A pho­to: 100 — 1600

Max­i­mum res­o­lu­tion:

4000×3000 pix­els

Shut­ter speed:

8 — 1/8000 sec

Pho­to for­mats:


Video for­mats:

mp4, MOV (MPEG‑4 AVC/H.264)

Max. video bitrate:

40 Mbps

File sys­tems:

FAT32, exFAT

SD card sup­port:

MicroSD up to 64GB

Pho­to modes:

sin­gle frame
Frame series: 3, 5, 7 frames
AEB: 3/5

Video modes:

UHD: (4K) 4096 × 2160 @ 24/25 fps (P3 Pro Cam­era)
(4K) 3840 × 2160 @ 24/25/30fps (P3 Pro Cam­era)
(2.7K) 2704×1520@24/25/30fps
FHD: 1920 × 1080 @ 24/25/30/48/50/60 fps
HD: 1280×720 — 24/25/30/48/50/60 fps

Control equipment

Fre­quen­cy range:

2.400GHz — 2.483GHz

Max. sig­nal trans­mis­sion dis­tance:

FCC: 5km
CE: 3.5km

Trans­mit­ter pow­er:

FCC: 20 dBm
CE: 16 dBm


2S 6000mAh LiPo


Work­ing range:

pitch: ‑90° to +30°



smart battery


4480mAh LiPo



Qty. cans:




Max­i­mum charge cur­rent





Charge pow­er







Work­ing fre­quen­cy:

2.4 ISM

Video stream qual­i­ty:

720p at 30fps

Sup­port­ed devices:

IOS 8.0 and above/Android 4.1.2 and above

Rec­om­mend­ed smart devices:

iOS: iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPod touch 6, iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad Air Wi-Fi + Cel­lu­lar, iPad mini 2, iPad mini 2 Wi-Fi + Cel­lu­lar, iPad Air 2, iPad Air 2 Wi-Fi + Cel­lu­lar, iPad mini 3, iPad mini 3 Wi-Fi + Cel­lu­lar, iPad mini 4, and iPad mini 4 Wi-Fi + Cel­lu­lar. This app is opti­mized for iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus.[/one_half_last
Android: Sam­sung tabs 705c, Sam­sung S6, Sam­sung S5, Sam­sung NOTE4, Sam­sung NOTE3, Google Nexus 9, Google Nexus 7 II, Ascend Mate7, Huawei Mate 8, Nubia Z7 mini, SONY Xpe­ria Z3, MI 3, MI PAD



Квадрокоптер DJI Phan­tom 3 занимает лидирующую позицию в своем сегменте по праву. Производитель тонко подошёл к потенциальному покупателю и предложил три варианта дронов. В каждом он заложил возможности, которые будут актуальны как для новичка, так и для продвинутого пилота, который стремится извлечь от владения P3 максимальную пользу.

Если обратить внимание на предыдущие творения, то заметим, что DJI Inno­va­tion постоянно прислушивается к мнению поклонников своей продукции и чётко реагирует на критику, а в результате они из года в год получают мировое признание.

Если отвлечься от предложенных версий, то в целом, квадрокоптер в первую очередь подойдёт людям, которые сначала отдают предпочтение качеству и уже потом обращают внимание на особенности, ведь качество является залогом того, как долго мы будем получать удовольствие от владения тем или иным продуктом.


Фото с квадрокоптером DJI Phan­tom 3 Pro­fes­sion­al.



DJI Phantom 3 quadcopter reviewDJI Phantom 3 quadcopter review

DJI Phantom 3 quadcopter reviewDJI Phantom 3 quadcopter review

DJI Phantom 3 quadcopter reviewDJI Phantom 3 quadcopter review

DJI Phantom 3 quadcopter reviewDJI Phantom 3 quadcopter review


Видео с квадрокоптером DJI Phan­tom 3.

DJI Phan­tom 3 Pro­fes­sion­al Quad­copter User Man­u­al


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