Jetson ONE. Another Flight From Home to Work

Jetson ONE. Another flight from home to work
Jetson One: another flight from home to work

From home to work by air

The Swedish company Jetson Aero, the developer of the revolutionary Jetson One, again reminded of itself with another video (filmed in May 2022), in which co-founder Tomasz Patan, using the latest octocopter as a vehicle without traffic jams, directly through the forest gets to his office in Tuscany . See how easy and relaxed your ride can look if you have such a vehicle.

If you suddenly missed

The Jetson One air vehicle is a ready-to-use serial product. You can read more about it here. According to the official website, to order your Jetson, you need to make an initial deposit of $22,000. The final payment of $70,000 is due when your Jetson ONE is ready for delivery. The entire 2022 edition is currently sold out, but the company is still accepting orders for models in 2023.

Jetson ONE is delivered in shipping form. In the flight state, the vehicle is assembled by the user. No special tools are required to assemble it. The developer notes that if you receive your Jetson during lunch, then by dinner you will be able to make your first flight.

Jetson ONE. Another flight from home to work

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