3DR Solo Quadcopter Review3DR Solo Quadcopter Review
3DR Solo Quadcopter Review3DR Solo Quadcopter Review


It all start­ed in 2007 with a man named Chris Ander­son. At that time, he wrote best­sellers for the NY Times and at the same time was the edi­tor-in-chief of Wired mag­a­zine. Chris built his first drone at home with his kids using Lego Mind Machine build­ing blocks. Chris had quite a few options for UAVs of his own design, he grad­u­al­ly got into this busi­ness so much that in the process of his evo­lu­tion he found­ed the well-known Inter­net resource DIY­Drones, which lat­er grew into the world’s largest com­mu­ni­ty of robot­ics devel­op­ers.

At DIY­Drones, he meets Jor­di Muñoz. Jor­di claimed his genius by cre­at­ing a ful­ly func­tion­ing autopi­lot based on the Nin­ten­do Wii remote.

By 2012, their busi­ness had grown far beyond the DIY com­mu­ni­ty. Chris left his job at Wired to join Jor­di as the new CEO of 3DR. Next, a team was assem­bled, thanks to which a unique uni­ver­sal flight code was writ­ten, which was lat­er called APM. It was on this code that the 3DR devel­oped the famous Pix­hawk. After 2 years of painstak­ing work, the com­pa­ny offers the con­sumer its first cre­ations UAV IRIS and IRIS +. A year lat­er, 3DRobotics presents its best inven­tion, cre­at­ed to com­pete with such a giant as DJI Inno­va­tions, the 3DR Solo smart drone.

Chris AndersonChris Anderson

About the product

Solo says with all its appear­ance that you have a high-tech prod­uct in your hands. The drone is ready to fly out of the box with­out being tied to the expe­ri­ence of own­ing a drone. Pilot­ing this drone will be mas­tered by any user, and it does not mat­ter at all that he has nev­er done it before.

The main pur­pose of the drone is pro­fes­sion­al, high­ly intel­li­gent and high-qual­i­ty pho­to and video shoot­ing. To pro­vide the drone with such auton­o­my, the devel­op­ers have seri­ous­ly worked on the elec­tron­ic fill­ing of not only the drone itself, but also the con­trol pan­el.

Both the drone and the remote con­trol oper­ate under the Lin­ux oper­at­ing sys­tem.

The drone is con­trolled by a clas­sic remote con­trol paired with any gad­get run­ning on IOS or Android through the 3DR SOLO APP. The video image from the drone’s cam­era, infor­ma­tion about the flight itself and the oper­a­tion of aux­il­iary sys­tems, as well as flight set­tings, cam­eras and all avail­able pro­grammed flight modes will be dis­played on the dis­play via Wi-Fi.



There are six pro­grammed modes in the arse­nal of the 3DR Solo quadro­copter, and as the devel­op­er assures, this list will be reg­u­lar­ly updat­ed.

Cable Cam – in this mode, the drone can fly autonomous­ly along the giv­en way­points, which the pilot indi­cates before take­off, which in turn allows you to ful­ly focus sole­ly on shoot­ing. The mode has a num­ber of fine set­tings, thanks to which the out­put is excel­lent video mate­r­i­al.

cable cam screencable cam screen

Orbi­ta — Using this mode, the drone can fly around a giv­en point. Using the dis­play of a smart­phone / tablet inter­faced with the con­trol equip­ment, the pilot sets the flight para­me­ters, after which the drone makes a cir­cu­lar flight around the spec­i­fied coor­di­nate. More­over, you can inter­vene in the shoot­ing process and adjust the drone’s flight speed, shoot­ing angle and removal dis­tance with­out affect­ing the drone con­trol process, since the flight is car­ried out in ful­ly auto­mat­ic mode.

3DR SOLO orbita3DR SOLO orbita

Self­ie — the pur­pose of this mode is already clear from the name. Before fly­ing, you need to set the set­tings that deter­mine at what dis­tance and height, as well as at what speed the sur­vey will be made. The drone flight algo­rithm in this mode is as fol­lows: when the mode is acti­vat­ed, the drone’s atten­tion is trans­ferred to the pilot, the drone freezes for a short time, then starts to move away at a pre­de­ter­mined speed and to a pre­vi­ous­ly set dis­tance and height, then it freezes and starts mov­ing back towards the source of atten­tion. At what point to start shoot­ing is up to the user.

3dr selfie3dr selfie

Fol­low - pur­suit mode. In addi­tion to ful­ly autonomous oper­a­tion, the mode has a num­ber of fine set­tings that set var­i­ous options for fol­low­ing an object. For exam­ple, the pilot can tell the drone which side of the sub­ject to be on while film­ing, or you can split duties where the drone will pur­sue and the pilot will film and vice ver­sa.

3DR Solo follow3DR Solo follow

Zipline- this mode pro­vides autonomous flight exclu­sive­ly in the for­ward direc­tion, while the pilot is left to focus sole­ly on shoot­ing. Dur­ing the flight, it is pos­si­ble to adjust the speed and direc­tion. The mode is acti­vat­ed with one click, with­out any set­tings.

3DR Solo Zipline3DR Solo Zipline

pano- In this mode, the drone can take beau­ti­ful panoram­ic shots. There are two shoot­ing options “Pho­to Pano” or “Video Pano”. Video Pano is a ful­ly auto­mat­ic process that does not require any inter­ven­tion from the user. Pho­to Pano offers to per­form a choice of either a spher­i­cal panora­ma or a cylin­dri­cal panora­ma. Cylin­dri­cal panora­ma shoots exclu­sive­ly along the hori­zon up to 360º. Spher­i­cal — also cap­tures the bot­tom in the frame. The algo­rithm of work here and there is that the drone itself will shoot pho­to­graph­ic mate­r­i­al from dif­fer­ent angles, which will sub­se­quent­ly be com­piled into one large panoram­ic frame.

3DR Solo PANO screen3DR Solo PANO screen

flight properties

The 3DR Solo has proven itself in flight, pow­er­ful motors cou­pled with impec­ca­ble elec­tron­ics pro­vide the drone with excel­lent flight char­ac­ter­is­tics. High-speed ceil­ing — 89 km / h, ver­ti­cal lift­ing speed — up to 36 km / h, max­i­mum lift­ing height — 122 meters (elec­tron­i­cal­ly lim­it­ed). The wind resis­tance of the drone deserves spe­cial respect.

The devel­op­ers man­aged to fit 35 sen­sors and 20 micro­proces­sors into the 3DR Solo car­bon-fiber body, which togeth­er pro­vide the auton­o­my of the quad at a pro­fes­sion­al lev­el.

The mod­u­lar design of the 3DR Solo offers a detailed replace­ment of dam­aged or failed com­po­nents, which in turn will sig­nif­i­cant­ly reduce the own­er’s costs for dam­ages after an acci­dent.

3DR Solo start3DR Solo start


Drone 3DR Solo is ful­ly adapt­ed to GoPRO 3(4) cam­eras. There is no cam­era in the pack­age of the drone, it is pur­chased sep­a­rate­ly. The man­u­fac­tur­er explained this approach by the fact that at the cur­rent time there are no bet­ter cam­eras than GoPRO on the mar­ket, unfor­tu­nate­ly, and only cam­eras from this man­u­fac­tur­er, in their opin­ion, are ide­al for Solo.

It should be not­ed right away that “ful­ly adapt­ed to the cam­era” means that the drone’s elec­tron­ics exer­cise full con­trol over the cam­era, up to the con­stant recharg­ing of its bat­tery using the drone’s own resources.

3DR Solo 3 axis gimbal3DR Solo 3 axis gimbal

GoPro 4 Black EditionGoPro 4 Black Edition


The man­u­fac­tur­er offers the quad­copter in two trim lev­els:

Solo with 3‑Axis Gimbal

  • Drone
  • Drone Bat­tery (5200mAh 14.8V DC LiPo)
  • 3‑Axis Gyro-sta­bi­lized Gim­bal for GoPRO Cam­era
  • Con­trol equip­ment (pow­ered by a 600 mAh 7.2 Vdc LiPo bat­tery)
  • 4 × load-bear­ing mul­ti­di­rec­tion­al pro­pellers
  • 2 × spare mul­ti­di­rec­tion­al rotors
  • Charg­er for the trans­mit­ter (requires an adapter for our sock­ets)
  • Drone Bat­tery Charg­er
  • Adapter wire (for con­nect­ing the charg­er to the drone bat­tery)
  • Mains cable (220V) for drone charg­er
  • Instructions/Tips and Warn­ings (two illus­trat­ed inserts)

Solo with 3-Axis GimbalSolo with 3-Axis Gimbal

* GoPRO cam­era not includ­ed.

Solo W/Pre-Installed Gimbal in 3DR Backpack

  • Drone
  • 2 × drone bat­tery (5200mAh 14.8V DC LiPo)
  • 3‑axis gyro-sta­bi­lized gim­bal for GoPro cam­era (top gim­bal from 3DRobotics with it the full poten­tial of the drone is real­ized)
  • Con­trol equip­ment (pow­ered by a 600mAh 7.2 Vdc LiPo bat­tery)
  • 4 × load-bear­ing mul­ti­di­rec­tion­al pro­pellers
  • 2 × spare mul­ti­di­rec­tion­al rotors
  • Charg­er for con­trol equip­ment (requires an adapter for our sock­ets)
  • Drone Bat­tery Charg­er
  • Adapter wire (for con­nect­ing the charg­er to the drone bat­tery)
  • Mains cable (220V) for drone charg­er
  • Back­pack (case for trans­port­ing the drone and acces­sories)
  • Instructions/Tips and Warn­ings (two illus­trat­ed inserts)

3DR Solo with case3DR Solo with case

* GoPRO cam­era not includ­ed.


  • Ave­g­ant Glyph (FPV gog­gles with head­phones)
  • 3DR Back­pack (case for trans­port­ing the drone and acces­sories)
  • 3‑axis gyro-sta­bi­lized gim­bal for GoPro cam­era
  • drone bat­tery
  • Bear­ing mul­ti­di­rec­tion­al pro­pellers
  • 3DR con­trol equip­ment
  • Drone Bat­tery Charg­er
  • Hold­er for mobile device (installed on the con­trol equip­ment)
  • Rub­ber dampers for 3‑axis gim­bal
  • Charg­er for con­trol equip­ment (requires an adapter for our sock­ets)

As 3DRobotics assures, by pur­chas­ing 3DR Solo, the con­sumer receives a “long-last­ing” high-tech prod­uct, which they promise to con­stant­ly improve. With the 3DR Solo, there is no need to buy a new drone every year, it will be enough to update the drone soft­ware (sim­i­lar to updat­ing a mobile phone). With each update, the quad­copter will get more fea­tures and get bet­ter.

3DR Solo design3DR Solo design


3DR Solo front view3DR Solo front view

3DR solo main3DR solo main

3DR Solo Quadcopter Review3DR Solo Quadcopter Review

3dr top view3dr top view

3DR Solo with protection3DR Solo with protection

3DR Solo Quadcopter Review3DR Solo Quadcopter Review

3DR Solo kit with Backpack3DR Solo kit with Backpack

3DR solo kit3DR solo kit



there is


there is

Return home func­tion:

there is

Dis­tance con­trol func­tion:

there is

Max­i­mum flight range:

up to 1000m

Fol­low me fea­ture:

there is

Alti­tude hold mode:

there is

AV sig­nal trans­mis­sion:

3DR Link secure Wi-Fi net­work

Radio fre­quen­cy:


FPV dis­play:

any gad­get on IOS/Android

FPV Gog­gles:


Drone bat­tery type:

5200 mAh 14.8VDC LiPo

Flight time:

up to 20 min­utes (up to 15 min­utes with pay­load)

Max Speed:


Max­i­mum lift­ing speed:

up to 36 km/h

Max lift­ing height:

122m (elec­tron­i­cal­ly lim­it­ed)

Max­i­mum load capac­i­ty:



APM/Pixhawk 2


brush­less type 880kV

Drone light­ing:

LED on each drone beam

Charg­ing time:

≈ 1.5h

Drone weight:


Fly­ing envi­ron­ment:


3DR Solo with SONY camera3DR Solo with SONY camera

*Sony R10C cam­era on 3‑axis gim­bal


The 3DR Solo lithi­um poly­mer bat­tery is part of the drone, the design­ers packed it into a box and installed it on top of the drone. A but­ton for turn­ing on the drone is mount­ed in the bat­tery box itself, and from the end of the box, under the but­ton, there is an LED indi­ca­tion of the state of charge of the bat­tery. As a result, it is con­ve­nient and most impor­tant­ly, you can quick­ly change the bat­tery, and the pilot will always be aware of its cur­rent charge.

3DR Solo battery top view3DR Solo battery top view

3DR Solo battery bottom view3DR Solo battery bottom view

3DR Solo battery3DR Solo battery


Proven 880kv brush­less motors, 3DRobotics’ own design. Ful­ly real­ize the full poten­tial of the drone.

3DR Solo motors3DR Solo motors

Control equipment

The 3DR Solo has one of the most con­ve­nient remotes, absolute­ly noth­ing more. Qual­i­ty of exe­cu­tion at the lev­el of Pre­mi­um class. The built-in LCD dis­play between the sticks pro­vides brief, but at the same time nec­es­sary infor­ma­tion about the flight and the oper­a­tion of the main sys­tems. All con­trols are in place and intu­itive. Note that the HDMI port present in the arse­nal of equip­ment, thanks to which the pilot will be able to con­nect not only a TV to broad­cast bright frames online, but also FPV gog­gles, and this is a com­plete­ly dif­fer­ent feel­ing from fly­ing, advanced pilots will con­firm!

3DR Solo control panel3DR Solo control panel

3DR Solo remote control side view3DR Solo remote control side view

3DR Solo control panel front3DR Solo control panel frontHardware functionality

3DR Solo Quadcopter Review3DR Solo Quadcopter Review

3DR Solo Quadcopter Review3DR Solo Quadcopter Review

3DR Solo LCD display control panel3DR Solo LCD display control panel

*LCD dis­play of con­trol equip­ment.

The 3DR SOLO appli­ca­tion received a built-in flight sim­u­la­tor, thanks to which the user can prac­tice drone con­trol with­out resort­ing to prac­tice.

Avegant Glyph

3DRobotics is posi­tion­ing Ave­g­ant Glyph as: “Made for Solo Prod­ucts”. They sit on your head like ordi­nary head­phones, move the rim to eye lev­el and get unique FPV gog­gles, which sim­ply have no ana­logues. They are capa­ble of stream­ing video to any IOS/Android device and are built with the patent­ed Reti­nal Imag­ing Tech­nol­o­gy, which uses advanced optics and an array of two mil­lion micro-mir­rors to project images right into your eyes. Ave­g­ant Glyph is a major break­through in this cat­e­go­ry of high-tech prod­ucts. Cur­rent­ly, the aver­age price of such a media head­set is $396.59.

Avegant Glyph photoAvegant Glyph photo

Avegant Glyph photo insideAvegant Glyph photo inside

Avegant Glyph dimensionsAvegant Glyph dimensions

Avegant Glyph how it worksAvegant Glyph how it works

Avegant Glyph FPV media headsetAvegant Glyph FPV media headset



1280×720p per eye; 2 mil­lion micro mir­rors

Aspect Ratio:








The weight:


Line of sight:

40° diag­o­nal

Video/Audio out­put:

micro HDMI

Audio out­put:

3.5mm TRRS (Stan­dard AUX)

Fre­quen­cy response:

20Hz — 20kHz

Dynam­ic Range:


Bat­tery life:

More than 4 hours in video mode

Bat­tery Type:

LiPo built in

Bat­tery capac­i­ty


Bat­tery Charg­ing Port:


Diopter adjust­ment, range:

+1 to ‑7

3D mode:

com­pat­i­ble 720p side-by-side (SBS) con­tent

Upgrad­able Firmware:

for advanced fea­tures and capa­bil­i­ties

Gliph foundersGliph founders


  • Ave­g­ant Glyph
  • 4 × inter­change­able nose inserts (based on the phys­i­o­log­i­cal char­ac­ter­is­tics of the nose)
  • Belt
  • Lens cap
  • Car­ry bag
  • HDMI cable
  • USB cable
  • Quick Start Guide, War­ran­ty and Safe­ty Data Sheet

3dr solo panoramic photo from drone3dr solo panoramic photo from drone


3DR Solo $399.99

3DR Solo3DR Solo



Flight time


flight qual­i­ties








Price qual­i­ty



  • Qual­i­ty
  • Design
  • Mod­u­lar design
  • Flight char­ac­ter­is­tics
  • Gyro-sta­bi­lized 3‑axis gim­bal
  • APM on Pix­hawk 2
  • FPV
  • OS Lin­ux (drone / remote con­trol)
  • Unique pre-pro­grammed flight modes
  • Mod­u­lar design


  • Can­not fly around obsta­cles
  • Adapt­ed only for GoPro cam­eras
  • No cam­eras includ­ed
  • No man­u­fac­tur­er sup­port for Russ­ian users
  • The house­hold ver­sion of the drone is not offi­cial­ly released

This is the first of its kind smart drone “sharp­ened” for shoot­ing. The man­u­fac­tur­er has sub­tly stud­ied its com­peti­tors and as a result, the 3DR Solo is not like any of them. Solo is designed to shoot and thanks to the unique elec­tron­ics, he does it at a pro­fes­sion­al lev­el. Suit­able for pilots of any lev­el from begin­ner to pro. Does not require spe­cial train­ing. To date, the 3DR Solo is no longer sold as a con­sumer drone, the com­pa­ny has recon­sid­ered its inter­ests and suc­cess­ful­ly pro­motes the prod­uct exclu­sive­ly for com­mer­cial use. Age lim­it 18+.

A photo

Pho­to with 3DR Solo drone.

3DR Solo photo3DR Solo photo

3DR Solo solo in front of a waterfall3DR Solo solo in front of a waterfall

3DR Solo photo3DR Solo photo

3dr solo remote control drone3dr solo remote control drone

3DR Solo flashlight3DR Solo flashlight

3DR Solo photo on the ground3DR Solo photo on the ground

3DR Solo photo in flight3DR Solo photo in flight


Video with 3DR Solo drone.


By Yara