Yuneec Typhoon With Leica 1” Camera

Yuneec Typhoon with Leica 1'' camera

Yuneec Typhoon with Leica 1'' camera

Yuneec Typhoon with Leica 1” camera

New foldable drone with Leica camera

Yuneec Typhoon with Leica 1” 20MP camera and 4K 60fps video recording is a new drone from Yuneec with an excellent price-performance ratio.


Typhoon has partnered with Leica to introduce the new H3 model drone equipped with the brand new Ion L1 Pro Leica camera on a 3-axis gimbal. The camera is equipped with a 1 ” matrix with a resolution of 20 mp and the ability to shoot video with a resolution of 4K 60 frames per second (h264 or 4K h265 – 30fps)


Thanks to this step, YUNEEC even surpassed DJI in video quality at the level of consumer models, as the Phantom 4 Pro, which could shoot 20MP photos and 4K 60fps video, is no longer produced and the Mavic 2 Pro, despite having a 20MP 1″ sensor, Capable of shooting only 4K at 30fps.

In addition to the camera, the new H3 has almost no difference from the Typhoon H +, but it also has a different battery. Autopilot based on PX4, takeoff weight including camera is 2kg. The drone is collapsible and quite compact, the propellers are quick-detachable for easy transportation. In fact, the entire drone and accessories can be carried in a carry-on backpack (optional). A protective case is also available as an option. The standard set includes 2 high-performance batteries, each of which provides a flight time of at least 25 minutes.


The remote control is equipped with a 7” touchscreen that displays the image from the camera in 720p (hd) resolution, as well as telemetry and other flight and shooting parameters. The image from the remote control can be displayed on the monitor through the HDMI port built into the remote control. The transmission range is up to 1.6 km in CE mode (FCC – 2 km), it is also possible to use a second ST16S operator console (sold separately)

Typhoon H3 – specifications

  • The drone is able to continue flying and landing with 5 engines
  • Flight time up to 25 minutes
  • Folding chassis
  • Flight controller based on PX4
  • Cruise control for smooth shooting
  • Intelligent Flight Modes: Follow Me, Orbit, Journey, Cable Cam Curve
  • Return home and auto landing
  • Obstacle detection
  • Automatic activation of 5 and rotary mode in case of failure of one motor
  • Excess control signal
  • Geo Fence support
  • Protection against improper battery installation
  • Replaceable battery
  • Retractable beams for easy transport
  • Command mode option to control aircraft and camera separately (requires optional ST16S, sold separately)


The ION L1 Pro offers a wide range of Leica features, allowing you to take full advantage of its photographic potential. With cruise control, the drone maintains a constant speed, allowing you to focus on shooting, which can be rotated 360° without restriction to take panoramic aerial shots. The H3 and L1 Pro components are perfectly coordinated with each other to capture detailed and clear aerial photographs. Through extensive testing and effective stray light suppression, the camera offers the best image results, especially in critical lighting conditions. The camera has a wide range of modes from bracketing to semi-automatic exposure, and is also capable of shooting in a wide dynamic range. 10-bit Y-Log or DNG profiles, specially designed according to Leica’s specifications, also provide ample opportunities for professional post-processing, for example, in ADOBE Lightroom or Photoshop.

ION L1 Pro Key Features

  1. Developed in collaboration with Leica Camera AG (developed in collaboration with LEICA)
  2. 1″ CMOS sensor
  3. Capture 20 MP / video up to 4K at 60 FPS with data rates up to 100 Mbps
  4. 3 axis gimbal, integrated 360° swivel camera
  5. Shooting modes optimized by Leica (AWB, color reproduction, sharpness, noise reduction and more)
  6. Calibrated Leica DNG with corresponding ADOBE profile
  7. Digital zoom without loss of resolution
  8. 10-bit YLog video mode based on Leica specifications
  9. Semi-automatic ISO control
  10. Wide dynamic range (WDR)
  11. Auto bracketing (AEB)
  12. Short intervals in JPEG format for video
  13. Exposure adjustment in 1/3 EV / ISO / shutter steps
  14. Custom image mode and sharpness settings
  15. Professional histogram
  16. panoramic shooting
  17. Typhoon H3, including ION L1 Pro camera, ST16S remote control, 2 batteries, charger, radio strap, optional patch antenna, SD card, USB cable and power cable has an official price of 2399 euros.


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