Xiaomi Mi Drone review
Xiaomi Mi Drone review


Absolute­ly new cre­ation of Xiao­mi Cor­po­ra­tion. Xiao­mi Mi Drone is a high-tech quad­copter whose arse­nal allows you to real­ize high-qual­i­ty ama­teur pho­to and video con­tent from the air with­out being tied to the expe­ri­ence of own­ing a UAV. The first unof­fi­cial ship­ments of Mi Drone out­side of Chi­na began in July 2016. Despite the ini­tial “damp­ness” of the drone, which the devel­op­er refined from time to time, the mod­el still received con­sumer recog­ni­tion and is in demand at the moment.


  • Ease of oper­a­tion
  • Brush­less motors 2212 800kv
  • 4K/1080p WiFi FPV Cam­era
  • 3‑axis high-sen­si­tiv­i­ty gim­bal
  • Autonomous flight modes
  • Max. flight time 27 min­utes
  • Max. flight dis­tance 1km/2km (for ver­sion: 1080p/4K)
  • Posi­tion­ing GPS/Glonass + 2 × ultra­son­ic and opti­cal sen­sors
  • Con­trol drone loca­tion in real time
  • No Fly Zone Con­trol
  • Intel­li­gent low bat­tery detec­tion
  • Con­trol at 2.4GHz
  • Sound record­ing dur­ing the flight
  • Mod­u­lar design
  • Fold­able land­ing legs
  • Ready to fly out of the box

Xiaomi Mi Drone quad


The man­u­fac­tur­er offers two ver­sions of the quad­copter — 1080P and 4K. These spec­i­fi­ca­tions say that in addi­tion to the qual­i­ty of the pic­ture, the flight range will also be dif­fer­ent. The 1080P ver­sion will be able to move up to 1km, the 4K ver­sion up to 2km.

The kit will include:

  • Quad­copter Xiao­mi Mi Drone
  • Bat­tery 4S 15.2V 5100mAh 77.52Wh LiPo (with charge indi­ca­tor)
  • Con­trol equip­ment with inte­grat­ed smart­phone hold­er
  • 4K/1080P Wi-Fi 3‑Axis Gim­bal Cam­era
  • 4 × rotors
  • 4 × spare rotors
  • 4 × screw pro­tec­tion
  • Charg­er
  • Cable 220V for charg­er (requires an adapter for our sock­ets)
  • MicroUSB cable (for pair­ing smart­phone and trans­mit­ter)
  • Tool + fas­ten­ers
  • Instruc­tion (Chi­nese)

Xiaomi Mi Drone review



GPS/Glonass + 2 × ultra­son­ic and opti­cal sen­sors

Return home func­tion:


Dis­tance con­trol func­tion:


Max Range (1080p/4K):


Alti­tude hold mode:


AV sig­nal trans­mis­sion fre­quen­cy:

5GHz WiFi

Radio fre­quen­cy:


Con­trol equip­ment pow­er sup­ply:

3.7V 5000mAh 18.5Wh LiPo

Con­trol equip­ment weight:


FPV dis­play:

any smart­phone on IOS/Android

Drone bat­tery type:

4S 15.2V 5100mAh 77.52Wh LiPo

Max. flight time:

27 min

Max speed:

36km/h (in PRO mode)

Max­i­mum lift­ing speed:

14km/h (in PRO mode)

Max lift­ing height (Beginner/PRO):


Autonomous flight modes:

Way­point / around object / return home


BK 2212 800kv

Drone light­ing:

LED on each drone beam

Charg­ing time:

≈ 1.5h

Drone weight with­out bat­tery:


Drone dimen­sions:


Fly­ing envi­ron­ment:


Rec­om­mend­ed microS­Ds:


Xiaomi Mi Drone review

Xiaomi Mi Drone review

Xiaomi Mi Drone review

Xiaomi Mi Drone review

xiaomi mi drone bottom view

About the product

Quad­copter Xiao­mi Mi Drone is a high-qual­i­ty prod­uct, as indi­cat­ed even by its pack­ag­ing. All in Apple style. The drone is ready to fly out of the box with­out being tied to the expe­ri­ence of own­ing a drone. The main pur­pose of the drone is high-qual­i­ty ama­teur pho­to and video shoot­ing. Despite the fact that this is Xiaomi’s first drone, it should be not­ed that the “First Pan­cake” occu­pies a Pre­mi­um niche in the price range “up to $ 500” and at least deserves the atten­tion of the con­sumer.

xiaomi mi drone photo quad


The quad­copter is equipped with 2212 800kv brush­less motors. The poten­tial of the pow­er plant is quite enough for a drone with an empha­sis on pho­to / video shoot­ing. To date, the motors of the 4K ver­sion have received a mech­a­nism for quick­ly remov­ing the main rotors, which can­not but rejoice, since the clas­sic ver­sion is rather out­dat­ed.

Xiaomi Mi Drone review


On board Xiao­mi Mi Drone, two cam­era options can be hung using a 3‑axis mechan­i­cal gim­bal: 1080P / 4K. Both received a sen­sor from Sony at 12MP. Thanks to the built-in micro­proces­sor inside the cam­era, which cal­cu­lates on-line com­pen­sat­ing move­ments depend­ing on the quadro­copter flight modes, the tan­dem exem­plar­i­ly copes with its work. The out­put is high-qual­i­ty both pho­to and video mate­r­i­al. The 1080p cam­era records video at a max­i­mum res­o­lu­tion of 1920×1080p at 60 frames per sec­ond. The 4K cam­era records video in res­o­lu­tion: 3840 × 2160p at 30 frames per sec­ond, or in qual­i­ty: 1920 × 1080p at 60 frames per sec­ond. FPV image via Wi-Fi the cam­era broad­casts as 720p at a fre­quen­cy of 5GHz.

Xiaomi Mi Drone Camera

To imple­ment sta­bi­lized shoot­ing from the ground, an addi­tion­al acces­so­ry has become avail­able, adapt­ed for Mi Drone cam­eras, hand-held steadicam — Xiao­mi FIMI X1BH.


Quad­copter Xiao­mi Mi Drone is equipped with a lithi­um-poly­mer bat­tery with impres­sive char­ac­ter­is­tics 4S 15.2V 5100mAh 77.52Wh LiPo. The quad elec­tron­ics mon­i­tors the cur­rent bat­tery charge online and, based on the data received, cal­cu­lates the opti­mal flight time, tak­ing into account the return. Thanks to such intel­li­gent con­trol, the drone will warn the pilot in time about the low bat­tery, and if the warn­ing is ignored, the drone will go into autonomous RTH mode and return to the take-off point and then land. In the test, the bat­tery pro­vid­ed a flight time with a mixed style of pilot­ing — 24 min­utes (at the declared 27 min­utes). Which is gen­er­al­ly the norm for UAVs of this for­mat.

Xiaomi Mi Drone review


xiaomi mi remote control

The kit comes with con­trol equip­ment that is clas­sic for mod­ern Smart drones. It is not over­loaded with but­tons, all des­ig­na­tions are clear and did not raise ques­tions about their pur­pose. Pro­vides radio con­trol at a fre­quen­cy of 2.4GHz. The video stream is broad­cast over Wi-Fi at a fre­quen­cy of 5 GHz. Pow­er is sup­plied from a built-in lithi­um-poly­mer bat­tery 3.7V 5000mAh 18.5Wh. In prac­tice, it pro­vides reli­able radio mon­i­tor­ing at a dis­tance of more than 3 km.

xiaomi mi drone rear remote control

The stock smart­phone hold­er on the con­trol equip­ment elim­i­nates the pos­si­bil­i­ty of installing a tablet in it, which would be use­ful for a drone with an empha­sis on aer­i­al pho­tog­ra­phy.

Pilot modes

  1. begin­ner mode — sig­nif­i­cant­ly lim­its the activ­i­ty of the drone, in this mode the dis­tance is 100 meters and the height of the rise is lim­it­ed to 50 meters.
  2. pro­fes­sion­al mode — reveals the max­i­mum poten­tial of the drone, the ceil­ing height increas­es to 500 meters (lim­it­ed by elec­tron­ics), the removal dis­tance, depend­ing on the con­fig­u­ra­tion, is 1km / 2km (1080P / 4K).

xiaomi mi drone in flight view

Flight modes

Quad­copter Xiao­mi Mi Drone cur­rent­ly has four autonomous flight modes:

  1. Flight on the planned route
  2. Flight with des­ti­na­tion
  3. Cir­cu­lar flight around the spec­i­fied point
  4. Autonomous RTH return (on loss of con­nec­tion, insuf­fi­cient bat­tery charge and forced by the pilot)

If it becomes nec­es­sary to can­cel its exe­cu­tion while in the return home mode, move the switch on the con­trol equip­ment from the “RTH” posi­tion to the “Drone” posi­tion and the quad will hov­er wait­ing for the next com­mands.

“No Fly” control

Xiao­mi Mi Drone autonomous­ly mon­i­tors the bound­aries of “No fly” zones. The drone freezes if it is in the bor­der zone and informs the pilot about it on the dis­play of the smart­phone paired with the drone equip­ment. In prac­tice, it was found that “No fly” zones can some­times cov­er half the city, and why this is so, only Xiao­mi devel­op­ers know.

xiaomi mi drone assembly

Test Drive

In the test, the quadro­copter proved to be excep­tion­al­ly from the best side. The poten­tial of the pow­er plant is more than enough. In windy weath­er, it hangs as “tied”. The man­age­ment is pre­dictable, in gen­er­al, there is noth­ing to com­plain about. Per­forms auto take­off and land­ing flaw­less­ly. The return to take­off func­tion (RTH — Return to Home) with auto­mat­ic land­ing works flaw­less­ly. Land­ing almost instead of tak­ing off. The return is trig­gered auto­mat­i­cal­ly in case of loss of com­mu­ni­ca­tion, with a low bat­tery charge, and at the request of the pilot, by press­ing a but­ton on the con­trol equip­ment.

Pre-flight condition

Prepar­ing for the first flight:

  1. After the bat­ter­ies are charged and the drone is assem­bled in a flight state, the user needs to down­load the Mi Drone mobile appli­ca­tion, the inter­face of which will be in Eng­lish. Works on IOS and Android.
  2. The con­trol equip­ment is acti­vat­ed first, then the drone. The pow­er-on process for both devices is real­ized by dou­ble press­ing the pow­er but­ton, the first is short, the sec­ond is long. Each device acti­va­tion is accom­pa­nied by sound and light indi­ca­tion.
  3. Place the smart­phone in the con­trol equip­ment hold­er. Launch the down­loaded “Mi Drone” mobile appli­ca­tion and fol­low the visu­al instruc­tions. The appli­ca­tion will tell you about two ways to pair the remote con­trol with a smart­phone: Using the microUSB cable includ­ed in the kit, or via Wi-Fi. Pri­or­i­ty remains with the cable.
  4. This is fol­lowed by a sim­ple pre-flight cal­i­bra­tion of the drone, accom­pa­nied by visu­al prompts from the mobile app. The process takes no more than 20 sec­onds.

xiaomi mi drone box

Range of flight

As not­ed above, in an inter­fer­ence-free zone, the max­i­mum FPV flight range of Mi Drone 1080P is 1km, Mi Drone 4K is 2km. In the test, the 1080P ver­sion was able to retire to a max­i­mum dis­tance of 500 meters. Then there is a grad­ual slow­down of the FPV pic­ture, fol­lowed by loss of the video sig­nal. The radio con­trol in this case con­tin­ues to func­tion, and the fur­ther move­ment of the drone can con­tin­ue to be tracked on the map (via the appli­ca­tion). The FPV flight range of the 4K ver­sion ful­ly cor­re­sponds to the data stat­ed in the spec­i­fi­ca­tion and even more. In prac­tice, it pro­vides an aver­age removal of up to 3 km. Both ver­sions showed the max­i­mum height ceil­ing — 500 meters.

Identified shortcomings

  1. Peri­od­i­cal­ly does not cor­rect­ly set the cam­era on the hori­zon.
  2. “No fly” zones can some­times cov­er half of the city, and in order to fly, you need to ride out of town.
  3. Video stream trans­mis­sion from the Wi-Fi cam­era 1080P is car­ried out no fur­ther than 500 meters. The con­trol remains active, the drone obe­di­ent­ly ful­fills com­mands from the equip­ment, but with­out FPV.
  4. In point-to-point flight mode, there is no pos­si­bil­i­ty to con­trol the cam­era.


Due to the start of sales of the long-await­ed ver­sion with a 4K cam­era, the 1080p ver­sion has become irrel­e­vant. Xiao­mi Mi Drone 4K is sold through all known Inter­net trad­ing plat­forms at a price of $437–500. The aver­age price of the Xiao­mi FIMI X1BH steadicam is $60.

Xiaomi Mi Drone review


Xiao­mi Mi Drone 4K $500

Xiaomi Mi Drone 4K



Flight time


flight qual­i­ties








Price qual­i­ty



  • Exe­cu­tion qual­i­ty
  • Dynamism / Han­dling
  • BC motors
  • 4K cam­era + 3‑axis mechan­i­cal gim­bal
  • Autonomous qual­i­ties
  • Posi­tion­ing accu­ra­cy
  • Mod­u­lar design
  • Portable prop­er­ties (fold­able legs)
  • Inex­pen­sive steadicam Xiao­mi FIMI X1BH (for ground use of the drone cam­era) (pur­chased sep­a­rate­ly)
  • Fly­ing out of the box


  • Peri­od­i­cal­ly incor­rect­ly sets the cam­era on the hori­zon
  • Does not rec­og­nize and does not fly around obsta­cles
  • The flight range of the 1080P ver­sion is far from the declared 1km
  • You can’t con­trol the cam­era in way­point flight mode

The Xiao­mi Mi Drone quadro­copter, after the devel­op­er elim­i­nat­ed the short­com­ings known to all, relat­ed sole­ly to the “damp­ness” of the prod­uct, received every chance of recog­ni­tion. Most of the bugs iden­ti­fied by the first own­ers of Mi Drone were fixed pro­gram­mat­i­cal­ly almost imme­di­ate­ly, through a soft­ware update. Today it is one of the best RTF solu­tions for those con­sumers who are look­ing for a drone for high-qual­i­ty ama­teur aer­i­al pho­tog­ra­phy with­in $500. The man­u­fac­tur­er set the age lim­it to 18+.

A photo

Pho­to for Xiao­mi Mi Drone quad­copter.

Xiaomi Mi Drone Unboxing

Xiaomi Mi Drone flight position

Xiaomi Mi Drone photo drone scale

Xiaomi Mi Drone quad bottom

Xiaomi Mi Drone back photo

Xiaomi Mi Drone in flight quad


Mi Drone 4K vs DJI Mav­ic Mini vs Hub­san Zino.


Com­par­a­tive video qual­i­ty test Mi Drone 4K vs DJI Mav­ic Mini.


Video with Xiao­mi Mi Drone 4K quad­copter.


Video with Xiao­mi Mi Drone 1080P quad­copter.


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