WLtoys V303 Quadcopter Review

WLtoys V303 quadcopter review

WLtoys V303 quadcopter review
WLtoys V303 quadcopter review


WLToys is a world-famous Chinese brand from a serious Chinese competitor in the field of radio-controlled devices – Shantou Chenghai Weili Toys Industrial Co. He has extensive experience in the development and subsequent production of radio-controlled devices (Quadcopters / Helicopters / Airplanes / Cars / Boats). The quality of WLToys products is beyond praise. The WLToys V303 Seeker quadcopter is a vivid confirmation of this, using its example, the developers showed that a high-quality and modern product does not have to be expensive and inaccessible to a wide range of consumers.

WLToys V303 Seeker – the best value for money, is one of the top models of WLToys.


  • brushless motors
  • GPS module, compass and barometer
  • Return to Home Mode (RTH)
  • Position hold function
  • Headless Mode
  • Drone gimbal adapted for GoPro cameras
  • Max. flight time 15 min
  • Max. removal distance 500m
  • Ready to fly out of the box

WLToys V303 Seeker drone remote control


The manufacturer offers four configuration options:

  1. Drone with axisless gimbal adapted for GoPro cameras.
  2. Drone with 2-axis brushless gimbal adapted for GoPro cameras.
  3. Drone with Wi-Fi HD camera (WLToys V-1080X HD Giro Camera Phantom Vision) on an axleless gimbal.
  4. Drone with a 1080P camera on an axleless gimbal.

The axleless suspension kit will include:

WLtoys V303 quadcopter review

  • Quadcopter WLToys V303 Seeker
  • Battery 3S 11.1V 2700mAh 25C LiPo with XT60 connector
  • Charger with balance (charges 2S – 4S)
  • Power supply 220V for memory
  • 2.4GHz transmitter (powered by 4 × AA 1.5V sold separately)
  • 4 × rotors
  • Gimbal adapted to GoPro format cameras
  • USB cable to connect drone to PC
  • Instruction


  1. 2-axis brushless gimbal
  2. 1080P camera Mobius
  3. HD camera (Giro Camera Phantom Vision f/3.2 FOV 135º)





V303 Seeker






6 axis gyroscope


1080P Camera/ HD Giro Camera Phantom Vision f/3.2 FOV 135º

Storage device:

SD card

Radio frequency:


Number of channels:


Transmitter Power:

4 × AA 1.5V


Brushless 2212 950KV

Battery capacity:

3S 11.1V 2700mAh 25C LiPo with XT60 connector



Max. flight time:

15 minutes

Max. removal distance:


Flying environment:


Charging time:

≈ 60 min


ABS plastic



Limitation on age:



WLToys V303 Seeker front view

WLToys V303 Seeker side view

WLToys V303 Seeker rear view with gimbal

WLToys V303 Seeker rear view

WLToys V303 Seeker bottom view

WLToys V303 Seeker with GoPro gimbal


The WLToys V303 Seeker quadcopter is equipped with 2212 950KV brushless motors. The potential of the power plant provides distinctive dynamics even in windy conditions.

WLToys V303 Seeker motor


At the request of the buyer, the WLToys V303 Seeker can be equipped with two camera options: a 1080P Mobius camera (using a rigidly fixed suspension on dampers) and an HD Giro Camera Phantom Vision (a gyro-stabilized camera suspension has height adjustment using the buttons on the transmitter). The image quality of both cameras corresponds to the declared characteristics. However, the quality of the shooting is spoiled by the presence of “jelly”, indicating the insufficient effectiveness of the dampers of the stock 1-axis gimbal.

WLtoys V303 quadcopter review

Also, the drone can be retrofitted with a 2-axis brushless gimbal adapted for GoPro cameras, which in turn can significantly improve the quality of the footage and extend the positive emotions from owning a drone.


Quadcopter WLToys V303 Seeker is equipped with a 3-cell (3S / 11.1V) lithium-polymer battery with a capacity of 2700mAh 25C. Provides max. flight time – 15 minutes. Charging time from the stock charger is about 1 hour.

WLtoys V303 quadcopter review


The WLToys V303 Seeker comes with a classic WLToys 4-channel remote control operating at 2.4GHz. Provides max. drone removal at a distance of 500m. Power is supplied by four AA batteries (sold separately).

WLToys V303 Seeker Transmitter

Test Drive

The WLToys V303 Seeker quadcopter proved to be a powerful, stable and wind-resistant drone in the test. The work of electronics deserves all the praise. Management is intuitive, it was not necessary to get used to. Return home is carried out both from the button on the transmitter, and in automatic mode, followed by landing and turning off the motors (loss of connection / with a low battery charge). In windy weather confidently tied to the point. The work of Headless mode, as always, will be appreciated by beginners.

WLToys V303 Seeker in flight


On various Internet trading platforms, the average price for a WLToys V303 Seeker quadrocopter is $150.

WLtoys V303 quadcopter review


WLToys V303 Seeker $150

WLToys V303 Seeker



Flight time


flight qualities








Price quality



  • Quality
  • brushless motors
  • Dynamic/Windproof
  • Hold position
  • RTH Mode/Headless Mode
  • LED backlight (one of the best)
  • Ready to fly out of the box
  • 3 configuration options
  • Price


  • Jelly when shooting with stock cameras with a 1-axis gimbal
  • No FPV
  • No spare rotors

Quadcopter WLToys V303 Seeker fully justifies the money spent. It combines all the most relevant functions and modes, coupled with BC motors. The model will be fully appreciated by fans of the unmanned hobby with an emphasis on aerial photography, who have grown out of collector UAVs and want to try their skills on something more serious, but at the same time not expensive. Age limit 14+.

A photo

Photo with WLToys V303 Seeker quadcopter.

1080P HD Giro Camera Phantom Vision photo drones

WLToys V303 in flight

WLToys V303 Seeker drone in flight

WLToys V303 photo

WLToys V303 Seeker drone with 2-axis brushless gimbal

WLToys V303 Seeker with 1080P HD Giro Camera Phantom Vision

WLToys V303 Seeker quad photo

1080P HD Giro Camera Phantom Vision photo with camera

1080P HD Giro Camera Phantom Vision backlight


Video with WLToys V303 Seeker quadcopter.


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