Syma X8HW Quadcopter Review

Syma X8HW quadcopter review

Syma X8HW quadcopter review
Syma X8HW quadcopter review


The Syma X8HW quadcopter is one of the top drones of the eighth series of Syma Toys. Manufacturers keep up with the times and try to offer products that are in maximum demand. In fact, Syma X8HW is a modified version of Syma X8W. The developer listened to the criticism of X8W users and proposed an updated version of the drone. The letter “HW” indicates the present altitude barometer (H) and the modified Wi-Fi camera (W). Further in detail.


  • Weight: 600 g
  • Altitude hold function
  • Headless Mode
  • Control at 2.4GHz
  • 1MP wifi camera
  • 6 axis gyroscope
  • Flips 360°
  • LED backlight
  • Max. flight time 7 min
  • Max. FPV removal distance 70 meters

Syma X8HW drone view


  • Quadcopter Syma X8HW
  • 1 × 2S 7.4V 2000mAh LiPo 25C battery
  • 4-channel control equipment 2.4GHz (power supply from 4 “AA” sold separately)
  • 1MP Wi-Fi camera on axisless gimbal
  • Power supply 220V for memory
  • Charger
  • 4 × rotors
  • 4 × spare rotors
  • 4 × rotor protection
  • 4 × landing legs
  • card reader
  • Fastener set
  • Screwdriver
  • Instruction (in English and Chinese)

Syma X8HW equipment









via Wi-Fi

FPV signal frequency:



6 axis gyroscope

Radio frequency:


Number of radio transmitter channels:


Control equipment power supply:

4 × AA 1.5V (sold separately)




microSD (sold separately)


collector type

Battery capacity:

2S 7.4V 2000mAh LiPo



Flight time:

≈ 5-7 min

Range of flight:

≈ 70m

Flying environment:


Charging time:

≈ 200 minutes


ABS plastic



The weight:


Age limit:



Syma X8HW before

Syma X8HW front photo

Syma X8HW side view

Syma X8HW top view

Syma X8HW back photo

Syma X8HW bottom view

Syma X8HW photo dimensions


The Syma X8HW quadcopter is equipped with standard collector-type motors. The developer does not disclose performance information. To fulfill the tasks set, the potential of the power plant is more than enough.

Syma X8HW motors from below


By default, the Syma X8HW quadcopter comes with a 1MP Wi-Fi camera enclosed in a case, which is also an axisless gimbal. The quality of shooting is below average and is only suitable for the first acquaintance with the flight from the first person. The installation process itself does not take much time and is essentially simple. Video material can be saved both on a microSD card pre-installed in the camera, and in the memory of a smartphone paired with the camera. The latter method is more energy intensive.

Syma X8HW camera front

Syma X8HW rear camera


The flight from the first person for this model is implemented via Wi-Fi at a frequency of 2.4 GHz using a video transmitter working in tandem with the on-board camera. The output of the picture is carried out through the free mobile application “SYMA-FPV” (on IOS / Android). The broadcast quality leaves much to be desired, in general, due to the large video signal delay, the time of which increases in proportion to the distance of the quad from the mobile device, but this will be enough for the first acquaintance with FPV flight. Distance of removal in a zone free from hindrances no further than 70 meters.

Now the stock camera does not interfere with the operation of the equipment, as it did with the Syma X8W camera. The distance of removal in FPV mode has increased in practice, and at the time of loss of the video signal, control over the drone remains. Recall that the X8W quad could not be removed with the stock camera turned on beyond the mark of 20 meters, and the Wi-Fi signal from the camera simultaneously jammed the remote control signal, which led to loss of control over the drone.

Syma X8HW quadcopter review


The Syma X8HW quadcopter is equipped with a standard 2-cell 2000mAh lithium-polymer battery with a discharge current of 25C. In FPV mode (in calm weather) it provides a flight time of about 5-7 minutes. The time to fully charge the battery (using the included charger) was no more than 70 minutes.

In fact, to complete the experience, one battery was not enough, we recommend at least 3 × batteries and it would be better to refuse to buy standard Syma in favor of more expensive and productive analogs.

Syma X8HG battery

Note that if you turn off the Wi-Fi camera, the flight time increases to 7-8 minutes.


The Syma X8HW comes with a classic for the eighth series, four-channel equipment operating at a frequency of 2.4GHz. Provides a distance of up to 200 meters in an interference-free area. Power is supplied by 4 × AA batteries, sold separately.

Syma X8HW transmitter for drone

Syma X8HW hardware rear view

Button assignment

Syma X8HW-remote-button assignment

Test Drive

Syma X8HW showed good dynamics in the test. The Altitude Hold function worked flawlessly. Flips 360 ° performs without drawdowns. Freely retires up to 200 meters (in non-FPV field conditions) and up to 70 meters in first person mode. In general, everything depends on external factors at the place where the drone is launched (household devices and appliances operating in the same frequency range). The carrying capacity of the quad remains the same – no more than 150 grams, but everything is solved by replacing the stock motors with the so-called “G-motors”. Like all other models of the developer, the Syma X8HW quadcopter does not like the wind and shows all its best sides only in complete calm.

The higher the wind speed, the greater the likelihood that the quad will fly in its direction, and this despite the constant control between the equipment and the drone. Then, flying out of the limits of the radio exchange and loss of communication, followed by a fall!


  • To take full advantage of the device’s flight performance, it is important to calibrate the compass after every battery connection. This is due to the fact that Syma is equipped with the simplest electronics, which is not able to remember the pre-flight settings. After turning off the power, all settings will be reset! It is recommended to carry out pre-flight calibration on an absolutely horizontal surface (use the level in any of its versions).

Calibration process:

  1. Turn on the drone
  2. Install the quadcopter on a horizontal surface
  3. Turn on the remote control
  4. Bring both sticks to the lower right position and hold for about 2-3 seconds, paying attention to the drone’s backlight, it will start flashing. Wait for the backlight to change from blinking to solid. Calibration completed.
  • If you notice that the quadcopter has stopped producing optimal thrust, and its activity has become more sluggish (with a fully charged battery), then we advise you to simply buy new motors and the quad will begin to realize its full flight potential again. It is advisable to lubricate the motor bushings with a thick grease, this significantly prolongs their life.
  • The main rotors on budget category quadcopters, as a rule, always require mandatory balancing in order to get rid of “jelly” and vibrations at the time of aerial photography.
  • After buying a quad (this applies to the entire X8 series), it is desirable to put all the fasteners of the drone body and, most importantly, the fasteners of the motors on the thread fixer! This is done in order to exclude their self-unwinding (revealed in practice). A spinning motor in flight leads to fatal consequences.

Syma X8HW photo drone


The most frequently asked questions regarding the Syma X8HW quadcopter and the 8 series in general.

*AT – question; Oh is the answer.

Q. Do you have FPV Syma X8HW?

Oh yeah.

Q. Can Syma be equipped X8HW B / C – motors?

A. It is possible, but it is not economically feasible, because the amount that will have to be spent on modernization will be enough for a quite good budget drone on BC motors.

Q. What is the payload capacity of a stock quadcopter Syma X8HW?

A. On stock motors up to 150 grams without a significant loss in handling.

Q. Will cameras from Syma X8C/X8W/X8SC/X8SW/Syma X8G/X8HG fit the quadcopter Syma X8HW?

A. They will do.

Q. How to distinguish “G – motor” from “C – motor”?

A. Determined by the force of attraction of the magnets. G – motors are attracted significantly stronger than conventional ones.

Q. How to turn on Syma X8HW headless mode?

A. Hold down the expense button (left button on the front of the equipment) until you hear a beep.

Syma X8HW drone

Q. What is the difference between “Mode 1” and “Mode 2”?

A. Mode 1 – left stick “Gas”, right stick “Control”. Mode 2 – left stick “Control”, right stick “Gas”.

Q. How do I switch between “Mode 1” and “Mode 2”?

A. Hold the trimmer under the right stick in the right position and at the same time turn on the power of the remote control. The remote control will beep and the display will show “Mode 2”. In the same order to change to “Mode 1”.

Q. Does the battery indicator displayed on the remote control indicate the battery capacity of the quadcopter?

A. No, because the equipment works in one-way mode with the drone, therefore, it does not receive any incoming signals.

Q. Can I retrofit Syma X8HW 2 or 3 axis suspension?

A. No, because not enough traction stock motors. Amateurs solve the issue by replacing it with “G – motors”.

Q. How to transfer the equipment to the “long-range mode” of operation?

By default, standard control equipment is usually set to the so-called “Home mode” (flashing antenna reception symbol on the equipment display). In this mode, the removal distance is not large. To switch to “Long-Range Mode” you need to:

  1. With the equipment turned off, raise and hold the trimmer (to the left of the right stick), at the same time turn the power button of the equipment to the “On” position.
  2. Then move the left stick up and down at the same time. The antenna reception indicator on the display of the equipment will change from flashing to permanently lit.


At the moment, the price for the Syma X8HW quadrocopter is $67.

Syma X8HW quadcopter review


Syma X8HW $67

Syma X8HW



Flight time


flight qualities








Price quality



  • Execution quality
  • Strength
  • FPV (for the first time)
  • Altitude hold function (barometer operation)
  • Dynamic (especially without supports and protection)
  • Headless Mode
  • 6 axis gyroscope
  • LED backlight


  • Collector motors (small resource)
  • FPV over WiFi at 2.4GHz
  • Rotor balancing required
  • Dislikes windy conditions

The manufacturer Syma Toys loves its consumer very much and always listens to the comments revealed during the operation. As a result, each new or modified model is always better than the previous ones. Syma X8HW will primarily be of interest to beginners, it is this segment of consumers who will appreciate all the advantages. But, those who like to work with a soldering iron will not pass by, since the X8 series is always in great demand as a model for deep modernization. Age limit 14+.

A photo

Photo with Syma X8HW quadcopter.

Syma X8HW drone

Syma X8HW photo quad

Syma X8HW drone photo

Syma X8HW led light

Syma X8HW action camera


Video with quadrocopter Syma X8HW.

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