Review of the Underwater Drone Chasing M2 Pro

Review of the underwater drone Chasing M2 Pro

Chasing Innovation has officially released a new generation of underwater fishing drones CHASING M2 Pro. Designed for applications such as underwater search and rescue, water conservancy and hydropower, scientific research, hull and dock inspection, fisheries, etc.

Various power options and unlimited battery life

Chasing M2 Pro solves the main problem – the limited battery life of an underwater drone. The drone is equipped with a quick-detachable/replaceable battery, as well as an AC power supply. Once connected to a ROV, the AC power supply can provide continuous power to the drone from the ship’s power system or standard ground power. This feature ensures a long working day and really trouble-free operation.

In the field of fish surveillance and underwater inspection, the drone can be equipped with an AC power system for continuous monitoring in various underwater and construction tasks. In situations that require many hours of operation, such as undersea search and rescue, the AC power system ensures that underwater drones will operate smoothly.

Chasing M2 Pro

Pictured: Chasing M2 Pro, equipped with an AC power system, is designed for long-term monitoring in fish surveillance operations

High power and suitability for difficult water environments

The Chasing M2 Pro is equipped with a 150W motor, which is 50% more than the previous generation of industrial grade underwater drones. The upgraded engine allows the drone to reach speeds of up to 2 m/s, overcoming the oncoming current in any direction with increased load capacity. The omnidirectional movement of the Chasing M2 Pro is carried out using 8 thrusters, which allows it to move in all directions by 360 degrees. With a diving depth of up to 150m and a range of up to 400m, this drone is suitable for long-term operation over long distances.

The Chasing M2 Pro features a built-in 4K/12MP shockproof camera with image stabilization, a 4,000 lumen LED flashlight, a removable/replaceable battery, a removable Micro SD card, all packed into a compact aluminum alloy body with a total weight of less than 6 kg. The Chasing M2 Pro can be up and running in as little as 3 minutes and is a lightweight, easy to use and reliable industrial grade underwater drone that requires no prep work to launch.

Its functionality can be extended with additional equipment.

In addition to being compatible with standard accessories such as robot arm, LED spotlight and laser measuring devices, the Chasing M2 Pro also uses high-tech field devices, including high-brightness screen remote controls, AC power systems, multi-socket docking stations , 700 Wh battery, USBL underwater positioning systems, multi-beam sonar (sonars) and auxiliary cameras (such as rear view cameras). The Chasing M2 Pro’s high level of compatibility and adaptability allows it to be equipped with multiple add-ons and accessories at the same time for maximum application flexibility in a variety of applications.

Chasing M2 Pro supports multi-beam sonar (sonars) used to map large areas of the seabed. Multibeam imaging sonars are mainly used in long range and low visibility mapping applications. In dark and muddy water, sonars allow visualization of underwater objects, which is especially valuable when inspecting hulls and maintaining dams. During search and rescue operations, sonars allow you to scan and map a wide range of water bodies to look for potential targets. In scientific research projects, sonars can scan for given targets, performing a visual check that divers have done in the past.

Chasing M2 Pro with Sonar

Pictured: Chasing M2 Pro equipped with multi-beam sonar to find targets by mapping large areas

The Chasing M2 Pro can work with Chasing’s own UAVs, using the USBL underwater positioning system and triangulation for real-time underwater position and trajectory feedback. Thus, a remotely operated underwater vehicle (ROV) allows for easy underwater positioning and navigation.

The high-brightness Chasing on-screen remote control supports the control of the underwater drone and its accessories. The monitor screen provides a clear image in sunlight, and the ergonomic key layout makes the work more professional and comfortable. The Chasing M2 PRO can be equipped with an optional 400m cable for long distance operation.

An optional laser zoom device accurately measures underwater distance.

Ground station to Chasing M2 Pro

Pictured: Chasing remote control operating in strong daylight

In addition to the above, Chasing will continue to develop and release even more advanced accessories such as auxiliary cameras and bottom detection sonar for an even wider range of fishing applications and make underwater exploration easier for everyone.

Since its founding, Chasing Innovation has been committed to providing customers with the best solutions, smart products and services for underwater operations, and has made significant social commitments.

Since 2021, Chasing Innovation has been actively involved in emergency rescue, mountain rescue and fire drills around the world. Chasing provides rescue personnel and equipment, and actively cooperates with fire departments around the world to provide high quality fire training.

In the future, Chasing will do its best to develop better products and advanced technologies to raise the value of underwater drones in the public mind.

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