A very orig­i­nal manned drone with a fair­ly robust design is pre­sent­ed. There is one pilot seat on board, which is made of car­bon fiber. Because of its so inter­est­ing appear­ance, which reminds many of an ordi­nary deck chair on the Inter­net, the nov­el­ty was called the fly­ing “chaise lounge”. The drone is equipped with ten air-jet engines that help it rise and stay in the air. In addi­tion, the drone has a fair­ly good speed up to 250 km / h and maneu­ver­abil­i­ty, it can even do var­i­ous tricks in the air, such as som­er­saults. How­ev­er, due to safe­ty con­cerns, the drone has to do the stunts on its own, with­out a pas­sen­ger.

The peak alti­tude that the drone man­aged to reach is 3,000 meters. The nov­el­ty can car­ry var­i­ous car­goes, the only con­di­tion is that the weight of the car­go should not exceed 200 kg. It is not dif­fi­cult to con­trol a fly­ing “chaise lounge”, it can be done both remote­ly and autonomous­ly.


By Yara