Obstacle Avoidance: Spark vs Mavic Pro

Obstacle Avoidance: Spark vs Mavic Pro

Obstacle Avoidance: Spark vs Mavic Pro


Everyone who is at least theoretically familiar with the new DJI Spark selfie drone knows that the developer has equipped it with a new, previously unused 3D sensor system for detecting obstacles. DJI Innovations produces high quality products and generally sets modern trends in the field of household UAVs, so there was no doubt that the 3D system would be better than the existing ones, but many will probably be interested in how much better it is.

Spark vs Mavic

Famous YouTube vlogger Michael Kincaid kindly shared his comprehensive video report showing the significant advantage of the new Spark 3D obstacle detection system over the Mavic Pro system:

In general, the systems of both drones coped with the Playground test. But still, the Mavic system eventually gave way to the Spark 3D system, at the moment when it could not recognize the chain, while losing noticeably in the detection distance to the object.

Obstacle Avoidance: Spark vs Mavic Pro

*Spark drone system locks the chain.

Obstacle Avoidance: Spark vs Mavic Pro

*Mavic drone system failed to recognize the chain.

The Spark system, in turn, in some cases allowed the drone to approach objects suspiciously close, you can also notice that with the active system, the drone’s flight speed did not exceed 8 km / h.

Where to use?

The Spark Obstacle Sensing system, coupled with its sluggishness when the system is active, will work great in crowded areas where more security is needed, but if you’re shooting outdoors, in a place where the full potential of the drone can be best to turn it off.

When the detection system is active, the speed of the drone is electronically limited to 10 km / h, when it is turned off, the maximum horizontal flight speed increases to 20 km / h (when controlling a smartphone) and up to 50 km / h when controlling the equipment.

Obstacle Avoidance in Active Track Mode

In this case, it is worth remembering that the drone will dutifully follow the specified object exactly until it encounters an obstacle on its way that it cannot fly around, if such a moment happens Spark will behave like all other drones from DJI it will just hang.

Indoor Obstacle Avoidance

The stability of the Spark deserves special respect, in cramped conditions, he “feels at home.” See how the drone behaves when flying indoors:

When flying around the house, you can see that the Spark wobbles noticeably when it flies through the interior openings, but in general, the drone’s 3D sensor obstacle recognition system performed extremely well and significantly raised the standard for future mini quadcopters and selfie drones. The performance of the system is recognized as the best in its class.

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