New SkyDio 2+ Drone Unveiled at CES

New SkyDio 2+ drone unveiled at CES

New SkyDio 2+ drone unveiled at CES

The American drone manufacturer has unveiled an update to its acclaimed Skydio 2 drone called the SkyDio 2 Plus. The novelty has received improvements in hardware and software.

Launched in 2019, the Skydio 2 drone has one of the best obstacle avoidance systems on the market.

Two additional antennas were added to the updated Skydio 2 Plus model, which made it possible to increase the range of signal reception and flight up to 6 km in any direction. For comparison, its predecessor has a range of 3.5 km. In addition, Skydio reported that the improvement of the battery allowed to increase the flight duration of the new model by 20% – up to 27 minutes. The optional Skydio Beacon remote control has also been upgraded, increasing its range from 1.5 to 3 km.

It also adds an incredible new KeyFrame flight mode, which the company says is powered by artificial intelligence and allows “anyone to design incredible camera movement that is smooth, precise and repeatable.” As the name suggests, you select several keyframes that you want to capture with the drone, and then the program links them together in one continuous motion. Compared to DJI, Skydio drones don’t have such an extensive set of camera modes, so the addition of KeyFrame is important for a company whose devices are used by both ordinary users and corporate clients.

Skydio 2 Plus is already on sale starting at $1,099. The KeyFrame feature is available for both Skydio 2 and 2 Plus models after a firmware update.

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