MJX X705C Quadcopter Review

MJX X705C Quadcopter Review

MJX X705C Quadcopter Review
MJX X705C Quadcopter Review


Another development of the company Meijiaxin Toys – MJX R / C Technic – quadrocopter MJX X705C. At the moment, it is firmly entrenched in the “Purchased drones” segment in terms of price / quality ratio. The design is inherited from Syma X5C and remotely from DJI Phantom 3. Of course, it is far from Phantom, but the difference between Syma X5C and MJX X705C is visible to the naked eye. Next, about the most important details of the popular model.

About the product

Let’s immediately note the plastic of the MJX X705C, the quality deserves respect for the UAV niche it occupies. Will not fasten, does not bend, the body of the drone as one monolithic structure. Equipped with bright LED lighting. Drone dimensions 315 × 315 × 120mm. Drone weight ≈ 102 gr.

MJX X705C orange

flight qualities

The MJX X705C quadcopter will please any beginner. Stable, it reacts accurately to the movement of the sticks, you won’t have to get used to it. Actively rotates on the ruder, performs programmed flips without any problems.

The X705C motors are commutator type, the torque is transmitted through gearboxes.

MJX X705C motors


The MJX X705C quadcopter received an FPV kit in its arsenal, through which first-person flight is implemented for this model. The quality of the 0.3MP Wi-Fi camera C4005 leaves much to be desired. In practice, 1280 × 720p (HD) does not reach the resolution declared by the manufacturer, a maximum of 640 × 480p at 15 fps. Overall picture quality is below average. The camera is controlled using a smartphone through a free application. The main purpose of the Wi-Fi camera is far from shooting, but a simple introduction to flying in FPV mode.

It is worth remembering that for all its simplicity, FPV over Wi-Fi has one significant disadvantage – the delay. Its value increases with each meter the distance of the drone from the smart device with which the camera was paired.

MJX X705C camera


The MJX X705C comes with a 3.7V 550(600) mAh lithium-polymer battery. Depending on the piloting modes, it provides a flight time of no more than 8 minutes. Battery charging time ≈ 120 minutes.

The MJX X705C quadcopter can be equipped with both 550mAh and 600mAh batteries. In tests, there was no significant difference in flight time.

MJX X705C battery compartment

First start

Having assembled the MJX X705C in flight condition, postpone the installation of the rotors on the drive shafts of the motors for later. This is due for security reasons. The rotors are put on after binding the remote control to the drone.

Drone tethering

  1. Turn on the drone – on the back of the drone, the switch is in the “On” position. The aircraft’s LED light will flash rapidly.
  2. We install the drone on a flat surface with red lights towards the pilot.
  3. We turn on the remote control. We wait 5-7 seconds, after which we move the left stick from the lower position to the upper one and back in one motion.
  4. The indication on the remote control will flash green, and the backlight on the aircraft will stop flashing. Wait for the remote control indicator to turn on permanently. The binding is completed and the drone is ready to fly.
  5. Install the rotors on the drone motor drive shafts.

MJX X705C flight performance

Linking the camera to a smartphone

Next, we proceed to bind WiFi toamers C4005 to a smartphone. To do this, download the free application “MJX C4005F”.

  1. After downloading the application, turn on Wi-Fi on your smartphone. Find “MJX C4005 FPV_17C1” in the list of connected devices and click “Connect”.
  2. Run the previously downloaded application “MJX C4005F”. The “Monitor” icon will appear on the display, touch it. Binding is completed correctly if the live image from the drone’s camera appears on the display.

In addition to displaying the FPV image, the application will allow you to control: video recording, photography, displaying the transmitted image at 180º and assigning a location for saving the footage on the smartphone, as well as displaying information about the Wi-Fi connection signal level.

Linking the phone to the MJX X705C camera


  • Quadcopter MJX X705C
  • 0.3MP wifi camera C4005
  • Remote Control
  • Lithium polymer battery 1S 3.7V 550(600) mAh.
  • four × rotors
  • four × spare rotors
  • 2 × landing supports
  • four × mounting screws for attaching the landing legs
  • four × rotor protection (with mounting screws)
  • smartphone holder
  • USB drone battery charger
  • Screwdriver
  • Instruction (Chinese and English)

MJX X705C equipment


The MJX X705C quadcopter comes in a choice of two colors – classic white and orange.

MJX X705C Front

MJX X705C bottom view

MJX X705C Quadcopter Review



6 axis gyroscope


collector type with a drive through a reducer

Rotor diameter:



1S 3.7V 550(600)mAh LiPo

Flight time:

9 min

Charging time:

120 min

The frequency of the equipment:


Number of channels:


Control distance:

up to 100m

Drone lighting:


Flying environment:

indoors and outdoors

Drone dimensions:


Weight (without battery):


Remote Control

MJX X705C Quadcopter Review

The MJX X705C quadcopter is equipped with classic 4-channel control equipment operating at a frequency of 2.4GHz. In a zone free from interference, it provides controlled removal of the drone at a distance of up to 100 meters. In the metropolis, this distance is no further than 50 meters. The remote control is equipped with an LCD display that displays auxiliary information about the power level of the equipment, the strength of the transmitted signal, the acceleration level, the indication of the activity of the video mode, the modes for determining the sticks “Mode-1” and “Mode-2” and the indication of costs (L and H, which corresponds to Low and High).


MJX X705C Quadcopter Review

On various Internet trading platforms, the MJX X705C quadrocopter is sold at an average price of $120.


MJXX705C $120




Flight time


flight qualities








Price quality



  • Quality
  • Design
  • Controllability
  • FPV
  • LED backlight
  • The weight
  • Ready to fly out of the box


  • Small resource of collector motors
  • Camera (does not pull on the declared 720p)
  • FPV (broadcast quality)
  • No return to hardware function
  • Price

The MJX X705C is an excellent value for money drone. Therefore, it is more than ever suitable for novice pilots who set themselves the task of learning the primary skills of piloting and familiarizing themselves with FPV flight, in order to later move on to something more expensive. When retrofitted with a good camera (for example, Mobius MINI or Firefly Q6), it will significantly extend the positive emotions from ownership.

A photo

Photo of MJX X705C quadcopter.

MJX X705C drone photo

MJX X705C different colors

MJX X705C backlight


Video with flights of quadrocopter MJX X705C.


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