Meet the DJI Air 2S

Meet the DJI Air 2S

April 15, 2021. DJI, the world leader in civilian drones and photo and video technology, today sets a new standard for flight quality and incredible images with the new DJI Air 2S drone. This portable drone is an all-in-one solution that provides reliable flight performance, an advanced camera and high-quality pre-programmed content creation tools.

“Every content writer remembers what it was like to fly a drone for the first time. It is possible that you will experience similar feelings when you first try this combination of amazing flight performance of DJI Air 2S and breathtaking image quality,” says Ferdinand Wolf, Creative Director of DJI Europe. “The DJI Air 2S is a dream drone made a reality for anyone who wants more from aerial photography. The device shows updates that make it truly versatile. We are confident that users, from content creators to drone enthusiasts and travelers, will be delighted with the new product.”

The DJI Air 2S is the first compact drone capable of capturing 20-megapixel stills and 5.4K video with the new 1-inch sensor previously only available on larger, less agile drones. DJI continues to make content creation easy with the new “MasterShots” feature. This mode uses automatic flight path planning, setting the aircraft’s heading during video recording. Upon completion of the flight, DJI Air 2S automatically combines the footage into one breathtaking clip.

The DJI Air 2S has a 31-minute flight time and four-sided obstacle detection so you can focus on filming, while the drone’s safety system warns of nearby obstacles. APAS 4.0 is DJI’s most advanced autopilot system that, when activated, maneuvers around a subject completely autonomously. O3, the third version of DJI’s OcuSync, brings the most reliable transmission technology on the market to this handheld drone, allowing you to keep your connection stable. The updated FocusTrack feature includes a set of pre-programmed modes such as Spotlight 2.0, ActiveTrack 4.0 and Point of Interest 3.0 that easily focus, control and mimic the movements of a professional videographer.

A versatile tool for any task in content creation

Push the limits of your creativity by capturing high-quality footage with the new 1-inch sensor camera that captures 20-megapixel stills, 5.4K video at 30fps or 4K at 60fps at 150Mbps. The device’s sensor is larger than the original Mavic Air 2 and offers a larger 2.4µm pixel size, which captures more information and details for better photos and videos. Get close to the subject without moving the drone using the new digital zoom that supports 4x at 4K/30fps, 6x at 2.7K/30fps, 4x at 2.7K/60fps per second, 6x at 1080P/60fps and 8x at 1080P/30fps. DJI’s famous 3-axis mechanical gimbal makes the picture smooth, providing professional video quality, and the built-in memory is 8 GB. You can choose to record in H264 or H265 format, depending on your preference for image detail and storage capacity, and you can choose from three video color profiles: Normal (8-bit), D-Log (10-bit) or HLG ( 10bit) that best suits your video needs.

In addition to standard features such as Timed Photo, AEB, and Panorama, DJI Air 2S SmartPhoto mode allows you to capture 20-megapixel photos using advanced scene analysis and machine learning algorithms to automatically select the best of three options, HDR, Hyperlight and Scene Recognition for the most visually appealing image. HDR mode combines multiple shots to create a vivid image, while Hyperlight is designed for low light situations. The Scene Recognition feature determines which camera settings need to be changed and makes adjustments to create memorable shots.

Pre-programmed modes for professional videos

The DJI Air 2S has the most pre-programmed flight and shooting modes of any DJI drone of its size. Among these features:


  • Smart MasterShots: Pro level aerial photography has never been easier. After activating “MasterShots”, the aircraft will automatically plan its flight path. Select one of the three shooting modes (zoom, portrait or landscape) and the device will start creating a movie. Depending on the template you choose, the DJI Fly app will create a unique video that you can share with the world.
  • FocusTrack: Focus on scene selection and let the DJI Air 2S do the rest for you. Select an object by dragging a box around it on your mobile device, and then select Point of Interest 3.0 (automatic flight around the object), ActiveTrack 4.0 (a tool that smoothly tracks the object and keeps it in the frame), or Spotlight 2.0 (the pilot controls the movement of the drone, the object in the frame is automatically held by the system).
  • Quick shooting modes: Drone, Asteroid, Circle, Spiral, Boomerang and Rocket.
  • Hyperlapse Mode: See the world from above in fast motion with Hyperlapse in up to 4K resolution. For content shot at 4K and below, you can use digital stabilization.

Safer and more intuitive flight controls

DJI Air 2S uses four antennas and a new version of DJI’s proprietary OcuSync, O3 transmission technology, which can provide stable transmission up to 8 km even in areas with a lot of signals. A maximum flight time of 31 minutes gives you more time to create memorable shots, while obstacle detection sensors on four sides help reduce the risk of collision. Updated front, rear, bottom and top obstacle sensors feature binocular zoom technology to detect objects approaching from afar at higher speeds.

DJI Air 2S uses the latest and most advanced version of the Advanced Pilot Assistance System (APAS) 4.0, which allows the aircraft to autonomously and smoothly maneuver around, under, and over obstacles. During medium speed flight, the improved APAS 4.0 system offers a wider field of view for detecting obstacles than previous versions. When flying at higher speeds, the aircraft tilts forward at a greater angle, and the new upward-facing obstacle sensor plays a critical role in obstacle detection. As with other DJI drones, the DJI Air 2S AirSense system warns of nearby aircraft and helicopters transmitting ADS-B signals, so you can quickly get to a safer area. Other DJI DJI Air 2S safety features include an enhanced Return to Home (RTH) feature that will help return the aircraft to its launch point if it loses contact with the controller or reaches a critically low battery level, and the GEO 2.0 Geofencing System, which alerts pilots to air restrictions. space and help maintain distance from sensitive areas such as airports. DJI Air 2S uses the latest version of the DJI Fly app, which provides instructions and guides for using the device.

Cost and Availability

The DJI Air 2S can be purchased after April 19th (pre-sales start April 16th) at our CopterTime online store. The standard kit is priced at ₽97,990 and includes the drone, remote control, battery, and all cables and parts needed to fly. The Fly More Combo retails for $126,990 and includes everything in the standard kit plus 2 extra batteries, ND filters, a charging hub, and a shoulder bag.

* The maximum transmission range of the DJI Air 2S is 8 km without obstacles or interference, and complies with the CE standard (12 km FCC). The maximum flight range is for reference only and depends on the strength and stability of the radio signal. The drone must always be in the field of view, unless otherwise specified. Check local laws and regulations in your area.

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