Introducing the DJI Inspire 2

Introducing the DJI Inspire 2

A long-awaited novelty for professional operators – DJI Inspire 2. This copter has embodied most of the expectations of professional operators. Despite the fact that in our country there is still no widespread use of 4K video, this copter went even further and received a 5.2K camera that shoots in CinemaDNG RAW.

Inspire 2 takes all the best from Inspore 1 and goes a lot further. A completely redesigned video processing system lets you shoot up to 5.2K in CinemaDNG RAW, Apple ProRes and more. It accelerates to 80km/h in 4 seconds and reaches a top speed of 108km/h and a maximum descent speed of 9m/s is a record for a quad of this size. Dual battery system extends flight time to 27 minutes (with X4S camera), self-heating system allows you to fly even at low temperatures. The autopilot system has been redesigned for the Inspire 2 and now provides 2-way obstacle avoidance and sensor redundancy. The advanced smart mode system includes SpotlightPro, allowing even one pilot to get the full range of shots. The updated video transmission system now uses two-channel transmission to receive the signal from the FPV and main cameras at the same time.


1. Magnesium aluminum composite frame and folding design, carbon beams

2. Configuration: Visual positioning, 2-axis FPV camera, various cameras supported

3. Propulsion system provides speed of 108km/h, 2kg of thrust per motor, 15″ propellers, maximum flight time is 27 minutes (with x4s camera)

4. Battery: dual battery self-heating, battery backup, 98wh

Video system:

1. Image processing and recording: 5.2K@4.2Gbps RAW video, CineCore 2.0, integrated DJI CINESSD.

2. Video formats: CinemaDNG and Apple ProRes 5.2K, H.265 and H.264 codec, 4K at 100Mbps. Video recording can be done in parallel on DJI CINESSD and SD.

3. File systems: FAT32/exFAT.

Remote Control

1. Frequency switching between 2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz. Light bridge technology
2. Control up to 7 km*
3.Master/Slave mode switching: support multiple slave controllers
4. Ports: Expansion port, HDMI port, USB port
*No Interference,(FCC).

Professional image quality

The new CineCore 2.0 processing system integrated into Shtyzshka 2 supports shooting and recording 5.2K video in Adobe CinemaDNG*, Apple ProRes** and more

CineCore 2.0 is built into the front of the quad and works with any gimbal port compatible camera (Currently X4s*** and X5S)

* and ** Additional license purchase required

*** X4S does not support DNG RAW and Apple ProRes recording

Efficient workspace

The Inspire 2 workspace has been optimized to be compatible with CinemaDNG and Apple ProRes video recording and other popular post-production and editing formats. FAT32/exFAT* file systems are also supported, which support fast data copying from CINESSD without additional software.

*not yet available

Sensitivity and collision avoidance

The front and bottom vision systems allow you to detect obstacles 30 meters in front of you, ensuring safe flight at speeds up to 54 km/h and a controlled angle up to 25 degrees. Upward-facing IR sensors detect obstacles from above at a distance of up to 5 meters, giving additional protection when flying in enclosed spaces. Obstacle avoidance systems operate during normal flight, return home and all “intelligent control” modes

These sensors are components of the DJI FlightAutonomy system, which makes flying even safer:

  • Accurate indoor hovering and point holding
  • Collision avoidance;
  • Automatic obstruction avoidance on return home
  • Determining the quality of the landing surface
  • Top IR sensors

Spotlight Pro

A powerful tracking system that gives even one pilot the opportunity to shoot professionally. The system uses advanced image tracking algorithms to track objects regardless of which way the Inspire is flying, creating shots that would previously require a separate operator. If the gimbal reaches the rotation limit, the Inspire 2 will begin to rotate in the same direction without changing its flight direction to compensate for the gimbal’s work.

Quick Mode and Composition Mode.

In “quick mode” – select an object and start tracking

In “composition mode” select the space and object. When the object enters the specified zone, click on the shortcut to start tracking. The position of the gimbal can be adjusted to change the composition. Spotlight Pro is available in all smart modes including ActiveTrack, TapFly, waypoints and POIs.

Intelligent Flight Modes, in addition to Spotlight Pro, give you even more creative freedom. The collision avoidance system is optimized for POI* and waypoint flight*, allowing you to shoot multiple takes with a repeating path. Also available for QuickSpin, TapFly and ActiveTrack

*soon to be available.


2-axis FPV system supports separate control areas. On the FPV control screen, tap the screen and set the flight direction and the Inspire 2 will take off, leaving the pilot to focus on the movement of the gimbal.

active track

ActiveTrack allows the Inspire 2 to recognize objects ranging from people to motorcycles, cars and boats. Profile tracking can be customized based on the environment to get the best tracking experience.

Smart return home

Forward and rear vision positioning systems allow you to create a real-time flight map. If the signal is lost and the “smart return home” mode is enabled, this will allow you to return using the same path, but in the event of a signal, straightening the trajectory. The return uses the main camera to identify obstacles up to 200m on the course, allowing you to navigate a straight and safe path home.

Optimized transmission and control system

The new power plant has been optimized for a new level of performance. The Inspire 2 flies at speeds up to 108km/h and has the ability to descend up to 9m/s and climb up to 6m/s. It can accelerate to 80km/h in 4s and fly at max altitude with a 40 degree tilt angle.

The remote controller’s sticks have been calibrated for greater sensitivity and more precise control.

The high power allows the Inspire 2 to fly in extreme conditions such as 2500-5000m above sea level (using special propellers) and temperatures down to -20 degrees using self-heating batteries.

Video transmission system

The latest upgrade of DJI Lightbridge technology allows you to achieve a range of 7km* and 1080p/720p video transmission. The user can switch between 2.4/5.8GHz** to get the best signal level.

* no interference, FCC.
**5.8GHz is not available in all countries.

Master and Slave control panels. The latest HD wireless transmission system sends the image from the Master to the Slave, and the distance between them can reach 100m without losing image quality. Broadcast mode allows you to receive 1080i50 and 720p60 signals and provide simple broadcast direct to TV.

Reliability has also been improved with the use of two IMUs, a compass and barometers. The flight control system monitors the performance giving accurate flight data. A new collision avoidance system helps the Inspire 2 avoid collisions. Dual batteries in the event of a problem with one of them allows you to safely complete the flight on one battery. The Inspire 2 powerplant also has a redundant link in case the PWM signal fails. To ensure the reliability of the system, this power plant has been tested for hundreds of hours. Considering all these factors, we can conclude that the system has become much more reliable.

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