Introducing the Chasing M2 Underwater Drone

Introducing the Chasing M2 underwater drone

Introducing the Chasing M2 underwater drone

Introducing the Chasing M2 underwater drone

The latest CHASING drone, M2 is the first professional drone equipped with 8 directional motors for professional and corporate use.

At CES2020 Las Vegas, USA – an international show dedicated to consumer electronics, Chasing introduced a new underwater drone model – CHASING M2.

Introducing the Chasing M2 underwater drone

The newest drone CHASING M2 is the first professional drone equipped with 8 directional motors and designed for professional and corporate use.

“The launch of the new Chasing M2 drone marks the company’s entry into the professional equipment market,” says co-founder Jackie Young.

The M2 is equipped with a camera capable of shooting 4K video with digital stabilization, with the ability to shoot 12MP photos and 4000 lumens of LED light. All this allows you to get detailed images under water, making the M2 an excellent tool for scientific research, fish farming, inspections in various areas – from the study of the hulls of boats and ships to the condition of dams. It can dive to a depth of 100 meters.

The world’s first set of 8 omnidirectional motors allows the user to steer the M2 in six directions, pan and tilt the submersible. Improved Depth Lock Mode provides amazingly stable control.

Optionally, you can mount GoPro cameras or other cameras on the front or back of the M2 housing, as well as additional lighting. It also supports additional sensors such as laser measurement equipment for sizing underwater objects, measuring cracks, or monitoring fish growth. Depending on the needs, M2 allows you to install additional equipment while maintaining the stability of operation and control.

The M2 is the first professional submersible with a replaceable battery and microSD card to reduce downtime during charging and downloading. The M2 is completely sealed to a depth of 100 meters thanks to technology developed by Chasing.

The M2 aluminum body provides a low weight of about 5kg. Incredibly light and small, it can be carried by one person and even transported by plane, allowing it to be used anywhere.

Thanks to its ease of use, compact size, the M2 is a tool with a good combination of price, quality and performance in a market that did not exist before. “Existing radio-controlled underwater devices are often too large, heavy and expensive for most government agencies, companies and small organizations. As a result, fish farming, inspection of ships, dams, rescue operations, etc. were not covered by such devices.”

Chasing has also developed a professional-grade remote control, as well as E-Reel, an electronic reel that provides convenient operation, quick deployment and easy cable twisting. The battery-powered E-Reel system can automatically unwind and reel a 200-meter cable in just 2 minutes, up to 12 times per charge. The system comes with an anti-kink cable, battery protection system and display that can also be used with other Chasing drones, including the consumer GLADIUS MINI and CHASING DORY.

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