Lever­age DJI’s unri­valed tech­nol­o­gy for breath­tak­ing first-per­son flight expe­ri­ences, push­ing the bound­aries of what drones can do for every pilot.

DJI, the world leader in civil­ian drones and cre­ative cam­eras, today intro­duces DJI Ava­ta, a trans­for­ma­tive new drone that offers an unpar­al­leled immer­sive flight expe­ri­ence. DJI Ava­ta cre­ates a new par­a­digm for First Per­son View (FPV) drone flight, allow­ing every pilot to race through the sky and expe­ri­ence its amaz­ing per­for­mance, agili­ty and ease of con­trol. Com­bined with the new DJI Gog­gles 2 and DJI’s intu­itive motion con­troller, the DJI Ava­ta deliv­ers a hith­er­to unimag­in­able flight expe­ri­ence.

“DJI Ava­ta was cre­at­ed to awak­en the desire to fly in every­one, with immer­sive flight tech­nol­o­gy that allows every­one to expe­ri­ence an almost out-of-body FPV flight expe­ri­ence,” said Fer­di­nand Wolf, Cre­ative Direc­tor of DJI. “With the DJI Ava­ta, even a novice pilot is breath­tak­ing, and the enhanced safe­ty fea­tures allow every­one to freely try cre­ative aer­i­al move­ments. Paired with the DJI Gog­gles 2 and the DJI motion con­troller, the DJI Ava­ta appears to fly with the wind. Whether you’re fly­ing for fun, film­ing great social media clips, or wow­ing audi­ences in a pro­duc­tion stu­dio, DJI Ava­ta will show you why the immer­sive flight expe­ri­ence takes you to a new world of soar­ing pos­si­bil­i­ties.”

DJI Ava­ta opens up new cre­ative avenues for begin­ners and pro­fes­sion­als alike. Its unique and com­pact design retracts the chas­sis of a tra­di­tion­al drone into a body built for speed and agili­ty, weigh­ing just 410 grams but with inte­grat­ed aero­dy­nam­ic prop shrouds for added safe­ty. Its pow­er­ful sta­bi­lized cam­era with 1/1.7″ CMOS sen­sor with 48 mil­lion effec­tive pix­els deliv­ers top-notch image pro­cess­ing fea­tures such as 4K/60fps and 2.7K/50/60/100/120fps video [2] , pro­vid­ing cre­ators with a stun­ning new tool to seam­less­ly cap­ture pre­mi­um video con­tent. And with a flight time of up to 18 min­utes, it can deliv­er a thrilling, pow­er­ful ride on every flight.

DJI Ava­ta is designed to be paired with DJI Gog­gles 2 — DJI’s lat­est flight con­trol tech­nol­o­gy — and a DJI motion con­troller that con­trols the air­craft accord­ing to the move­ment of your hand. Users can also con­trol the air­craft with their exist­ing DJI FPV 2 remote con­troller and DJI FPV Gog­gles V2. DJI’s unri­valed flight tech­nol­o­gy means the DJI Ava­ta can hov­er like a tra­di­tion­al drone, accel­er­ate like a rac­er, zoom in and out in tight spaces, and stop in a split sec­ond. Should the DJI Ava­ta go beyond its lim­its and land upside down, the new Tur­tle Mode will allow it to roll over and take off again. Togeth­er, DJI Ava­ta flight con­trol and sta­bi­liza­tion tech­nol­o­gy makes it the per­fect drone for enter­tain­ing while cap­tur­ing vivid, pro­fes­sion­al-qual­i­ty video:

  • DJI Gog­gles 2: High Def­i­n­i­tion and Low Laten­cy Trans­mis­sion

    DJI Gog­gles 2 is a new gen­er­a­tion video head­set that is small­er, lighter and more com­fort­able, and the crys­tal clear FPV image is com­pa­ra­ble to that of oth­er DJI drones. The DJI Gog­gles 2 has a sharp­er Micro-OLED screen with adjustable diopter, so peo­ple who nor­mal­ly wear glass­es don’t need to use them in con­junc­tion with the glass­es. When used with the DJI motion con­troller, you can freely con­trol the drone and gim­bal cam­era to meet your shoot­ing needs in var­i­ous sce­nar­ios. The intu­itive touch pan­el on the side of the gog­gles makes it easy to con­trol their set­tings with one hand.

    DJI Ava­ta and DJI Gog­gles 2 con­nect with DJI O3+ trans­mis­sion, the most pow­er­ful and reli­able tech­nol­o­gy for pre­cise con­trol, ultra-low laten­cy, and detailed 1080p/100fps video with H.265 decod­ing. It offers the low­est trans­mis­sion delay of approx­i­mate­ly 30 mil­lisec­onds, the longest trans­mis­sion dis­tance of 10 kilo­me­ters (2 kilo­me­ters in Europe), [4] auto­mat­ic dual fre­quen­cy switch­ing, high data rate of 50Mbps and advanced anti-inter­fer­ence tech­niques to ensure reli­able feed. DJI Gog­gles 2 also offers a wire­less stream­ing fea­ture to watch live from your mobile phone or com­put­er on the gog­gles screen for an immer­sive view­ing expe­ri­ence.

  • motion con­troller

    DJI The DJI Motion Con­troller is a com­plete­ly redesigned flight con­trol device that allows the pilot to accu­rate­ly per­form com­plex maneu­vers based on the nat­ur­al move­ments of one hand. The sys­tem is so intu­itive that even begin­ners can quick­ly get start­ed and learn how to fly in con­tin­u­ous flu­id motions, even when div­ing close to the ground, skim­ming over obsta­cles and glid­ing through nar­row bar­ri­ers into the open.

Upgraded 4K Imaging System with Super Stabilization

DJI Ava­ta has an out­stand­ing imag­ing sys­tem that out­per­forms any FPV race: a 1/1.7‑inch 48MP CMOS sen­sor with f/2.8 aper­ture and a 155° ultra-wide angle lens. The wider field of view allows for immer­sive aer­i­al pho­tog­ra­phy and video cap­ture at up to 4K/60fps, as well as slow motion at 2.7K/100fps. Equipped with D‑Cinelike col­or mode, DJI Ava­ta allows for a wide col­or palette that allows you to make detailed chro­mat­ic adjust­ments to your art­work.

Even dur­ing high-pres­sure air maneu­vers, DJI Ava­ta keeps your video sharp and sta­ble with two flag­ship sta­bi­liza­tion tech­nolo­gies. DJI Rock­Steady elim­i­nates gen­er­al image shak­ing, while DJI Hori­zon­Steady main­tains image ori­en­ta­tion at a true lev­el. All this data is trans­ferred to 20 GB of inter­nal mem­o­ry, which gives you addi­tion­al free­dom and spon­tane­ity when it comes to tak­ing a cre­ative shot, even with­out a microSD card installed in the built-in stor­age.

Fly safe­ly with con­fi­dence

The built-in DJI Ava­ta pro­peller guards make the fuse­lage more durable and great­ly reduce risk, allow­ing you to fly with more con­fi­dence in air­craft that can with­stand minor col­li­sions and even recov­er from flip­ping in Tur­tle Mode.

When the DJI Ava­ta is in the air, pilots can rely on a suite of safe­ty fea­tures to make fly­ing safe and mem­o­rable. A ded­i­cat­ed emer­gency brak­ing and hov­er­ing func­tion is avail­able in all flight modes, stop­ping the air­craft and hov­er­ing in place at any time dur­ing flight. The Fail­safe Return to Home fea­ture auto­mat­i­cal­ly returns the air­craft to its home point with the touch of a but­ton, or in the event of a trans­mis­sion loss or a crit­i­cal­ly low bat­tery lev­el.

Despite its small size, DJI Ava­ta incor­po­rates the indus­try-lead­ing secu­ri­ty tech­nol­o­gy pio­neered by DJI that has kept the world’s skies safe in the age of drones. DJI Ava­ta uses the DJI GEO 2.0 geofenc­ing sys­tem to inform pilots of air­space restric­tions and poten­tial haz­ards, and auto­mat­i­cal­ly pre­vent drones from fly­ing near cer­tain high-risk loca­tions such as air­ports. DJI Ava­ta is also equipped with the DJI AirSense ADS‑B Receiv­er Sys­tem, which warns drone pilots of approach­ing air­craft or heli­copters, and broad­casts the DJI Aero­Scope sig­nal to help author­i­ties track drones in the air at crit­i­cal loca­tions. The vast major­i­ty of drone pilots fly safe­ly and respon­si­bly, and the high speeds of DJI Ava­ta may require pilots to pay extra atten­tion and care to be aware of their sur­round­ings. Drone pilots fly­ing with FPV gog­gles must be paired with a visu­al observ­er to act as the spot­ter, and many juris­dic­tions require a visu­al observ­er to watch for haz­ards in the air­space. Always fly safe­ly and respon­si­bly, and be sure to under­stand and com­ply with the legal require­ments for fly­ing.

DJI Ava­ta is equipped with an infrared sen­sor sys­tem and a dual-cam­era bot­tom-view sys­tem. They help the drone main­tain its cur­rent posi­tion, hov­er more accu­rate­ly, fly indoors or in oth­er con­di­tions where satel­lite nav­i­ga­tion is not avail­able, and iden­ti­fy areas such as bod­ies of water that are not suit­able for land­ing. To main­tain ori­en­ta­tion while wear­ing the gog­gles, DJI Ava­ta and DJI Gog­gles 2 also dis­play the home point from which the air­craft took off. This aug­ment­ed real­i­ty (AR) per­spec­tive pro­vides an addi­tion­al sense of ori­en­ta­tion to help the pilot locate their imme­di­ate sur­round­ings in sec­onds.

An immersive flight experience for any skill level

DJI Ava­ta allows pilots, from begin­ners to pro­fes­sion­als, to choose from sev­er­al flight modes to suit their skill lev­el:

  • Nor­mal (N) Mode: When oper­at­ing in N Mode, the DJI Ava­ta oper­ates sim­i­lar­ly to oth­er DJI drones, hov­er­ing in place using satel­lite nav­i­ga­tion and/or visu­al posi­tion­ing sys­tems (VPS) at the bot­tom of the air­craft.
  • Man­u­al (M) Mode (only with DJI FPV 2 Remote Con­troller): Fly in M ​​mode for full, unre­strict­ed con­trol and total immer­sion in FPV flight. Advanced users can adjust set­tings and enjoy flight and footage unlike any­thing else.
  • Sport (S) Mode: A new hybrid com­bi­na­tion of M and N modes, S mode offers some of the dynam­ic dri­ving capa­bil­i­ties found in M ​​mode, as well as some of N mod­e’s key safe­ty fea­tures. S mode is an inter­me­di­ate between the three modes and was designed to give pilots more oppor­tu­ni­ties to learn their skills as they get used to the drone.

Become an FPV Mas­ter with the DJI Vir­tu­al Flight App

DJI Ava­ta is con­trolled using the DJI Fly app, which con­tains detailed instruc­tions for fly­ing the air­craft. The DJI Vir­tu­al Flight app is a free sim­u­la­tion app that intro­duces new pilots to drone move­ments in a sim­ple, fun and safe envi­ron­ment. The sim­u­la­tor allows pilots to con­trol DJI Ava­ta in var­i­ous con­di­tions with a ded­i­cat­ed con­troller.

Flight Accel­er­a­tion Acces­sories

A range of new DJI Ava­ta acces­sories offer pilots addi­tion­al tech­nolo­gies to get the most out of every flight and get the most out of their equip­ment: [5]

DJI Ava­ta is the eas­i­est and most immer­sive immer­sive drone for any­one who has ever dreamed of fly­ing like a bird. This gives cre­ators a trans­for­ma­tion­al tool to con­fi­dent­ly cap­ture the rap­tur­ous feel­ing of fly­ing indoors or out­doors. With the advent of DJI Ava­ta, every­one can expe­ri­ence the thrilling expe­ri­ence of free roam­ing the world.


By Yara