GoPro Hero11 Black Mini: Launch Announced!GoPro Hero11 Black Mini: Launch Announced!

Hero11 Black Mini on sale

The Hero11 Black Mini was announced at the same time as the Hero11 Black a month ago, but unlike the old­er mod­el, it has­n’t been avail­able for pur­chase yet. Today, the devel­op­er announced the start of sales of a portable nov­el­ty.

for new perspectives and opportunitiesfor new perspectives and opportunities

What unites them?

Both cam­eras are built on a 1/1.9‑inch sen­sor, shoot 5.3K (8:7, 16:9 and 4:3 aspect ratio) at 60 fps, 4K at 120 fps and 2.7K at 240 fps . Wall­pa­pers have built-in sta­bi­liza­tion in their arse­nal — Hyper­Smooth 5.0, which can be replaced or used in tan­dem with Reel­Steady in post-pro­duc­tion using the GoPro Play­er. They shoot in 10-bit, which allows for more free­dom in post-pro­duc­tion. They also shoot in slow motion, up to 8 times in 2.7K, and up to 4 times in 4K. Also avail­able as an add-on fea­ture is Star Trails (Insta360 cam­era own­ers are already famil­iar with them), which pro­vides long expo­sure for night shots and allows you to imple­ment light paint­ing with light.

for new perspectives and opportunitiesfor new perspectives and opportunities

What is the difference between Hero11 Black and Black Mini?

  • Hero11 Black is priced at $816, Hero11 Black Mini is $653.
  • Hero11 Black has 2 large col­or con­trol screens, Hero11 Black Mini does not have col­or screens but has a small mono­chrome con­trol screen.
  • The dimen­sions of the Hero 11 Black are 71.8 x 33.6 x 50.8mm, the Hero11 Black Mini is 52.4 x 38 x 51.2mm.
  • Hero 11 Black weighs 154 grams, Hero11 Black Mini weighs 133 grams.
  • Hero 11 Black has a remov­able 1720 mAh bat­tery, Hero11 Black Mini has a built-in 1500 mAh bat­tery.
  • The Hero 11 Black has a built-in fold­able GoPro mount, the Hero11 Black Mini has two.

Video Potential Comparison Table

Com­par­i­son table of key video poten­tial of action cam­eras GoPro Hero 11 Black vs Hero 11 Mini Black vs Hero 10 Black:

for new perspectives and opportunitiesfor new perspectives and opportunities

Is it relevant for installation on a drone?

The Hero11 Black Mini is a bit like the Hero5 Ses­sion in its cubic form fac­tor. But it’s still big­ger, and ulti­mate­ly not much dif­fer­ent in vol­ume and weight from the Hero11 Black. Note the advan­tage of not hav­ing two screens, as they won’t get dam­aged in a crash! Cam­era set­tings are made using a small con­trol screen, and if the cam­era is flashed with (offi­cial) GoPro Labs firmware, then using a fair­ly effi­cient sys­tem of QR codes. Also, two fold­ing arms will be very handy, which will allow you to expand the ways of mount­ing the cam­era on the drone.


By Yara