For Clear Videos: DJI Osmo Mobile 6 Stabilizer

No matter how many megapixels and processing algorithms manufacturers add to new smartphones, image stabilization in them is still far from ideal. A stabilizer for a smartphone, such as the recently launched DJI Osmo Mobile 6, can help out.

New from DJI has a number of significant improvements compared to previous models in the Osmo Mobile line: an ergonomic handle, an improved clamp (supports large smartphones, including in a case), and more convenient smartphone control.

At the same time, the proprietary three-axis stabilization system developed by DJI engineers remained unchanged. The system has proven itself in all devices manufactured by the company (including, of course, drones), and can significantly improve the quality of shooting from a smartphone.

New technologies

iPhone owners are especially lucky: the Quick Launch function launches the proprietary DJI Mimo app as soon as the smartphone is inserted into the clamp. Shooting itself will start three times faster than on previous versions of the stabilizer. So you can not be afraid to “lubricate” the right moment.

For Clear Videos: DJI Osmo Mobile 6 Stabilizer

The updated DJI ActiveTrack 5.0 technology tracks objects even if they turn or spin. When shooting over long distances (such as when traveling), the video will remain smooth and the subject will not go out of focus. In this case, the monopod built into the stabilizer will also come in handy: it extends to a length of up to 21.5 cm.

Thoughtful management

On the new control panel, it is convenient to control the charge of the stabilizer and the selected shooting mode. To change the settings, just press the “M” button: you can switch between “Follow”, “Tilt Lock”, “FPV” (first-person view) and “SpinShot” (turns the smartphone left and right). And double-clicking on the arrow button will quickly turn on the portrait mode (the stabilizer will move the smartphone to a vertical position).

DJI has also upgraded the gimbal’s side wheel to enable manual focus, zoom, and focal length. The transition is very smooth – the video will look like it was shot on a professional camera.

For Clear Videos: DJI Osmo Mobile 6 Stabilizer

Templates and settings

To make the video more interesting, the built-in Timelapse, Panorama and Dynamic Zoom templates will help. In addition, Osmo Mobile 6 makes it easy to take a selfie or a group photo with Gesture Control.

You can adjust all the settings, edit the footage and find useful tips on using the stabilizer in the proprietary DJI Mimo application, as well as in the LightCut video editor, officially recommended by the manufacturer.


Osmo Mobile 6 is a fairly compact accessory: when folded, its length is 19 cm, and the total weight is 340 g. The package includes the gimbal itself, a magnetic clip for a smartphone, a retractable tripod, a power cable and a case.

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