Syma X56W-P. Foldable Drone With Optical Positioning

Syma X56W-P. Foldable drone with optical positioning
Syma X56W-P foldable drone with optical positioning
Syma X56W-P. Foldable drone with optical positioning


Syma X56W-P (or X56W PRO) is a modified modification of the popular Syma X56W. From its predecessor, it absorbed all the best, and the upgrade allowed the drone to position accurately, which novice users will certainly notice.


  • Futuristic design
  • Foldable beam design
  • Collector motors
  • 1MP Wi-Fi HD camera
  • Altitude hold function
  • Positioning via optical sensor
  • Auto takeoff/landing
  • Flight Plan Function
  • Control: Smartphone/Remote control/Smartphone+Remote control (via Syma Fly mobile application)
  • FPV flight
  • 6 axis gyroscope
  • Headless Mode
  • Gravity Sensor mode (smartphone tilt control)
  • Programmed 360° flips
  • Automatic landing in case of insufficient battery charge
  • Motor blocking control
  • Max. flight time 9 min
  • Max. removal distance 70 m
  • Weight (with battery) – 157 gr

Syma X56W-P. Foldable drone with optical positioning


The developer offers X56W-P in two colors Black-yellow/Black-green.

The kit will include:

  1. Syma X56W-P
  2. Control equipment
  3. USB cable (for drone battery charging)
  4. 4 × rotors (2CW/2CCW)
  5. 4 × spare rotors (2CW/2CCW)
  6. Rotor protection
  7. smartphone holder
  8. Screwdriver
  9. Screw protector

Syma X56W-P. Foldable drone with optical positioning





X56W-P (PRO)


Black with yellow accents/Black with green accents

Photo resolution:


Video resolution:


Radio frequency:


Video frequency:

2.4 GHz over Wi-Fi

Video stream resolution:


Supported memory cards:

microSD class 10, up to 32GB

Remote control power:

4 × AA

headless mode:


Auto takeoff/landing:



6 axis gyroscope

Height hold:

Barometric sensor


Optical sensor


3.7V 850mAh LiPo

Charging time:

2h 30 min



Max. flight time:

9 min

Max. range of flight:


Flying environment:


Execution material:


The weight:

about 157g

Age limit:



Syma X56W-P. Foldable drone with optical positioning

Syma X56W-P. Foldable drone with optical positioning

Syma X56W-P. Foldable drone with optical positioning

Syma X56W-P. Foldable drone with optical positioning

Syma X56W-P. Foldable drone with optical positioning

Syma X56W-P. Foldable drone with optical positioning

Syma X56W-P. Foldable drone with optical positioning

Syma X56W-P. Foldable drone with optical positioning


In the arsenal of Syma X56W-P are collector-type motors with torque transmission through a closed-type gearbox. The developer does not disclose performance information. They work in tandem with wear-resistant rotors based on nylon. In practice, it was found that the potential of the power plant remained unchanged, a stable and measured flight was a priority. The drone shows its entire flight maximum exclusively in calm.

Syma X56W-P. Foldable drone with optical positioning

  • X56W-P powerplant regulators with automatic jamming and overheating protection. The motors stop if something interferes with their operation. Safety above all!
  • The pilot has 2 activity modes (50%/100%) at his disposal.


The Syma X56W-P quadcopter is equipped with a 1MP HD camera working in tandem with a Wi-Fi video transmitter. Mounted on the body of the drone without suspension. The stock tandem provides real-time video streaming, and also allows you to take photos and videos. Photo resolution: 1Mp. Video resolution: 1280 × 720p at 15 fps. The main purpose of the camera is to provide a comfortable FPV flight, with which it exemplarily copes.

Syma X56W-P. Foldable drone with optical positioning

The footage can be saved to a memory card (purchased separately) pre-installed in the camera slot, or to smartphone resources, where the latter method is the most energy-consuming. It was also noted that direct recording negatively affects the quality of the video stream.


The flight from the first person for this model is implemented via Wi-Fi at a frequency of 2.4GHz. Real-time image output is carried out through the Syma Fly mobile application (for IOS/Android). In practice, it was noted that for a comfortable FPV flight, a zone free from interference is required, and the distance from the paired smartphone is no more than 10 – 15 meters. Otherwise, the negative effect of the delay nullifies further piloting. Video stream resolution 720p.


The X56W PRO is powered by a 1-cell (1S / 3.7V) lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery with a capacity of 850mAh with a JST connector. According to the specification, it provides a maximum flight time with a camera of 9 minutes. Without a camera, this time increases by an average of 2 minutes. In practice, the duration of the flight with a working camera was 8 minutes 56 seconds. Charging time from the supplied charger is 2.5 hours.

Syma X56W-P. Foldable drone with optical positioning

Thanks to the control over the battery charge, the light and sound alarm of the drone will report a dead battery. If there is not enough charge for further flight, the quadcopter will make a soft landing in auto mode.


The control is carried out by a standard for this series of drones 4-channel equipment operating at a frequency of 2.4 GHz. A distinctive feature is the black color of execution. Provides max. removal distance – 70 meters. Thanks to the holder included in the kit, in order to realize a comfortable flight in first-person mode, it can be combined with a smartphone. Powered by 4 × AA (sold separately).

Syma X56W-P. Foldable drone with optical positioning

Syma X56W-P control is also possible:

  • Smartphone (via downloaded Syma Fly app)
  • Remote control (in this case, not all functions will be active)

Button assignment

Syma X56W-P. Foldable drone with optical positioning

Positioning and Altitude Hold

The main distinguishing feature of the presented model is the presence of an optical sensor, which ensures the positioning of the drone. The sensor works in tandem with a barometer, through which the altitude hold function is implemented. In fact, the tandem provided excellent stability and position holding accuracy, which will undoubtedly be appreciated by novice users.

Syma X56W-P. Foldable drone with optical positioning

The positioning process using an optical sensor consists in sequentially obtaining ordered images and calculating the displacement using the optical flow method.

Flight Plan function

Thanks to the “Flight Plan” function, the quadcopter can fly along the drawn route.

To execute the function, you need:

  1. Launch the quadcopter in Altitude Hold mode
  2. Activate the “Flight Plan” function. A map with a zoom slider will be displayed on the gadget’s display (the application must have access to the location of the smartphone to display the map).
  3. Simultaneously with the map, the left side of the screen will be occupied by one digital stick responsible for controlling the drone (Left/Right/Forward/Back).
  4. Based on the map of the area, by touching a finger on the smartphone screen, a flight path is drawn (the path is drawn with one touch). After specifying the trajectory, a point will appear, which will independently start moving strictly along the drawn line. The drone will duplicate the movements of this point.
  5. As soon as the quadcopter starts flying along the route, the video image from the drone’s camera will be displayed in real time.
  6. At the end of the flight, the Syma X56W-P will hover in position hold mode, waiting for the next commands.

Syma X56W-P. Foldable drone with optical positioning


If the quadcopter pulls sharply to the side during takeoff, you need to calibrate the compass. Pre-flight calibration is recommended on a horizontal surface.

Calibration process:

  1. Turn on the drone
  2. Install the quadcopter on a horizontal surface
  3. Turn on the remote control
  4. Bring both sticks to the lower right position and hold for about 2-3 seconds, paying attention to the drone’s backlight, it will start flashing. Wait for the backlight to change from blinking to solid. Calibration completed.
  5. If necessary, achieve accurate position holding by adjusting the offset (trimming) from the control panel.


Syma X56W PRO is sold by the developer through various trading platforms at prices ranging from $45 – $63.

Syma X56W-P. Foldable drone with optical positioning


Syma X56-P from $45

Syma X56-P



Flight time


flight qualities








Price quality



  • Execution quality
  • Design
  • stackable beams
  • flight properties
  • Touch Positioning/Altitude Hold
  • Flight along the drawn route
  • HD camera (image quality)
  • FPV
  • Headless Mode
  • Engine lock control/Auto landing when battery is low


  • The correct operation of the “Flight along a given route” function directly depends on the quality of the Wi-Fi connection
  • Video stream quality (high latency when moving further than 15 meters)
  • Noisy (gearboxes)

A noteworthy portable solution designed for a novice user. The hallmark of the drone is the foldable beam design and positioning via an optical sensor. The exemplary handling of the Syma X56W-P, coupled with automatic functions, will allow you to quickly adapt to UAV piloting, and the present FPV camera will introduce the beginner to the first FPV flight. Ready to fly out of the box. Age limit 12+.


Video with quadrocopter Syma X56W-P.

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